Person:Nathan Shelly (1)

Nathan Shelly
m. Bef 1878
  1. Mary Shelly1787 - 1852
  2. Nathan Shelly1790 - 1845
  3. Elizabeth ShellyBtw 1794-1797 -
m. 29 Jan 1813
  1. Thomas Shelly1814 - 1863
  2. Jeremiah ShellyAbt 1817 -
  3. Nathan ShellyAbt 1820 -
  4. Elizabeth ShellyAbt 1822 - 1902
  5. Jane Shelly1825 - 1903
  6. William Thomas ShellyAbt 1827 -
  7. Jackson L. ShellyAbt 1830 -
  8. Nancy Shelly1832 - 1921
  9. Mary ShellyAbt 1836 -
Facts and Events
Name[5][1][11] Nathan Shelly
Alt Name[3] Nathan Shelley
Gender Male
Birth[5][7] 1790 United StatesTennessee or North Carolina
Other[5] 21 Sep 1797 Jefferson, Tennessee, United StatesNamed in father's will
Census[6] 1810 Knox, Kentucky, United States
Other[5] 10 Aug 1810 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesnamed in grandfather Alexander Campbell's will
Military[5] 1 Sep 1812 Kentucky, United StatesServed in War of 1812, probably at Fort Wayne, Indiana
Marriage 29 Jan 1813 Knox, Kentucky, United StatesPerformed by Angus Ross, JP
to Mary Meadors
Probate[5] 1814 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesgranted 100 acres land on "Gellico" Creek near Whitecotton's Ford
Census[1] 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United States
Other[10] 16 Apr 1822 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateswith Valentine Harmon, served with notice of ejectment
Census[2] 1830 Whitley, Kentucky, United States
Property[5] 10 Mar 1832 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesReceived grant of 50 acres from Commonwealth of Kentucky
Census[3] 1840 Whitley, Kentucky, United States
Will[8] 11 Sep 1845 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesWill written
Death[5][7][9] 19 Sep 1845 Whitley, Kentucky, United States
Probate[8] 20 Oct 1845 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesWill proved in court
Burial[5][7][9] Jellico Creek Cemetery, Williamsburg, Whitley, Kentucky, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Whitley, Kentucky, in United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33), Primary quality.

    Shelly, Nathan, 3 males under 10 [Thomas, Jeremiah, Nathan Jr.], 1 male 26-44 [Nathan], 1 female 26-44 [Mary/Polly]

  2. Whitley, Kentucky, in United States. 1830 U.S. Census Population Schedule, pg 289 , Primary quality.

    Nathan Shelley
    2 males under 5 (b 1825-1830) [William (1827), Jackson]
    2 males 5-10 (b 1820-1825) [Jeremiah, Nathan Jr. - see note below]
    1 male 10-15 (b 1815-1820) [Thomas (1814)]
    1 male 20-30 (b 1800-1810) [Nathan - see note below]
    2 females 5-10 (b 1820-1825) [Elizabeth (1820), Jane (1825)]
    1 female 30-40 (b 1790-1800) [Mary/Polly (1795)]

    Note: There seem to be several problems with the age categories for the 1830 census. All known members of the family appear to be listed, but ages are more accurately recorded in the 1820 and 1840 census records.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Whitley, Kentucky, in United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Nathan Shely
    2 males 10-15 (b 1825-1830) [William (1827), Jackson]
    3 males 20-30 (b 1810-1820) [Thomas (1814), Jeremiah, Nathan Jr.]
    1 male 40-50 (b 1790-1800) Nathan (1790)
    1 female under 5 (b 1835-1840) [Mary "Polly", unknown]
    1 female 5-10 (b 1830-1835) [Nancy (1832)]
    2 females 10-15 (b 1825-1830) [Jane (1825)]
    1 female 40-50 (b 1790-1800) [Mary/Polly (1795)]

    Note: Elizabeth was married in April of 1840 and is probably shown with her husband, Andrew J Patrick.

  4.   Src: Creekmore Branches.

    Nathan Shelley came into Kentucky with his mother, Jane Campbell Shelley in the early 1800's and settled near Whitecotton Ford.
    It also lists children as: Thomas, Jeremiah, Nathan Jr, John or Jackson L, Elizabeth, Jane, William T, Mary and Nancy as taken from his will.

  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6 5.7 5.8 Cornelius, Charley M. (Charley Maynard). Shelly papers of Whitley County, Kentucky. (Albuquerque, New Mexico: C.M. Cornelius, 1978), Secondary quality.

    p. 1 – Nathan Shelly is the son of Jeremiah Shelly and Jane Campbell Shelly of Jefferson County, TN and the first Shelly of known record to settle in Whitley (Knox) County, KY. He was named in the Will of Alexander Campbell dated 10 Aug 1810 and recorded in Will Book A, Knox Co., KY. In 1814 he was granted 100 acres “on Gelico River, branch of Cumberland, near Whitecotton’s Ford” as recorded in Knox Co., KY Book A, Patented Land Grants, #62.
    The Will of Jeremiah Shelly dated 21 Sep 1797 names his wife, Jean, “my little son Nathan”, and two unnamed daughters.
    p. 2 – Nathan Shelly, farmer, b. NC? 1790, d. 19 Sept 1845, age 55 years. Married on 29 June 1813 by Angus Ross JP, Knox Co., KY to Mary “Polly” Meadors b. 1796, d. 2 Nov 1855 age 60. Both are buried at Jellico Creek Cemetery, Whitley Co., KY. Nathan is the son of Jeremiah/Jane (Campbell) Shelly. Mary “Polly” is the daughter of Thomas/Elizabeth (Todd?) Meadors.
    p. 113 (A1) – Deed, dated 5 Mar 1829, Commonwealth of Kentucky to Nathan Shelly:
    . . . . In consideration of part of a Kentucky land offer a part of order number [?] is granted by the said Commonwealth unto Nathan Shelly assignee of Cox & Faulkner a certain tract or parcel of land containing fifty acres by Survey bearing date the fifth day of March 1829 lying and being in the County of Whitley on the Waters of Gillico to adjoin the land of which said Shelly now lives and bounded as followeth to wit Beginning on three white oaks thence N41East 50 poles to a forked white oak thence W140 poles to a white oak thence S41West 14 poles to a beech and white oak a corner of said Shellys original Survey thence with a line of the same S41E 135 poles to the Beginning Registered 10th September 1807. . . .
    Signed 10 March 1832, Thomas Metcalfe Esq Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky
    p.119 (A4)
    Letter, 11 April 1972, Forest E. Dudley, Chief, War Recods, Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Military Affairs
    Statement of Service: Shelly, Wathan [sic], War of 1812
    Rank: Private
    Date of Appointment or Enlistment: Sept 1, 1812
    To what time Engaged or Enlisted: October 1, 1812
    Remarks: Failed to attend and march
    From Roll of Captain James McNeil’s Company, Second Regiment, Kentucky Militia.

    p. 121 (A5) – The Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky, anon, nd
    I do not find Nathan Shelley, but I do find Wathan Shelly, private, September 1, 1812 (enlisted) to October 1, 1812, Failed to attend and march.
    On p. 65 – Roster of Soldies of War of 1812, the Wathan above was on the roll of Captain James McNeil’s Company, second Regiment, Kentucky Militia
    . . . .
    From p. 172, Quisenberry’s Kentuckians in the War of 1812, “There appears to be good evidence that there were several regiments of Kentucky militia in the war, the rolls of which have been lost. . . . There is no roll now in existence of the Second Regiment of Kentucky Riflemen, which would have contained about 500 men.”
    p. 186 – ibid – “Second Regiment, Kentucky Militia, organized September 1, 1812. Field and Staff – Lieut. Col. William Jennings 5th Company, Captain David McNeils, Lieut. James Jacks, Ensign Nathaniel D. Moore.”
    Since the rolls of this group have been lost, . . . I believe the group listed as “deserted or failed to attend” went with Winchester’s group on the day, Sept. 1, 1812. I do not find date of discharge but the Wathen is doubtless your Nathan a misread letter in recording.
    [Note: The Kentucky troops under Brigadier General James Winchester served at Fort Wayne, Indiana – see Quisenberry]

    Note: The Shelly Papers are transcriptions of original documents passed down in the Shelly family from generation to generation, beginning with with Jeremiah Shelly, followed by Nathan Shelly, his son Thomas, and later generations.

  6. Knox, Kentucky, in United States. 1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule, Primary quality.

    Shelley, Jane, 1 male 16-25 [Nathan], 1 male 45 and over [Alexander Campbell?], 1 female 16-25 [Elizabeth?], 1 female 45 and over [Jane]

  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 Find A Grave, Memorial # 46360866, Secondary quality.

    Nathan Shelly, Birth: 1790, Tennessee, USA
    Death: Sep. 19, 1845, Whitley County, Kentucky, USA
    Children: Jane Shelly Parker Criscillis (1825 - 1903)
    Burial: Jellico Creek Cemetery, Williamsburg, Whitley County, Kentucky, USA

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    Shelly, Nathan, 19 Sep 1845, age 55 yrs., son of Jeremiah

  10. Circuit Court Order Books A-C, in Kentucky. Circuit Court (Whitley County). Court records, 1818-1918 ; indexes to court records, 1860-1958. (Frankfort, Kentucky: Kentucky Division of Archives and Libraries, 1978, 1992), p. 16; FHL #1028619, May 1818-Mar 1832, Primary quality.

    Apr 1822
    John Cooper vs Nathan Shelly & Valentine Harmon, Ejectment
    Defendants Tenants in possession have been served with a copy of the Plaintiffs Declaration and appear not and must appear at next term [or be presumed guilty]

  11. Cornelius (p. 1) notes that the spelling of the family name changed over the years from Shelly to Shelley, and is often mistaken for Shelby.