Person:Nancy Moytoy (3)

Nancy Moytoy
m. 1680
  1. Tistoe Moytoy
  2. Oukah-Ulah Moytoy
  3. Do-yo-sti1678-1701 - 1723-1789
  4. Pigeon of Tellico1680 - 1730
  5. Nancy Moytoy1683 - 1741
  6. Kanagatoga Moytoy1690 - 1761
  7. Annawakee Moytoy1710 -
m. 1706
  1. Eliza Raven
  2. Betsy Raven
  3. Attakullakulla Ravenabt 1708 - 1778
  4. Chief Oconostota Moytoy1710 - 1783
  5. Killaneca Raven1712 -
  6. Killaque Raven1714 - 1757
  7. Tame Doe1716 - 1760
Facts and Events
Name Nancy Moytoy
Gender Female
Birth? 1683
Marriage 1706 Cherokee Nationto White Owl Raven
Death? 1741

Personal Data

"Nancy Moytoy of the Wolf Clan (born ca. 1683) was a member of the Cherokee/Shawnee Moytoy-Carpenter dynasty. She was the eldest daughter of the Cherokee chief Moytoy I of Chota and the mother of Attacullaculla. She was the wife of Moytoy III (Savannah Tom Carpenter), who was Attacullaculla's father, and later to his adopted brother Moytoy IV (Raven of Chota Carpenter). Her mother was Quatsy of Tellico, of the Wolf Clan."[1]

  • Blood: Full Blood Cherokee
  • Clan: Ana'-Wa'ya (Wolf Clan) Quatsy [2]

Footnotes & References

  1. The James Scrolls,; as accessed by BobC on 5 June 2009. Wording of paragraph copied as written. It should be noted that the Cherokee Nation had no royal dynasty or empirical ruling class. That is a euro-centric myth propogated by early British government officials prior to the American Revolution. These same misnomers and fanciful honoraries are continued today because of repetitive references to those early works.
  2. Hicks, James R., Descendants of A-ma-do-ya Moytoy, Generation No. 2; as accessed by BobC on 5 June 2009