Person:Mordecai Bane (3)

Mordecai Bane
m. BEF 1683
  1. Mordecai Bane1683 - ABT 1747
  2. Alexander Bane1688 - 1747
  • HMordecai Bane1683 - ABT 1747
  • WNaomi Medley1683 - 1731
m. 29 DEC 1705
  1. Nathan BaneABT 1706 -
  2. Mordecai Bane1708 -
  3. Joseph BaneABT 1710 - AFT 1800
  4. Samuel Bane1712 -
  5. Jane Bane1712-1729 -
  6. Barbara Bane1712-1729 -
  7. James Bane1714 - BEF 1790
  8. Mary Bane1715 - bef 1751
  9. Isaac BaneABT 1717 - BEF 1745/46
  10. Sarah BaneABT 1720 -
  11. Hannah Baneabt 1725 - 1826
  • HMordecai Bane1683 - ABT 1747
  • WMary Teague1687 -
m. 8 JUN 1731
  1. Barbara Bane
  2. Jane Bane
  3. Rachel BaneABT 1732 -
Facts and Events
Name Mordecai Bane
Gender Male
Birth? 1683 Iverness Shire, Scotland
Marriage 29 DEC 1705 St. Pauls Church, Chester Co. Pato Naomi Medley
Marriage 8 JUN 1731 Christ Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, PAto Mary Teague
Death? ABT 1747 Goshen, Chester Co. PA
Religion? Quaker

In the research in the book "Generations" by Bigsby and Yoder, they refer to the HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY where it is written that Mordecai Bane, who was probably the brother of Alexander, purchased 200 acres of land in Goshen in 1716. Among the original warrants filed in the Department of Internal Affairs in Chester County is one for Mordecai Bean from William Penn. The warrant was issued 3 July 1734 for 200 acres in Chester County.

" At the request of Mordecai Bean of the County of Chester that we grant him to take up Two hundred acres of land in Goshen Barrens to the northward of his present settlement in this county of Chester for which he agrees to pay to our use the sum of fifteen pounds ten shillings current money of the province for each hundred acres, and the yearly quit-rent of one=half penny sterling for every acre thereof: These are to authorize and require thee to survey or cause to be surveyed unto the said Mordecai Bean at the place aforesaid, 200 acres that hath not been already surveyed or appropriated, and make Return thereof into the secretary's office, in order for further confirmation which survey in case the said Mordecai Bane fulfil the above agreement within six months from the date hereof, shall be valid, otherwise to be void. Given under my hand and the lesser Seal of our Province, at Philadelphia, this third day of July anno on 1734. Wm Penn To Benjamin Eqastburn, Surveyor General"

The Bane family were members of the Society of Friends.

I have a copy of his will he wrote on 12 June 1745 and it was proved on 12 August 1747.

CLAN MACBEAN REGISTER reports that the family was of Scottish origin. His father James Bane came to New Castle, Delaware, about 1688 in the migration of Quakers under William Penn. About 1700 the two sons Mordecai and Alexander moved to Chester Co. PA The story is that the family may have spent time in England after leaving Scotland and before immigrating to PA.


Mordecai Bane

     Born:  ~1683 England or Inverness Shire, Scotland
    Married 1st to Naomi Medley on 29 December 1705 at St. Pauls Church, Chester   

County, Pennsylvania

   2nd to Mary Teague on 8 June 1731 with records at Christ Church, Chester County, Pennsylvania.   
     Died:  1747 at Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvania
     Immigrated to America: before 1715
     Parents:  James Bane (~1650) of Scotland and __ 

Naomi Medley (the surname is questioned to be Smedley, as a family of Smedleys are recorded in the Goshen Quaker records. There are no Medleys.)

     Born: ~1683, location not determined
     Died:  before 1730 at Chester County, Pennsylvania
     Parents:  unknown

Mary Teague

     Born:  about 1687
     Died:  unknown
     Parents:  unknown

Mordecai Bane shows up on the Goshen Quaker marriage record of his daughter Mary Bane to James Burk on 11/7th month/1730 with his children, but not his wife. She probably was not alive at this date. In 1734, he and his second wife Mary witness the marriage of Mordecai Bane Jr.

The will of Mordecai Bane written 12/6th month/1745 and proven 12/8th month/1747 - Bane, Mordecai, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. Exec and wife: Mary and son Nathan. Children: Mordecai, Nathan, James, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac, Sara, Hannah, Rachel, Barbara, Jane, and Mary Burk

Children of Mordecai Bane and Naomi Medley have only suggestive birth dates. Isaac Bane, Samuel Bane, Rachel Bane, Barbara Bane, Jane Bane and Joseph Bane do not show up in the Goshen Quaker records, and more than one may belong to Mary Teague + Mordecai Bane.

1. Mordecai Bane Jr., born ~ 1708 and married Mary Cullen in __, 1734 at the Goshen Quaker Meeting House. Witnesses to the marriage included in sequence Hannah Bane, James Bane, Mary Bane, Sarah Bane, Nathan Bane, and Mordecai Bane, and earlier on the list Alexander Bane.

2 . Nathan Bane, (born ~ 1708 to 1748 Goshen, Chester County, Pa.) was said to marry on 27 December 1735 to Mary Cock (Cox, Cook, born 3 August 1711 ) and had the following children:

(1) Amy Bane, (born ? and died 1 October 1799) was married to Nathan Cope (son of John Cope and Charity Jefferis) in 1758 Chester County, Pa. Children were: (i) Sarah Cope (15 September 1759 at East Bradford, Chester, County, Pa. and died 10 July 1853, (ii) Hannah Cope (9 January 1762), (iii) Amy Cope (2 December 1763-16 May 1846), (iv) Benjamin Cope (14 September 1765 to 15 December 1845), (v) Abigal Cope (6 September 1767 – 22 March 1823), (vi) Nathan Cope (22 July 1770 - 7 December 1772), (vii) Deborah Cope (6 October 1772 – 20 September 1778), (viii) Charity Cope (23 September 1774 – 10 January 1778), (ix) Edith Cope (11 February 1777 – 23 March 1834), (x) Rebecca Cope (9 October 1781 – 24 January 1846), (xi) Ezra Cope (25 November 1783 - ? Ohio) (Children’s names and dates from David Cope e-mail 4 January 2002.

(2) Sarah Bane, married Thomas Hoopes April 28, 1763

(3) James Bane,” son of Nathan Bane, late of Goshen,” married Ruth Wall, “late of Newberry Township, New York” on 25 April 1765 at the Goshen Quaker Meeting House. This marriage was witnessed by Alexander Bane, Hannah Bane, Abigail Bane, Deborrah Bane, and others.

(4) John Bane

(5) Abigail Bane

(6) Elizabeth Bane married Daniel Hoopes (son of Nathan Hoopes). Children are: (i) Mary Hoopes (13 September 1763), (ii) Nathan Hoopes (6 May 1765), (iii) Eli Hoopes (12 December 1766), (iv) William Hoopes (30 September 1768), (v) George Hoopes (6 September 1770), (vi) James Hoopes (1 October 1772), (vii) Joseph Hoopes (5 February 1775-14 March 1775) (Children’s names and dates from David Cope e-mail 4 January 2002)

(7) Deborah Bane, married Samuel Rea on 14 April 1774.

3. James Bane (Bean), born ~1716, married Rebecca __.

James Bane + Rebecca __ and James Burk + Mary Bane seem to follow similar paths between 1742 and 1760 into Augusta County, Virginia. Sometimes the surname is spelled Bean. The following records for James Bane are recorded at Augusta County, Virginia.

4. Sarah Bane, born ~1718

5. Hannah Bane, born ~ 1720

6. Joseph Bane married Parthenia Ellis and had 5 sons and one daughter.

7. Samuel Bane

8. Isaac Bane. James Burke appointed administrator of the estate of Isaac Bane on 18 March 1746 in Augusta County, Virginia.

9. Barbara Bane

10. Jane Bane

11. Mary Bane, born ~1710. The following are Goshen, Chester County, Pennsylvania Quaker records of her marriage which state:

Children of Mordecai Bane and Mary Teague:

1. Rachel Bane, who married Hugh McGlone on 16 May 1748. Children: Barbara and Jane.

2 and 3 daughters, names are ??

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