Person:Mildred French (2)

Mildred French
d.BET 1860 AND 1877 Russell, Kentucky, USA
m. 24 MAR 1785
  1. Mildred French1796 - Bet 1860 & 1877
  • HBryant FlanaganAbt 1795 - Bef 1837
  • WMildred French1796 - Bet 1860 & 1877
m. 6 DEC 1813
  1. Rev. John Flanagan1810 - 1869
  2. Anna Pierce Flanagan1819 - Aft 1860
  3. Daniel Flanagan1820 - 1867
  4. Mason Flanagan1823 - 1907
  5. Elizabeth FlanaganAbt 1825 -
  6. Wesley Flanagan1828 - 1897
  7. Davis FlanaganAbt 1832 - Bef 1877
  8. Charles Bennett Flanagan1833 -
  9. Ira Grey Flanagan1835 - 1916
Facts and Events
Name[1] Mildred French
Alt Name Millie Flanagan
Gender Female
Birth? 1796 Virginia, USA
Marriage 6 DEC 1813 Wayne Co., KYto Bryant Flanagan
Death? BET 1860 AND 1877 Russell, Kentucky, USA : 6.14 Mildred French, b. ca. 1794 in Franklin Co., VA. She d. between 1860-77 probably in Russell Co., KY [25] [36]. She m. Bryant Flanagan on 3, 6 or 7 Dec 1813 in Wayne Co., KY [25] or 22 Mar 1814. He was b. ca. 1795 in Russell Co., KY, d. 26 Mar 1836 in Russell Co., KY [113].

Mildred and Bryant Flanagan were guardians for John, unknown relative of the French family whose father was deceased (not verified) [25]. Bryan Flanagan didn’t name this son, John, in his Will, and suspected that John wasn’t his son. The DNA proved that fact. John Flanagan has the identical DNA as this line of the French Family, thereby indicating that his father was a French. John Flanagan was b. Jun 1811 in Adair Co., KY, d. Sep 1869 in Jasper Twp., Crawford Co., AR. He m. Ruth Triplett on 3 Oct 1833 in Russell Co, KY, the dau. of John Triplett and Martha McFarland [113]. She was b. 1817 in Adair Co., KY and d. after 1880 in Jasper Twp., Crawford Co., AR. John Flanagan became a Reverend [113]. They had 15 children: Bryant, William, Amilia, Nathan, Anthony, Lloyd, Charles, Martha, John, Mary, Benjamin, Nancy, Elizabeth, Daniel, and Phoebe, all born between 1834-1861. See website [113]:

Their son, Bryant Flanagan, b. 5 Sep 1834 in Russell Co., KY, d. 7 Apr 1862 in Pittsburg Landing, TN at the Battle of Shiloh, m. Phoebe Myers Ruth on 14 Oct 1855 in Hartford, Putnam Co., MO [113]. They had son Liberty K. Flanagan, who had son Dana C. Flanagan. These are all actually Frenches, and the matching DNA test proves this. Also see the Flanagan Family Page. Also see the Flanagan DNA website or the FTDNA website that matches the French DNA website, Group 1.

Mildred French and Bryant Flanagan had these children [113]:

· John French (adopted Flanagan), b. 1811 in Adair Co., KY*

· Anna Pierce Flanagan, b. 1819 in Adair Co., KY, m. William J. Wilson in 1835 in Russell Co., KY [113].

· Daniel Flanagan, b. 16 Jan 1820 in Adair Co., KY, m. ElizabethDunbar, d. 16 Sep 1867 in Russell Co., KY

· Mason Flanagan, b. 28 Aug 1823 in Adair Co., KY, m. Martha Jane Bailey, b. 28 Aug 1823, d. ca. 8 Apr 1907

· Elizabeth Flanagan, b. ca. 1825 in Adair Co., KY, m. William Helson

· Wesley Flanagan, b. 22 Mar 1828, d. 1897, m. Elizabeth Catherine Bailey

· Davis Flanagan, b. ca. 1832, m. Minerva Nelson

· Charles Bennett Flanagan, b. Apr 1833, m1. Jane Dunbar, m2. Frances Dunbar

· Ira Grey Flanagan, b. 23 Apr 1835, m. Parkie Jane Eastham, d. ca. 12 Oct 1916

See Flanagan website. Hugh French was witness to Bryant Flanagan’s will See Flanagan Family Website See Russell Co., KY, Flanagan Genealogy Page Flanagan Family Flanagan Documents Marriage Record for Bryant Flanagan and Mildred French, 1814 Bryant Flanagan’s Will of 1836, and the transcribed version Flanagan Family

  • To figure out which French male was the father of John French (Flanagan), b. 1811, 8 years before the next child and 2 years before Mildred and Bryant married, we could analyze the French males:

· Mildred’s brother Mason French, who married in 1810 in Wayne Co., KY, nearby Adair Co., KY where John was born in 1811. Perhaps Mason’s wife Margaret Conn had died in childbirth with John. Has anyone researched if Margaret Conn died in 1811?

· Mildred’s brother Hugh French m. in 1818 after John was born.

· Mildred’s brother Daniel French m. in 1814 after John was born.

· No other cousins from Generation 6 could be considered because of the dates involved, or that they didn’t live in KY.

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