Person:Michel Navratil (2)

Michel Navratil, Sr., Titanic Victim
b.13 Aug 1880 France
d.15 Apr 1912 Atlantic Ocean
  • HMichel Navratil, Sr., Titanic Victim1880 - 1912
  • WMarcelle Caretto1892 - 1974
m. 1907
  1. Michel Navratil, Jr.1908 - 2001
  2. Edmond Roger Navratil1910 - 1953
Facts and Events
Name Michel Navratil, Sr., Titanic Victim
Gender Male
Birth? 13 Aug 1880 France
Marriage 1907 Franceto Marcelle Caretto
Death? 15 Apr 1912 Atlantic Ocean[Titanic Victim]
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    Michel Navratil
    BIRTH 13 Aug 1880
    DEATH 15 Apr 1912 (aged 31)
    At Sea
    BURIAL: Baron De Hirsch Cemetery
    Halifax, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    The Children of the Titanic
    And we have made it to the last, and possibly the saddest picture on our list. Despite being selected as the first to be put on the lifeboats, 60 children did not survive the sinking. The two boys who did survive, Michel and Edmond Navratil, are pictured here in New York. Their father died a noble death when he put both of them on the lifeboat while he drowned.

    Both kids and their father were second-class passengers, and their mother did not go on the trip. Thankfully, they were reunited with her after a couple of weeks, and they are considered as one of the most beautiful stories of fatherly love that the world has ever seen.