Person:Marcelle Caretto (1)

Marcelle Caretto
Facts and Events
Name Marcelle Caretto
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1892 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marriage 1907 Franceto Michel Navratil, Sr., Titanic Victim
Death[1] 1974
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    Marcelle Caretto Navratil
    BIRTH 1892
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    DEATH 1974 (aged 81–82)

    Marcelle (Caretto) Navratil was the wife of Michel Navratil. They were married London, England May 26, 1907. Michel was a Titanic victim. He died April 15, 1912. Marcelle was the mother of Michel Marcel Navratil, Jr. and Edmond Roger Navratil.

    2nd Class Passengers
    Cabin F2
    Navratil, Mr. Michel
    Navratil, Master Michel Marcel
    Navratil, Edmond Roger

    The New York Times
    Friday, May 17, 1912
    Titanic's Waifs Back In 'Maman's' Arms
    A moment of frightened wonder, then overjoyed recognition of the mother from overseas.

    Unidentified Newsclipping - May 1912
    Mother Reunited To Her Two Children, Who Survived The Steamship Disaster, While Father Went Down With The Vessel

    It was a joyful meeting that took place in New York, Thursday, in the Children's Society building, when Mme. Marcelle Navratil, of Nice, France, was reunited to her two sons, Michel and Edmond, who had been rescued from the Titanic disaster. Neither of the two children, the elder of whom is 4 years, was able to give his name or furnish any clue to his identity. Temporarily they were cared for in New York by Miss Margaret Hays until turned over to the custody of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Photographs of them were made and in due time reached France, from which country it was suspected the children had come. The pictures published in a Paris paper came under the eyes of the mother and were identified by her as those of her children. But even then there was some mystery in the case. It seems that last September Mme. Navratil and her husband separated and the children were given into the custody of an aunt of the mother. On Easter morning the father stole the little ones and under the name of Louis Hoffman sailed with them on the ill-fated Titanic. The father went down with the ship and the little ones were thrown on the world. The White Star Company provided a free passage for Mme. Navratil and Thursday she arrived in New York and was at once taken to the building occupied by the Children's Society. As she stood in the doorway of the reception hall her eyes rested on her children at the other end of the room and at the same time the little ones saw the mother. "Oh, mamma, mamma" they cried as they rushed to her. "My babies," she exclaimed in French, as she gathered the children and pressed them to her bosom. For an hour mother and children remained in the light and joyousness of their new found happiness and then Mrs. Navratil told her story, virtually as given above. Mme. Navratil is a native of Buenos Ayres and was reared in Genoa. At the age of 14 she married Michel Navratil, who conducted a tailor shop at Nice, and they lived happily until a year ago when the husband complained that too much attention was given the children and not enough to him. The separation soon followed. Now the husband is at the bottom of the ocean--but the mother and children are again happy. To-day she will sail with the children for Nice,

    Michel Marcel Navratil, Jr.
    b. June 12, 1908 Lorraine Region, France
    d. January 30, 2001 Lorraine Region, France

    Edmond Roger Navratil
    b. March 5, 1910 Lorraine Region, France
    d. 1953 Lorraine Region, France