Person:Mathias Schmidt (2)

Mathias Schmidt
b.1692 Germany
m. Bef. 1682
  1. Michael Adam SchmidtAbt 1682 -
  2. Hans Michael SchmidtAbt 1689 - 1761
  3. Mathias Schmidt1692 -
m. abt. 1712
  1. Mathias Schmidtabt 1713 -
  2. Nicholas SmithEst 1718-1724 - 1797
Facts and Events
Name Mathias Schmidt
Alt Name Matthaus Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1692 Germany
Marriage abt. 1712 Germanyto Regina Catharina Schlözer

Mathias Schmidt (Smith) was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Matthias Schmidt and his family are listed among the second group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1717:

  • Matthäus Schmidt (Smith), 25, Regina Catharina (Schlözer), 25/30, Matthew, 4, [Anna Margaretha, 1]

Information on Matthias Schmidt

Ship "Loyal Judith", of London, Robert Turpin, Master from Rotterdam. Arrived Sept. 25, 1732, passengers included:

Smith, Mathias - Age 40 (b. 1692)
Smith, Mickell - Age 25 (b. 1707) *
Smith, John Jurigh - Age 21 (b. 1711)
  • This is most probably Michael Smith, who shows up also in Culpeper County, VA around the same time as Matthias. This Michael is too young to be a son of Matthias, but perhaps is a cousin or nephew.

From "Germanna History", Notes:

Matthaus Schmidt was listed in the second set of families that migrated to the Germanna Colony, in Culpeper County, Virginia:

The pastor then proceeded to list six families with all household members who were going including their ages. Four of the six families are known later in Virginia. The fifth family is known to have arrived Virginia but there is no further record of them. The sixth family may have been able to get on a boat going to Pennsylvania. The families are:

Matthaus Schmidt, wife and two children.
Hans Michael Schmidt, wife, two children and two unnamed in-laws.
Hans Michael Klaar, wife, two children.
Joseph Weber, wife, two children.
Lorentz Bekh, wife, four children.
Hans Michael Mihlekher, wife, two children, wife's sister.*
  • - This is quite possibly the "Hans Mickell" that arrived on the ship "Molley", John Hodgrson, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Deal, in Pennsylvania on Sept. 30, 1727.

From "Virginia Vital Records, from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, the William and Mary College Quarterly, and Tyler's Quarterly", indexed by Judith McGhan, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore 1984:

THE HEBRON CHURCH BIRTH REGISTER, by Arthur L. Keith, pg. 319:

Nicolaus Schmid and Matheus Schmid were the sons of Mathias Smith who does not appear among the 1717settlers but patented land (jointly with Matthias Beller, Berler, Barlow), June 24, 1726, adjacent to patent of Nicholaus Yager of the same date. The relation of this Matthias to Michael Smith of the 1717 colony has not been learned. Matthias was certainly not the son of Michael who in his will mentions son John Michael as his only heir. The Nicolaus Smith, Sr., among the sponsors suggests the Nicolaus Schmid Jr., who married Susanna Yager, daughter of Godfrey Yager.

19 Oct. 1747
Matthew (english for Mathias) Smith of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County (became Culpeper County, Virginia in 1748) to Jacob Barler of the same.
Witnessed by Herman Bakmer, Adam Jager & Stephen Hernsberger.
16 Aug. 1750
Mathias (German for Matthew) Smith of St. Mark's Parish of Culpeper to Nicholas Smith, natural love and affection for his son, 100 acres. Land was originally part of grant to Mathias Smith and Matthias Barler 24th June, 1726 patent
18 Jan. 1753
Brumfield Parish, Jacob Barler and wife Mary to Christopher Barler, 100 acres of land that was part of that originally patented to Matthias Smith, 24 June 1726, and again 21 June 1753, he sold to son Matthias Smith, Jr. Part of the same tract grant in 1726.

From Rootsweb post:

Culpeper County Deeds, Deed Book E, 1765-1769, pages 1-138

Pages 46-48. 19 Sept. 1765. Matthias Smith of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper County, to Michl. Smith and Matthias Smith Junr. of same. For love and effection be doth bear towards his two sons Michl. and Matthias Smith Junr. and for 5 shillings current money. 100 acres being the land whereon Mathias Smith now lives.

Matthias Smith*
Wit: Simmon Clew, Michl. Klug, Adam Cook.
19 Sept. 1765. Receipt. Wit: Heinrich Aller [in German], Michl. Klug, Adam Cook.
19 Sept. 1765. Proved by Henry Aller, Michl. Klug and Adam Coock.
  • This signature appears to be Mich. Sciffehnuitt but it is obviously the Clerk's inability to read the German script which accounts for such a rendering.
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