Person:Mathias Harman (1)

Captain Mathias Tice Cutlif Harman, Sr.
m. 8 Oct 1723
  1. Heinrich Adam Harman, Jr.1724 -
  2. Capt. Henry "Old Skygusta" Harman, Sr1726 - 1822
  3. George Harman1727 - 1749
  4. Scout Daniel Harman, Sr.1729 - 1820
  5. Christina Harmon1732 - 1784
  6. Phillipina Harman1735 - 1751
  7. Captain Mathias Tice Cutlif Harman, Sr.1739 - 1832
  8. Catherine Harman1740 -
  9. Valentine Harmon1744 -
  10. Daughter Harman1746 -
  11. Jacob Harman1748 -
m. 1760
  1. Rebecca Harman
  2. Louisa Katherine Harman1771 - 1828
  3. Matthias "Ticy" Harman, Jr.1775 - 1850
  4. Adam Harman1780 - 1854
  5. Henry Harman1781 -
  6. Catherine "Katie" Harman1795 - 1855
  7. Pheobe Harman1798 -
Facts and Events
Name Captain Mathias Tice Cutlif Harman, Sr.
Immigrant Name Matthias Gottlieb Hermann
Gender Male
Birth[10] 1739 Orange, Virginia, USAwritten as Strausburg, Frederick County, Virginia in our family notes - Frederick County did not exist in 1739
Marriage 1760 to Lydia Lydde Tizah-neh Skaggs
Military[2] aft 1776 Montgomery, Virginia, USA Revolutionary War
Occupation[5][8] 1777 Strasburg, Shenandoah, Virginia, United States"It is said...he led a number of settlers from Strasburg to Ab's Valley"
Residence? 1787 Johnson County, Kentucky, USAbuilt stockade near river bank
Residence? 1788 Johnson County, Kentucky, USAIndians forced evacuation and burned stockade
Residence? 1789 Johnson County, Kentucky, USAHarman returned and rebuilt stronger blockhouse "Harman's Station"
Property[6] 1796 Kentucky, USApurchased land "on Levisy River below Ivy Creek"
Residence[6] 1796 Mason, Kentucky, United States(gave his residence on a bond for a land deed)
Property[6] 3 May 1797 Prestonsburg, Floyd, Kentucky, United States"the surveying was under the direction of Major Andrew Hood, Mathias Harman, and Solomon Stratton, agents for the Adventures on Sandy under Col. John Preston's Grant"
Residence? 20 Dec 1799 Tazewell County, Virginia, USATazewell County, Virginia was formed from portions of Wythe and Russell Counties. [1]
Residence? 1802 Dry Fork, Tazewell, Virginia, USAreturned to Tazewell County in 1802 from present Johnson County, KY, and established their last home on Dry Fork [2]
Death? 02 April 1832 Dry Fork, Tazewell County, Virginia
Burial[1] Mathias Harman Cemetery, Tazewell, Virginia, United States

Mathias Harman was important in many ways in events surrounding the abduction of Jenny Wiley by Indians in 1789. In a battle, he had killed the son of an Indian chief. [But it may in fact have been his nephew, Matthias Harman S7, who was known to have been in a battle the previous year.] It is thought that Jenny Wiley was abducted by mistake when the Indians came seeking revenge on Harman (they were neighbors). After her abduction Mathias Harman launched an unsuccessful search party for her, and it was Harman's Station where she was finally able to escape to in 1790. S5

Description from The Founding of Harman's Station

" Matthias Harman was called "Tice" or "Tias" Harman by his companions. He was diminutive in size, in height being but little more than five feet, and his weight never exceeded one hundred and twenty pounds. He had an enormous nose and a thin sharp face. He had an abundance of hair of a yellow tinge, beard of a darker hue, blue eyes which anger made green and glittering, and a bearing bold and fearless. He possessed an iron constitution, and could endure more fatigue and privation than any of his associates. He was a dead shot with the long rifle of his day. The Indians believed him in league with the devil or some other malevolent power because of their numbers he killed, his miraculous escapes, and the bitterness and relentless daring of his warfare against them. He was one of the Long Hunters, as were others of the Harmans, and more than once did his journeys into the wilderness carry him to the Mississippi River. He and the other Harmans able to bear arms were in the Virginia service in the War of the Revolution. He is said to have formed the colony which made the first settlement in Ab's Valley. He formed the colony which made the first settlement in Eastern Kentucky and erected the blockhouse. He brought in the settlers who rebuilt the blockhouse, and for a number of years he lived in the Blockhouse bottom or its vicinity. In his extreme old age he returned to Virginia and died there. It is said he lived to be ninety-six, but I have not the date or place of his death. " written by WILLIAM ELSEY CONNELLEY, 1910 S5

Historical marker #736 (Kentucky)

Harman's Station is Kentucky historical marker #736 located 5 mi. S. of Paintsville, US 23, 460. [3]

Description: The first settlement in Eastern Kentucky. Matthias Harman's party of hunters from Virginia built stockade near river bank, 1787. Indians forced evacuation in 1788, and burned blockhouse. Harman and others returned, 1789, and rebuilt an enduring fort. These men at Blockhouse Bottom broke Indian hold on Big Sandy Valley, opened Eastern Kentucky for settlement.

Historical marker X-25 (Dry Fork, Virginia)

Sign reads: Harman helped establish the first permanent English settlement in eastern Kentucky in 1755. In 1789 he founded Harman’s Station on the Levisa River near John’s Creek in present-day Johnson County. He and his wife, Lydia, settled in this area in 1803image

Mathias Harman home site at Dry Fork and historical marker dedicated June 1991 Photo by Charlotte Harman Puckett. Courtesy of Charlotte H. Puckett. image 1image 2

Description on images: "Mathias, Sr. and Lydia Skaggs Harman are buried here, along with succeeding generations. The present home was built ca 1913 by a descendant, with the original Harman homestead possibly higher up on the mountain. Mathias, Sr. (1763-1832) and Lydia S. Harman (d 1814) returned to Tazewell County in 1802 from present Johnson County, KY, and established their last home on Dry Fork."

Location: Dry Fork Road (State Route 637) about 4 miles north of intersection with Baptist Valley Road (State Route 631), North Tazewell, VA 24630. The marker is located in a remote area on a very rural road.

GPS: 37.166307,-81.629867

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