Person:Matej Mikolas (1)

Matej mikolas
m. Abt 1814
  1. Josef mikolas1815 -
  2. Tomas mikolas1816 -
  3. Marianna mikolas1818 -
  4. Anna mikolas1820 -
  5. Matej mikolas1823 - 1904
  6. Jan mikolas1825 -
  7. _____ mikolas1826 -
  8. Katerina mikolas1829 -
  9. Josef mikolas1830 -
  • HMatej mikolas1823 - 1904
  • WMarie vana1818 - 1885
m. Abt 1845
  1. Josef mikolas1847 -
  2. Jan mikolas1849 -
  3. Katerina mikolas1851 -
  4. Anna mikolas1855 - 1929
Facts and Events
Name Matej mikolas
Gender Male
Birth? 2 Jan 1823 Castkovice 15, Pelhrimov, Bohemia
Marriage Abt 1845 , , Bohemiato Marie vana
Death? 18 Aug 1904 Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Burial? Two Rivers, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Reference Number? 10

The surname most likely came from that of one of the first landowners, Mikolas (Ticktlmotl). The village was founded by Casta in 1464 and has a history similar to its larger neighbor, Prosec. The area was controlled by a series of King George from Pionegraph, Bolian Kritchka from Leepe, Piocop from Tsedne, Jan Leskovtzov of Leskovice, Ostrovice Family from Krolovitz, Vladistrov Ostrovice from Prosec, Anishka from Sahadka, Jan Ostrovice, Ozyane Ostrovice (later to be wife of Jan Joseph Bysheen from Bysheen), Chenovetz from Ungravoort and Augustine, Slehartover from Vecentau. By 1842, Castkovice had grown to support 20 houses and 166 citizens.

In 1970, the house in Castkovice #15, wherein the family had lived, was occupied by the Kamirove Family and the property was referred to as "Mikolasu" (interpreted to mean the house previously occupied by Mikolas).

According to his grand-daughter, Anna Kracha, he was a brickmaker. Michael served in the army for 14 years and married soon after he returned from the service. This indicates that he was at least 32 years old when he married. When he immigrated to America, he moved onto the farm with his son-in-law and built a kiln and started making bricks. He found the clay deposits and limestone in the ground. He then made the limestone into lime. He made enough bricks to build a new home. The bricks were stored in an open shed and the lime was in a huge box buried in the ground. While the family was away in Two Rivers, the neighboring farmers stole everything.

He was a very enterprising man and had many talents "which he couldn't work out on account of circumstances." He was influential in Bohemia as related by Anna and further verified by Frances Dias and John Kracha during their visit to the homestead in Bohemia in 1991.

According to the 1900 Census, he was able to read and write but did not speak English.

Schmidt's Directory, 1901-1902 shows a "Martin Micolash, res. 418 William".

The search of records shows several spellings of the surname as Mikolas, Michalaus (Death record) and Michelage (St. Luke's memorial service records). The place of burial has not been identified. At the time of his death, he was described as a white male, "widowed" who died of apoplexy. The duration of his illness was defined as "shortly". The undertaker was Ed Pfeffer and the Burial Permit 585 was dated 19 August 1904. Neither the Manitowoc County nor City of Two Rivers could identify the source of the burial permits and cross-reference to the burial site.

MICHALAUS: Mike..............18 Aug. 1904...v.7 p.276 (info from death record) Name: Mike Michalaus White/Male/widowed (spouse not given) b. ??? 1819, Bohemia/d. 18 Aug. 1904, Two Rivers/cause of death: Apoplexy buried at the Catholic Cemetery/did not serve in armed forces p:Joseph Michalaus, born Bohemia and ??? Michalaus, b. Bohemia Pfeffer Funeral home handle this


COMMENTS: Remembrances by Anna Kracha Ray, 1956.

!BIRTH: Register Nr 3, Roman Catholic rectory of Nova Cerekev, page 17

CENSUS: U.S. Census 1900, Two Rivers, Manitowoc, WI, S.D. 3, Sheet B, E.D. 89 Page 8.

!DEATH: Fiche kept in the Archives, Diocese of Green Bay, St. Luke's Church, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Sacrament: Death, Fiche: 1889-1921, Page 48

!DEATH: Registration of Death, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. Vol 7, Page 276, No. 478 identified as "Mike Michalaus"

CAUSE: Apoplexy (Adevhluinus)