Person:Mary Means (26)

Mary Means
b.Est 1777 Ireland
Facts and Events
Name Mary Means
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1777 Ireland
Immigration[1] Est 1780 Tennessee
Death[1] 1827 Indiana
Burial? Columbus, Bartholomew, Indiana, United StatesGarland Brook Cemetery

In the 1999 First Presbyterian Church publication, it quotes MARY from her writing in 1823:

"My name is Mary Hart. In this year of our Lord, 1823, I am becoming accustomed to my new home; but let me tell you, when my husband Joseph brought our family here from Tennessee two years ago, I wondered what in the world he had gotten us into! There were only a very few log cabins in the village called Tiptona, which was near a river. The smell from that river was awful, there was much sickness, and it seemed a lawless place with much imbibing of spirits.

Joseph's son Gideon had found us some acreage a few miles from the village (which happily has been renamed Columbus); so that we avoided the worst of the pestilential air that plagued its residents."

The publication goes on with Mary describing their activities in building a church in Columbus. The publication is available in the Columbus Library, which is adjacent, and south of the church.

It was Mary's son Rev. C. C. Hart, who wrote the Hart book which is the source of much of the family history used in these pages.

--White Creek 16:38, 3 October 2013 (UTC)

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