Person:Mary Lessley (2)

Mary Lessley
d.BET 1791 AND 23 DEC 1793 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Abt. 1741
  1. James Lessley, Jr.ABT 1742 - 1775
  2. Mary LessleyABT 1743 - BET 1791
  3. John Lessley1746 - bef 1820
  4. Jane Lessley1747-1765 -
  5. Samuel Lessleyabt 1749 - 1814
  6. Isabella Lessleyabt 1750 - bef 1830
  7. Dolly Lessleyabt 1751 - bef 1786
  8. Agnes Lessleyabt 1754 -
  9. Elizabeth LessleyAbt 1755 - bef 1840
  10. Robert Lessleyabt 1760 -
  • HJohn RobertsonABT 1742 - BET 1771
  • WMary LessleyABT 1743 - BET 1791
m. WFT Est 1761-1763
  1. Isabella Robertsonest 1761-1769 -
  2. Elizabeth Robertson1761-1769 -
  3. Margaret Robertson1761-1769 -
  4. Jane Robertsonest 1768/69 -
  5. Mary RobertsonABT 1770 - BET 1810 AND 1831
  6. Alexander RobertsonABT 1771 - 1840
Facts and Events
Name Mary Lessley
Gender Female
Birth? ABT 1743 Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Birth? ABT 1743
Marriage WFT Est 1761-1763 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato John Robertson
Death? BET 1791 AND 23 DEC 1793 Augusta County, Virginia LESSLEY

3. MARY2 LESSLEY (JAMES ALEXANDER1) was born Abt. 1743 in Augusta Co., Virginia, and died Bet. 1791 - 23 Dec 1793 in Augusta Co., Virginia. She married JOHN ROBERTSON Abt. 1762 in Augusta Co., Virginia, son of WILLIAM ROBERTSON. He was born Abt. 1742, and died Bet. 06 - 21 Aug 1771 in Augusta Co., Virginia.


Will of Mary Lessley's father where we note she is already married:

Augusta Co, VA Will Book 6-146, Mar 5, 1767: Anno que Domini, 1767. James Lessley's will--To wife, Sarah, to manage plantation and support the children; to son, James, $1, having already provided for him; to son, John; to son. Robert and Samuel, home plantation; to daughters, Mary Robertson and Mary Roger; to daughters "now with me," Isabella, Dolly, Sarah, Agness, Elizabeth. Executors, wife Sarah, son James, and William Johnston. Teste: John and William Stuart. Proved, 19th August, 1780 (the witnesses being both dead), by witnesses to handwriting. Sarah, the widow, qualifies. [AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CHALKLEY'S CHRONICLES; Vol 3, pg 158-159]

Will of Mary Lessley's mother where we note her husband has already passed:

Augusta Co, VA, Will Book 8: Page 27.--23d November, 1789. Sarah Lessley's will--To sons, Samuel, John, and daughters, Isabella, Agness, Elizabeth, and son, Robert, 1 shilling each; to niece, Agness Lessley, daughter of James Lessley; to nieces, Mary, Isabella, Elizabeth, Margaret Robertson, daughters of John Robertson, deceased; to daughter, Margaret Rodgers; to daughter, Sarah. Executor,

Joseph Bell. Teste: Alex. Nelson, Jr.; Suckey Bell. Proved, December Court, 1792, by the witnesses. Executor refuses. Administration granted Joseph Wilson. [Lyman Chalkley Vol 3, pg 199]

Mary in paid in 1791 or possibly before as part of the settlement of her father's estate:

Augusta Co, VA, Will Book 7, Page 339.--24th January, 1791. James Lesslie's estate settled by Sarah Lesslie--Isabella Gamble's dower paid at marriage before the appraisement. Dolly Woods, ditto, ditto; paid Mary Robinson, being a legacy formerly left her in the hands of the deceased. [Lyman Chalkley, Vol 3, pg 193]


The following is the will of John Robertson and when combined with what we know from the wills of his wife's parents appears to be correct:

Augusta Co, VA Will Book 4-434: 6th August, 1771. John Robertson's will--To wife; to son, Alexander, infant; to children; to six daughters. Executors, wife Mary and nephew Alex. Robertson, son of brother Mathew Robertson. Teste: Silas Hart, Mathew Robertson, Matthew Matthewson. Proved, 21st August. 1771, by the witnesses. [Lyman Chalkley, Vol 3, pg 120]

Augusta Co, VA, Will Book 4, Page 436.--Mary qualifies (her mark --) with Wm. Hutcheson, John Lessley, Jos. Gamwell. [Chalkley Vol 3, pg 120] - Apparently the will extends over pages 434-436. John Lessley is John Robertson's brother-in-law and Mary Robertson's brother.

Augusta Co, VA Will Book 4-457: 20th November, 1771. John Robertson's appraisement by Jno. Malcom, John Davis, John McCay, Adam Stephenson, recorded. [Lyman Chalkley, Vol 3, pg 121]

The following is most likely related since we know James Leesley is Mary's father and James Lessley didn't die until 1767:

Augusta Co, VA, Deed Book 11, Page 840.--21st March, 1765. John Robertson and Mary to Thomas Tosh, £40, 560 acres on Mason's Creek, branch of Roanoke; corner John Mason's land. Teste: Alex. Stuart, James Lessley. Delivered: Jas. Crawford, June,1769. [Lyman Chalkley Vol 3, pg 421]


JANE3 ROBERTSON, b. Bef. 1770; m. JOHN HENRY, 1787, Rockingham Co., Virgina1; b. 10 May 1761, Rockingham Co., Virginia1.


MARY ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1770, Virginia; d. Bet. 1810 – 1831.


Named in her grandmother Sarah Lessley's will recorded November 23, 1789 Augusta Co., VA and proved December 1, 1792.


Named in her grandmother Sarah Lessley's will recorded November 23, 1789 Augusta Co., VA and proved December 1, 1792.


Named in her grandmother Sarah Lessley's will recorded November 23, 1789 Augusta Co., VA and proved December 1, 1792.

ALEXANDER ROBERTSON, b. Abt. 1771, Staunton, Augusta, Virginia.