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Name Mary Unknown
Gender Female


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Mary is identified as the wife of Person:Hugh Hays (1) in his will. Hugh's nephew, Hugh Hays (5) also married a "Mary", the daughter of Samuel Greenlee and wife Mary.

From Chalkley's Chronicles, 241 Samuel Greenlee vs. Mary Greenlee's administrator--O. S. 306; N. S.

109--Bill, 24th March, 1817. On 14th March, 1809, Mary Greenlee of Rockbridge died a widow and intestate, leaving five children, viz: Orator, James; Mary, wife of Hugh Hays; Grace, wife of Charles McDowell; David, and 6 grandchildren, children of her deceased son John; and 3 other grandchildren, children of her deceased daughter, Margaret Montgomery. James died November, 1813. Mary was over 102 years old.

This could (and has) created some confusion over the last name of Hugh (1)'s wife Mary. We have no direct evidence that shows Hugh (1) was ever in Old Augusta, though we do have some records of Old Augusta referring to him as living in Derry township, or Lancaster County. Presently, best available evidence suggests that Mary Greenlee was the wife of Hugh Hays (5), and that Hugh Hays (1) was also married to a Mary, but her last name is unknown.

By 1785 Mary had remarried. her second husband was William McIlvey

From:Descendants of Archibald McAllister

Record Book CC, page 52. Recorded the 3rd day of March, 1785.—Lancaster Co., Pa.
Whereas, Hugh Hays, late of Londonderry Township, in County of Lancaster, yeoman, deceased, did in and by his Last Will and Testament, bearing date the fourth day of May, One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy-seven, devise and bequeath unto his wife Mary (now the wife of William Mcllevey) amongst other things the Interest of Four hundred pounds to be paid to her yearly and every year during her natural Life. And Whereas, the said Mary (who was joint administratrix with the will annexed of the said Hugh Hays, deceased, with Archibald McAllister, the Releasee) has retained in her own hands all the specific & pecuniary Legacies given to her in the said Will other than the Interest of the said Four hundred Pounds. Now know all men by these presents that the said William Mcllevey and Mary his wife (late Mary Hays the wife as aforesaid of the said Hugh Hays, deceased,) for and in Consideration of a certain competent sum of money in Gold and Silver Coin in hand paid at and before the ensealing & Delivery hereof by Archibald McAlister aforesaid Have remised, released and quit claimed and by these Presents they and each of them for themselves their and each of their Executors and administrators do fully, clearly and absolutely remise, release and forever quit claim unto the said Archibald McAlister his heirs and assigns and every of them the said Annuity or Interest of Four hundred Pounds yearly before mentioned and every part and parcel thereof and all arrearages thereof, Penalties, forfeitures and Distresses whatsoever at any time or times Heretofore due or forfeited by Reason of the non-payment of the said yearly sum of Twenty-four pounds or any part thereof. But thereof and therefrom and from all actions, suits and Demands for the same they the said William Mcllevey and and Mary his wife and each of them shall be utterly secluded and forever debarred by these Presents. In Witness Whereof the said William Mcllevey and Mary his Wife have hereto set their Hands & seals this second day of March, 1785.
William Mcalevey. [seal] Mary Mcalevey. [seal] Sealed and delivered in the presence of us, Jno. Jos. Henry.
Adam Reigart.
Acknowledged Mar. 2, 1785, before Jno. Jos. Henry.

The work Descendants of Archibald McAllister includes the will of Hugh Hays, as well as probate records related to his wife Mary. The later rdferences Archibald McAllister. Since the work deals with descendants of Archibald it seems possible that Mary had a family connection of some sort with him. The available documentation does not make this clear, and it may be that the only reason this is mentioned in this work, is because of business dealings.