Person:Mary Fitz Randolph (3)

Mary Fitz Randolph
d.aft May 1779
m. 1704
  1. Richard Fitz Randolph1705 - 1754
  2. Edward Fitz Randolph, Jr.1706 - 1750
  3. Thomas Fitz Randolph1707/8 - 1740
  4. Mary Fitz Randolph1710 - aft 1779
  5. Robert Fitz Randolph1712 - 1804
  6. Nathaniel Fitz Randolph1714 - 1773
  7. Margaret Fitz Randolph1716 - 1718
  8. Eseck Fitz Randolph1718 - 1813
  9. Hugh Fitz Randolph1719 - 1748
  10. Hartshorne Fitz Randolph1723 - 1806
m. 2 Sep 1729
  1. Edward Thorne1729/30 - 1750
  2. Thomas Thorne1731 -
  3. William Thorne, Jr.1732 -
  4. Katherine Thorne1734 -
  5. Joseph Thorne1735 -
m. 26 May 1749
  1. Charles Jackson1738 - 1785
  2. Sarah Jackson1740 -
  3. John Jackson1742 -
  4. Benjamin Jackson1744 -
  5. Margaret Jackson1745 -
m. 1764
Facts and Events
Name Mary Fitz Randolph
Alt Name Mrs. Mary Thorne
Gender Female
Birth[1] 24 May 1710 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ
Marriage 2 Sep 1729 Woodbridge Twp., Middlesex Co., New Jersey, United Statesto William Thorne
Marriage 26 May 1749 to James Jackson, Jr.
Marriage 1764 to Jacob Fitz Randolph
Death? aft May 1779

See the Notes in James Jackson's record! R. G. Clarke gives as his source for this marriage to Mary Fitz Randolph the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Jan 1962, pg 36.

Long Island Genealogies by Bunker has that James married Mary Thorne, but Thorne was her name from a previous marriage. --Janiejac 12:29, 22 March 2009 (EDT)

Note from Fitz Randolph source, pg 21: Mary is mentioned in Jacob Fitz Randolph's will dated May 12, 1779, so she was still living at that time. Jacob is the last husband of record . . . She is mentioned also in several other wills; her brother Hugh Fitz Randolph mentioned her in his will of 4 mo. 23, 1748, her portion to go to her children. Hugh calls her his sister Mary but doesn't give her last name. Her brother Edward's will (7 May 1750) mentions his 'nephew, Edward Thorne, son of my sister Mary Jackson.' And the will of her father, Edward Fitz Randolph, dated Sept. 4, 1759, mentions his daughter Mary Jackson and her eight children.

FIRST husband: WILLIAM THORNE. The first intentions were published in the Rahway and Plainfield Meeting in 12 mo 1728/29 The 2nd intentions 1 mo 20, 1728/29. William died in 1735 and administration was granted to Mary and her eldest brother, Richard on May 20, 1735. There are five known Thorne children born between 1729 and 1735.

There are two other marriages published in the 1950 Fitz Randolph book and repeated in "The Record" Jan 1962, pg 36. There is no documentation for the second marriage to a Joseph Fitz Randolph; even the authors say she "might have married" Joseph. Several Jackson researchers have come to the conclusion that this second marriage AND the third marriage listed in these documents could have been a contrivance to make some unknown pieces fit together.

1748, 4th mo. (June), 23d, FitzRandolph, Hugh, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., shipwright; will of. Brother and sisters-Richard, Edward, Robert, Nathaniel, Esek, Hartshorne, and Mary. Mary's portion in trust for her children. Real and personal estate. Executors-brothers Richard, Edward and Nathaniel. Witnesses-U. Parker, Edward James, Henry Dennis. Proved June 25, 1748. Lib. E, p. 270. It would be good to see the actual will or settlement to see if Mary's children are named or if her last name is given. Leaving their inheritance 'in trust' was a device to protect their inheritance against any claims from a husband of Mary's.

The supposed third marriage of "Mary Fitzpatrick, Spinster" married at an unknown date, MARMADUKE HORSEMAN who 'must have been in his eighties" His will dated Feb 25, 1748/9 mentions his wife Mary. It is unknown why researchers have decided that this spinster named Mary Fitz Patrick was Mary Fitz Randolph-Thorne-Fitz Randolph. She wasn't a spinster.

The record 'proving' her supposed fourth marriage to James:

  1. 88 James Jackson, cooper, & Michael Sweettain (author can't read the signature), yeoman, BOTH OF MONMOUTH COUNTY, bonded 25 May 1749; obtained license of marriage for himself and for Mary Horseman of the said county, widow . . . Wit: Mary Lane, Wm Madock

FOURTH husband: "Mary Horsman (sic) married for her fourth husband, license dated May 26, 1749, JAMES JACKSON... Now if Mary Fitz Randolph Thorne was not the same Mary who married Mr. Horseman, then this record of a Mary Horseman to James Jackson (both of Monmouth County) is also not the correct marriage record for James Jackson Jr. to his wife Mary _____ in Middlesex County and so this 1749 marriage date can be discounted.

"Administration on his estate was granted to his widow Mary on Nov 6, 1750." (Fitz Randolph book, pg 21) Now without seeing the actual administration records or settlement papers, it is unknown if this date is for James Jr., s/o James and Rebecca Hallet Jackson, or the James Jackson in Monmouth County, NJ who married Mary Horseman.

Administration of and settlement papers for James' estate would be helpful and will be ordered. Until then, and as of July, 2010, these Monmouth county marriages for Mary, the daughter of Edward are all conjecture! The first marriage to William Thorne is documented, the marriage to James Jackson is accepted but it is not the same as the Monmouth County record.

1759 - The will of Mary's father, Edward Fitz Randolph, dated Sept. 4, 1759, mentions his daughter Mary Jackson and her eight children, but doesn't name them.

A last marriage "It seems probable that Mary married for a fifth time, again to a cousin, [actually her brother-in-law, a brother to her [assumed] 2nd husband] JACOB FITZ RANDOLPH on 7 mo. 18, 1764. 'Mary Fitz Randolph is disowned for marriage to her first cousin.' In Jacob's will, dated May 12, 1779, Jacob mentions his wife Mary.' Mary Fitz Randolph Thorn-Jackson-Fitz Randolph had a relative also named Mary Fitz Randolph who also married a cousin; so which Mary is referred to in this censure is unproved.

See also an analysis of the various source references to the marriage of James Jackson and Mary Fitz Randolph HERE. This was prepared because of the confusion caused by certain sources saying Mary had possibly married five times.

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