Person:Mary Blackfan (1)

Mary Paxson Blackfan
b.9 Nov 1815
m. 1 Jun 1813
  1. William E. Blackfan1814 - 1843
  2. Mary Paxson Blackfan1815 - 1860
  3. Moses Blackfan1817 - 1847
Facts and Events
Name Mary Paxson Blackfan
Gender Female
Birth? 9 Nov 1815
Death? 10 Mar 1860 Bucks Co., Pennsylvania

BIRTH: Jeremy Jordan believes this is the Mary Blackfan who made the sampler in her 12th year of age, October 26th, 1827 - making her birth in 1815. Also got middle initial from death reference herein. Obtained middle name from Martha H. Jordan [RIN-3], though not confirmed. M.H.J. also indicated that the frame for the sampler, which is in her possession {3/2001} was made by E. B. Jordan [RIN-8] from walnut from the Alfred Parsons [RIN-117] homestead in Deerfield, IL. She would be Jeremy's 2nd great grand aunt (2GGA).

DEATH: In a letter dated 15 Feb 1910- Eliz. T. B. Lippincott/Hollywood, CA to E.B. Jordan/Orion, IL: “…..our Aunt Mary P. Blackfan died Mar. 10 - 1860, your mother [Mary Anna Blackfan Jordan] was spending that winter in Bucks Co., and was with them when Aunt Mary died".