Person:Marvin Hasty (1)

Marvin Lee Hasty
m. May 1909
  1. Thadeous Rudalph Hasty1910 - 1977
  2. Allie Levonia Hasty1911 - 1993
  3. Bernnard Ephren Hasty1913 - 1968
  4. William Abslaum Hasty1914 - 2002
  5. Marvin Lee Hasty1916 - Abt 1926
  6. Dora Bell Hasty1918 - 1986
  7. Bernice Irene Hasty1919 - 2007
  8. John Henry Hasty1921 - 1978
  9. Walter Joseph Hasty1923 - 2009
Facts and Events
Name Marvin Lee Hasty
Gender Male
Birth[2] 5 Jul 1916 Bascom, Jackson, Florida, USA
Death? Abt 1926 Bascom, Jackson, Florida, USACause: Drug to death by a mule

Died in a mule accident. William and his sons were out plowing the field, Marvin, being too young to plow was doing other things. William told Marvin that he could help unharness the mules and then ride them home. He didn't want to, his father insisted. Marvin didn't do it right and when he went to climb on he kicked the mule and it took off, Marvin's leg was caught in the harness and he was dragged around the 40 acre field, as it was stopping at the gate William yelled for him to stop, which scarred the mule more and then it took off again and as it turned a corner Marvin swung around and his head hit a tree. It was awaful hard on William and it was almost his undoing.

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    1920 Census, Neals Landing, Jackson, FL</b>, Sheet A-8, taken 13 & 14 Jan 1920, dwelling & family # 133 says, son, 4 yrs, single, b. FL</li></ol>