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Marie Donatile Naquin


Facts and Events

Name Marie Donatile Naquin
Gender Female
Birth? 10 Dec 1822 Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, USA
Marriage 10 Jan 1844 Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, USASt. Joseph's Catholic Church
to Jean Adolphe Rodrigue
Residence[1] 1850 Lafourche, Louisiana, United StatesBayou Lafourche
Residence[2] 1860 Lafourche, Louisiana, United StatesWard 6
Residence[3] 1870 Iberia, Louisiana, United StatesWard 2
Residence[4] 1880 Iberia, Louisiana, United StatesPetite Anse (Avery Island)
Residence[5] 1900 New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana, United StatesWard 6
Death[7] 7 Dec 1902 New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana, USABuried in Saint Peters Cemetery, New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana, USA

Biographical Notes

Notes written by Cheryl Courrege Burguieres, August 1972:

"After the death of her husband, she left her home in the country (New Iberia) and lived with her daughter, Marie Rodrigue Courrege. While living at the Courrege home, she had an evening ritual of gathering her grandchildren all together before an altar to say their nightly prayers."


Marie's date of birth engraved on her headstone is 10 Dec 1822.

Marriage to Jean Adolphe Rodrigue, 1845

Jean Adolphe married Marie Donatilde Naquin on 1 Feb 1845 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Thibodeaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. They lived on their forty-acre farm in Lafourche Parish. After the Civil War, they moved to Iberia Parish, where they bought 92 acres of land, about ten miles from New Iberia, in the vicinity of Avery Island. They had a mill and made open-kettle sugar and later converted it into a syrup mill. (Source: Family records)

Evidence of the marriage of Jean Adolphe and Marie Donatile Naquin is found in their marriage bond and in a Certificate of Marriage reflecting church records(obtained from the Church in 1976).

Marriage Bond, 1844

This Rodrigue-Naquin 1844 Marriage Bond is a "True copy" of the original, and was issued by the Clerk of Court's Office, Thibodeaux, Louisiana, on 3 Feb 1967.

Marriage Bond Rodrigue-Naquin 1844 [6]
Marriage Bond Rodrigue-Naquin 1844 [6]
Transcription: State of Louisiana, Parish of LaFourche

Know all men by those present that the Jean Adolphe Rodrigue of the Parish of St. Jean Baptiste as principal and Bazile Dugas of said interior parish are indebted to Sam McAllister Parish Judge of said interior parish in the sum of three hundred dollars which the promise will and truly to pay to him and his successors in office. Dated and signed this 10th January 1844 Note: all records say 1844, however, the writing looks like 1845 (ab).

Now the condition of this obligation is such that whereas the said Rodrigue has this day procured from said McAllister one license of matrimony with Marie Donatilde Naquin daughter of Joseph Naquin of said interior parish and his wife Celeste Prejean. Therefore if in two years after said marriage no legal objection shall be made thereto then this obligation to be null otherwise to remain in full force and effect.


James Frost
Jean Adolphe Rodrigue
Bazile Dugas

Certificate of Marriage, 1845

This copy of the Certificate of Marriage, which is a "true extract" from the Marriage Register of St. Joseph's Church. Vol 1845. No. 948., was obtained in 1976 from St. Joseph's Church in Thibodeaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Transcription: "This is to certify that Jean Adolphe Rodrigue and Marie Donatilde Naquin were lawfully married on the 1st day of February, 1845. According to the Rite of the Holy Catholic Church and in conformity with the laws of the State of Louisiana. Rev. F. C. B. de St. Aubin officiated in the presence of Henry Tregle, Theodule Morion and Neuville Ayot. A true extract from the Marriage Register of the Church. Vol 1845. No. 948." [9]

Census Records

Bayou Lafourche, 1850

According to the 1850 census, the family of Jean and Donatile Rodrigue was living in Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana.

1850 Census [1]
Place: Bayou Lafourche, Lafourche, Louisiana, United States

Thibodeaux, Lafourche Parish, 1860

In 1860, the family was listed as living in Ward 6, Thibodeaux, Lafourche Parish.

1860 Census
Date: 10 September 1860
Place: Ward 6, Thibodeaux, Lafourche Parish
  • Jean Rodrigue M 40 Carpenter, Value of Real estate - 1500, Value of personal property - 400
  • Marie D F 38
  • Floriska F 14
  • Cimillien M 13
  • Rosa F 12
  • Justilien M 5
  • Marie Gautreaux F 19
  • Joseph Gautreaux M 5
  • Emelie Prejean F 13

New Iberia, Iberia Parish, 1870

By 1870, the family was living in Ward 2, New Iberia.

1870 Census
Date: 24 July 1870
Census Place: Ward 2, New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana
  • Rodrigue, John Head WM 51 Farmer
  • Mary wife WF 47 Keeping house
  • Rosa 20 WF 20
  • Similien WM 22 Farm laborer, Value of Real Estate - $500, Value of Personal Estate - $100
  • Justilien WM 14
  • Theresa WF 9
  • Marie WF 7
  • Catherine WF 3
  • Douley, Joseph WM 20 Farm laborer
  • Douley, Florisca WF 24
  • Rodrigue, Preville 34 Farm laborer

Petite Anse, Iberia Parish, 1880

Petite Anse is French for Avery Island, a salt dome located in Iberia Parish, Louisiana, United States, about three miles (5 km) inland from Vermilion Bay, which in turn opens onto the Gulf of Mexico. A small human population resides on the island. Wikipedia Article about Avery Island

1880 Census
Date: 5 June 1880
Census Place: Petite Anse, Iberia, Louisiana
  • Rodrigue, John Head WM 60 Farmer
  • Donatile wife WF 56 Keeping house
  • Justilian son WM 23 Bricklayer
  • Ellena daughter-in-law WF 18
  • Theresa daughter WF 18
  • Mary daughter WF 16
  • Louise daughter WF 12
  • Nicholas nephew WM 16 Works in field
  • Fernand grandchild WM 2
  • Similien WM 33
  • Laura wife WF 21

New Iberia, 1900

Record Information from Census Record

Date: 14 June 1900
Census Place: Police Jury Ward 6, Iberia, Louisiana

  • Jean WM 45 Head Butcher
  • Marie WF 36 Wife
  • Margaret WF 18 daughter
  • Joseph WM 16 son Butcher
  • Lucien WM 14 son
  • Leontine WF 12 daughter
  • Rosa WF 10 daughter
  • Odile WF 7 daughter
  • Bertha WF 6 daughter
  • Albert WM 3 son
  • Lucy WF 7/12 daughter
  • Donatel Rodrigue SF 78 mother-in-law
  • Leon Lassere WM 19 nephew Butcher
  • Alice Judice BF 42 servant
  • Beatrice Judice BF 8 servant
  • Joseph Vital BM 19 servant day laborer

Death and Burial, 1902

Marie died on 7 Dec 1902, at age 79. She is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery in New Iberia.

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