Person:Marie Leprince (2)

Marie V(ictor)? Charles Achille Leprince
  • HMarie V(ictor)? Charles Achille Leprince1783 - 1864
  • WMary A. Hattier1805 - 1847
  1. Julius Augustus Leprince1842 - 1913
Facts and Events
Name Marie V(ictor)? Charles Achille Leprince
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1783 Bastia, Corse, France
Marriage to Mary A. Hattier
Property[3] 1817 Bill of SaleSlave sale
Other? 1817 Charleston, South CarolinaJunior Warden of l'Etoile Renaissant No. 3
Property[4] 1818 Bill of SaleSalve Sale
Property[5] 1819 Bill of SaleSlave Sale
Unknown[6] 24 Aug 1821 Federal Record of Naturalisation
Other? 1821 Le Prince and Dumont vs. John RocheJudgement
Property[7] 1822 Bill of SaleSlave Sale
Emigration[8] 12 Oct 1824 Charleston, SCState of SC Naturalization
Other? 1824 A. Le Prince and Dumont vs. Edward LynahJudgement
Other? 1824 Achille Le Prince vs. Victor LadevezeJudgement
Property[9] 1827 Bill of SaleSlave Sale
Other? 1827 Garnier Theollier vs. Le Prince and DumontJudgement
Other? 1829 Charleston, South CarolinaSenior Warden of La Candeur Lodge No. 36
Property[10] 1832 Bill of SaleSlave Sale
Other? 1837 LePrince vs. George E. AtwellJudgement
Other? 1 Jan 1837 St Mary's of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, South CarolinaVestryman
Other? 1839 LePrince, M.A. vs Alexander BroughtonJudgement
Other? 6 Jan 1839 St Mary's of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, South CarolinaVestryman
Census[11] 1840 City of Charleston, Ward No. 2Census
Other? 3 Jan 1841 St Mary's of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, South CarolinaVestryman
Other[12] 30 Sep 1841 St Mary's of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, South CarolinaPew Holder
Other? 9 Jan 1842 St Mary's of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, 89 Hasell Street, Charleston, South CarolinaVestryman
Other? 1848 Charleston, South CarolinaElected Senior Grand Inspector General
Other[13] 1848 Charleston, South CarolinaElected as Active Member of the Supreme Council
Census[14] 20 Sep 1850 The Parishes of St. Phillip and St. MichaelCensus
Property[15] 1853 Bill of SaleProperty Purchase
Will[16] 1 Nov 1862 Charleston, SCLast Will & Testament
Death[2] 1864 Charleston, South Carolina
Probate? 2 Feb 1864 Charleston, SCProbated Will


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Will of Achille Le Prince Box 158, No. 10 The Confederate States of America. Charleston 1st November 1862

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Sound in body and mind, I here write my last wishes, I name and constitute for my Executors to my Will, my son in law Charles E. Kanapaux and my son Achille E. Le Prince.

The awful conflagration of 11th December 1861, having destroyed all that I had, it will be very easy with the aid of my good daughter Eugenia to make an inventory of the little that I leave on the day of my death. If at that time the lot situated on King Street has not been sold my Executors will dispose of it to the best interests of my Estate, and when they think best, there will be reserved of the disposable fund the sum of ($400) Four hundred dollars in favor of my dear daughter Eugenia to replace her piano which was burnt on the said 11th December 1861. After all debts are paid, if any exist, the balance will be divided equally among my four children or their descendants - the portion coming the the children of my lamented Victoire Le Prince, wife of Laffiteau, Edward Laffiteau and Charles Laffiteau, shall be deposited in their name for the best of their interests. The amount placed at interest for them cannot be given to them, but when they arrive at the age of majority. Also the portion of my son Julius Le Prince.

There is an indemnity of St. Domingo in the name of the late Mrs. F. Thibeau, my Mother-in-Law. A power of Attorney signed by her four grandchildren in my favor was sent to Mr. L. Vilmot, Notary, "Place de la Rourse No. 8" at Paris, who is authorized to send payments that the French government makes, or ought to make, each year. This indemnity belongs to my three children, Victoire Le Prince wife of Laffiteau, or her two children Edward and Charles Laffiteau, Eugenia Le Prince wife of Charles E. Kanapaux and Achille E. Le Prince. They will find among my papers my correspondence with Mr. L. Vilmot.

As a keepsake, I give to my dear daughter Eugenia my repeating watch. To my son-in-law Chas. E. Kanapaux my small diamond pin. To my son Achille E. Le Prince my gold pencil case and the walking stick of my father. To my son Julius A. Le Prince my small gold chain attached to my watch and my double barrelled gun.

I request my children give to the French Society of Charity the sum of ($100). One Hundred Dollars. This small sum will be divided, $25 to be placed in the Capital Fund and $75 Seventy Five Dollars in their fund for charity. On dying, I pray God to bless my children.

Achille Le Prince

Signed in the presence of H. E. Dotterer, Jacob S. Schirmer, H. W. Carr.

Probate before George Buist O.C.D. this second day of February A.D. 1864: on same day qualified Achille E. Le Prince one of the Executors therein names. The original of this will is written in French with a copy translated in English.

MairesGenWeb - Recensement des Maires de France à travers l'Histoire L'objectif | Comment participer? | Histoire | Les participants | Rechercher Détails des informations du maire: Achille Victor LEPRINCE

Commune du mandat: 94 - Nogent-sur-Marne Période du mandat: 1875 - 1878 Naissance: 20.06.1812 Cherbourg 50 Décès: 11.02.1886 Nogent sur Marne Mariage: Conjoint: Commentaires:

A RELATIVE PERHAPS?? Quite Possibly could be M. V. C. Achille LePrince's brother, nephew, or even a son as the birth date of 20 Jun 1812 was when Achille was 29. This man was the Mayor of Nogent-sur-Marne from 1875 - 1878.

Reference to an Achille Le Prince in the "Revue de Bretagne, de Vendee & D'Anjou" as follows:

"(1) Simon Le Prince appartenait a unue tres-honorable famille de Dieppe, qui y est oujour-d'hui encore dignement representee par son frere, M/ Armand Le Prince. Un autre de ses freres, Achille Le Prince, capitaine d'infanterie, a disparu en 1812 daus la desasireuse retraite de Moscou. (N. de la R.)"

Translated: "(1) Simon Le Prince belonged to the very honorable Dieppe family which is still worthily represented by his brother Armand Le Prince. Another of his brothers, Infantry Captain Achille Le Prince, disappeared soon after the retreat from Moscow."

Thoughts: Dieppe is modern day Normandy, France. This is from

Dieppe, ancient home of the Roy family

Dieppe (town of Normandy - France). This harbour town has direct ferry links to southern England

The old town, which can be seen from the cliff tops, has retained its mediaeval layout, even though Dieppe had to be rebuilt at the end of the XVIIth century, when a fire destroyed the town. The city's history and economy are profoundly linked to fishing and merchant shipping. Dieppe used to receive great quantities of merchandise, including spices, and above all ivory. The development of ivory carving and the prosperity of this cottage industry, even though it was not immune to external events, helped to enhance the city's reputation.

The castle Museum The flint and sandstsone fortress was rebuilt on the west cliff in the XVth century, and now houses the museum collections : seascapes, ivories carved by local craftsmen as far back as the XVIth century, paintings by Boudin, Lebourg and Pissaro, prints by Braque.

Church of Saint-Jacques Work on this church was started in 1995, on the site of a building destroyed by fire, and a number of alterations were subsequently made. The central portal, for instance, which is crowned by a fine rose window, dates from the XVth century, as does the 41-m high tower, while the apse and radial chapels were built in the XVIth century.

Church of Saint Rémi This church was built between the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, and the central bell tower dates from the XVIIIth century. lnside, visitors can admire the remarkable panelling of the choir, the organ case and the Renaissance decoration of the treasure room.

The Port The port, with its fishing fleet, is located in the heart of the town. The trawlers and river barges provide a superb palette of colours, which have been a favourite subject for amateur and professional artists alike for many decades. The port around which Dieppe's industry developed is specialised in citrus fruits bananas and timber. A ferry port handling more than a million passengers a year between Newhaven (close to Brighton) and Dieppe.

The beach The sea front is set slightly back from the shore itself, providing space for a vast expanse of lawns and play areas nearly 2 km long.

The "Cité de la Mer" will unveil the world of the sea for you in all its aspects : fish, fishing, the coast...

Leisure activities : Casino, 18-hole golf course,tennis courts, racecourse, seawater therapy centre, wind surfing, etc..

In the surrounding area The chateau de Miromesnil (Tourville-sur-Arques (8 km from Dieppe). Guy de Maupassant's official birthplace, this XVIth century chateau belonged to the Chancellor, Hue de Miromesnil, in the XVIIIth century. Its fine stands of trees, its chapel, its kitchen garden with flower-beds and its facade are all worth noting. The interiors contain mementos of the Marquis de Miromesnil and Guy de Maupassant.

Comité Régional de Tourisme de Normandie : (Official Normandy Tourist Board) 14, rue Charles Corbeau - F27000 Evreux - France Tel. : 33 (0)2 32 33 79 00 - Fax : 33 (0)2 32 31 19 04 - Email :

Bastia (French & Corsican: Bastia), is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France on the island of Corsica. It is the capital of the department. Bastia is also an important Corsican port and is famous for its wines. Situated in the northeast of Corsica, at the base of Cap Corse, Bastia is the principal port of the island and its principal commercial town. The average annual temperature is about 15.3 °C, and there are usually five days of freezing weather per year. The wind in Bastia is frequent and violent, and the annual rainfall is copious (more than 700 mm). However, there are about 340 days of sunshine per year. Before the occupation of Corsica by the Genoese, Cardo was a large city. Around the city were little villages where the fishermen of Cardo lived. This little port was called Porto Cardo, which means "the port of Cardo." The Genoese felt the need for shelter from the sea storms and began to construct, in the time of governor Leonello Lomellini, in 1380, a bastiglia, also known as a stronghold or citadel. With time, the bastiglia (Bastia) became more prosperous and important than Cardo. Bastia was the capital of Corsica until 1791.

The following information was provided by Don Burbige, a local historian with the Masons:

In the book:

“Brief History of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church,” is the following;

By: Agatha Aimar Simmons

Dated: 1961

Vestrymen: January 1, 1837, A. LePrince

January 6, 1839, A. LePrince
January 3, 1841. A. LePrince
January 9, 1842, A. LePrince

List of Pew Holders September 30, 1841: A. L. Prince No. 43 $7.50

  1. The birthdate of Achille is extrapolated from his age listed in the reference to his application for naturalization with the Federal government.

    A federal record of his naturalization lists his birthplace as Bastia on the Island of Corsica off the coast of Southern France. His loose biography contained in the "Supreme Council 33rd Degree Part 1 Or Mother Council of the World of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, United States of America Vol. 1) pp 34, 159, 179, 180, 186, 250, 283, 357 list his birthplace as Montpelier which is a port on the Southern Coast of France and likely the departure and arrival point for travel to and from Corsica from the french mainland.
  2. Buried in St. Mary's Church Cemetery on Hasell Street in Charleston, SC. His will, dated 1862 was probated in February 1864 so his death date, absent a record, is estimated.

    History on St. Mary's:
    St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, which is formally called St. Mary of Annunciation Roman Catholic Church, is the first Roman Catholic church in the Carolinas and Georgia. The current building at 93 Hasell St. in Charleston, South Carolina, is the third structure to house the congregation on this site.

    The property and an old building was purchased in 1789. It was incorporated as the Roman Catholic Church of Charleston by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1791. The first structure was replaced by a brick church that burned in the Charleston fire in 1838.

    The church was rebuilt quickly and reopened on June 9, 1839. It is a rectangular building, 84 ft (25.6 m) by 50 ft (15.2 m). It was built of brick with a stucco covering. The are four Doric columns that support a large entablature. The parapet wall at the top of the church was probably constructed around 1896. There are stained glass windows imported from Munich.

    The nave has a central aisle and two large rows of pews. There are smaller aisles along the sides. Above the altar, there is a painting of the Cruxification painted by John S. Cogdell. The artist donated this painting to replace an earlier painting he had done in 1814, which was destroyed in the fire.

    The church graveyard is on each side and to the rear of the church.

    The St. Mary's Church is on the National Register of Historic Places, No. 76001697. The South Carolina Department of Archives and History has additional pictures and information.[1] and copies of the nomination forms.[2]

    There are additional pictures and information available from the Historic American Building Survey at the Library of Congress.[3]
  3. For a Slave named Rinah from Brown, Pollard to LePrince and Dumont
  4. Bill of Sale for Slaves named Rose Sterret, Severine and her Mulatto son, Sophie (32 yrs old) and a slave named Charles. Purchased from Margaret Helen and Dominique Devisque to A. Le Prince and Dumont.
  5. Bill of Sale for Slaves named Rose Sterret, Severine and her Mulatto son, Sophie (32 yrs old) and a slave named Charles back to Dominique Devesque(sic.).
  6. Lists record as being in Volume 9, pg 175 and has his first name as Marie
  7. Sale of a Slave named Chevrine, about 36 yrs. old from Dominique Devesque.
  8. Naturalization record has his age listed as 41 years old as of this date. Lists his occupation as Merchant.
  9. A Mulatto Slave named Laure, about 20 yrs. old, and her daughter Cinto, 20 months old. Anne Ravina to Achille Le Prince.
  10. to Dr. Vincent Leseigneur for a Mulatto slave names Laure, about 25 years old, and her children Mary or Conta about 16 yrs old and Rose, about 4 years old.
  11. This census did not include names of anyone other than the head of household, just the numbers in certain ages. Listed in the household is 1 male child between 5 and 10 yrs. old, 2 male children between 15 and 20 yrs. old, 1 female child between 10 and 15 years old, 1 female child between 15 and 20 years old, 1 woman between 30 and 40 yrs. old, (presumably his wife), and 1 woman between 70 and 80 years. old, perhaps his Mother, or Mother-in-Law. There are no free colored persons listed in the household in 1840 and slaves were not counted.
  12. A. Le Prince, No. 43, $7.50
  13. "Achille Eugene LePrince was elected an active member of this Supreme Council in 1848. He was born in Montpelier, France. He was Junior Warden of l'Etoile Renaissant No. 3 - Charleston's oldest French Lodge, and that was the year 1817. In 1829 he was Senior Warden of LaCandeur Lodge No. 36."
  14. Lists his age as 65 with his occupation being a Bookkeeper.

    Living in a Boarding House. Also some indication that he was married within the year, but his wife is not listed and by 1850 they were listing everyone in the household.
  15. Chapman, Samuel to H.L.P. McCormick and Achille E. LePrince, Bill of Sale for Carolina Grist Mill on Tradd Street.
  16. He makes no mention of a wife, so it is assumed that she pre-deceased him.

    He lists in his will the following: "There is an indemnity of St. Domingo in the name of the late Mrs. F. Thibeau my Mother in law - A power of attorney signed by her four grand children in my favor was sent to Mr. L. Vilmot Notary "Place de la Rourse No. 8 at Paris, who is authorized to send the payments that the French Government makes or ought to make each year."