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Mary (Able) Tedrick
b.abt 1673
  • HAndreas Abelabt 1690 - 1751
  • WMary (Able) Tedrickabt 1673 - 1771
  1. Matthias Abelabt 1715 - abt 1783
  2. Andrew Aubelabt 1717 - 1782
  3. Michel Abelabt 1719 - 1791
  4. Paul Abel
  • H.  Tedrick (add)
  • WMary (Able) Tedrickabt 1673 - 1771
m. after 1751
Facts and Events
Name Mary (Able) Tedrick
Alt Name Maria Diederich
Alt Name Maria Tiedrich
Alt Name Maria Tidrick
Gender Female
Birth? abt 1673
Marriage after 1751 to Tedrick (add)
Will? 10 January 1771
Death[2] 12 Mar 1771 Roxbury, Morris, New Jersey, United StatesHer age was 98 years and some months

Her Will

On January 10, 1771, Mary Tedrick of Roxburry township, Morris County, made out a will as follows: "To eldest son, Matthias Auble, 20 shillings. To son, Paul Auble, 10 pounds. Sons Michael Auble and Andreas Auble, 60 acres of land where I live. To Samuel Drake's wife, my best cow and the bell she has on, with a strap, for attending me while sick, and I give Samuel four bushels of wheat and three of buckwheat for the favor he has done me. Son, Michael Auble's daughters, Caty and Eve, each a pewter basin. The rest of my estate I give to my grandchildren." Mary (Able) Tedrick died in April, 1771. S1

  1.   Honeyman, A. Van Doren, and William Nelson. Calendar of New Jersey wills. (New Jersey, 1900-1931).
  2. Zion Lutheran Church <New Jersey> Records 1771-1801
    Abel, Widow 12 Mar 1771 Zion's Churchyard Funeral text Ecclesiasties XII verse 7. Her age was 98 years and some months [the "Widow Abel" who died 1771 is linked to Andreas Abel because he would have been the only Abel in Roxbury at that time to be her husband. Further research may prove this false. user:cthrnvl ]
  3.   She married (2) after 1751 (Andreas' death) ? DIEDERICH, TIEDRICH, TEDRICK, or TIDRICK (unsourced note). [This note is based on the fact that a woman named Mary Tedrick mentions "eldest son Matthias Auble" in her will and sons Paul, Michael and Andreas - this group of sons only match one person living in Roxbury at that time - the wife of Andreas Abel. user:cthrnvl ]