Person:Lydia Lincoln (1)

Lydia Lincoln
b.Est 1682
d.Aft 21 Aug 1734
m. Abt 1682
  1. Lydia LincolnEst 1682 - Aft 1734
m. 11 Aug 1702
Facts and Events
Name[1] Lydia Lincoln
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est 1682 Estimate based on date of marriage.
Marriage 11 Aug 1702 New London, New London, Connecticut, United Statesto William Chapman
Baptism? 2 Jul 1710 by Eliphalet Adams at First Church, New London
Death[1] Aft 21 Aug 1734 Named executrix in husband's will of that date.

Some researchers say Samuel Lincoln (born May 16, 1658 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass, died 1704) was her father. Sarah Royce (born October 1665 in New London, Conn to Jonathan and Deborah (Caulkins) Royce, died November 03, 1688 in Norwich) was her mother.

From First Church of Christ, New London baptismal records

1710 Jul 2 Lydia Chapman, the wife of William Chapman was baptized, Lydia; and her children, Solomon, Ruth, Lydia, Sarah 1711 Jul 1 William Chapman's child, Phebe

Children of William Chapman and Lydia Lincoln are

i. Ruth Chapman, born Abt. 1704 in Groton, New London, Conn. She married David Minard July 1721. ii. Solomon Chapman, born 1706 in Groton, New London, Conn. iii. Lydia Chapman, born Abt. 1708 in Groton, New London, Conn. iv. Sarah Chapman, born Abt. 1710 in Groton, New London, Conn. v. Phebe Chapman, born July 01, 1711 in Groton, New London, Conn. vi. Clary Chapman, born Abt. 1713 in Groton, New London, Conn. vii. Prudence Chapman, born Abt. 1715 in Groton, New London, Conn. viii. Olive Chapman, born Abt. 1717 in Groton, New London, Conn. ix. Lydia Chapman, born Abt. 1718 in Groton, New London, Conn. She married Ephraim Wells February 02, 1725/26.

"For some time, researchers of the William Chapman line have sought further information about his second wife, Lydia Lincoln. I believe she was the daughter of Samuel(3) Lincoln (Thomas(2), Thomas(1)) and Sarah(3) Royce (Jonathan(2), Robert(1)). Sarah, one of ten children, was born October 1665 to Jonathan and Deborah (Calkins) Royce (Norwich, Connecticut, Vital Records, 1:33). Samuel Lincoln was born at Taunton, Massachusetts, 16 March 1658 (Vital Records of Taunton, Massachusetts … 2 Vols. [Boston, 1929] 1:269). The County Court Records of New London, Connecticut, for September 1682 states 'Samuel Linkhorns of Taunton and Sarah Roice of Norwich being legally convicted of fornication before marriage, the court has adjudged them to pay a fine to the County Treasury, the sum of five pounds. Capt. James Fitch of the County in behalf of the above named, for the payment of their fine' (6:34). The Norwich Land Records (1:132) record eighteen acres of pasture land belonging to Samuel Lincoln of Windham, Connecticut, more or less at Yantick butting south on land of Hugh Calkin, west on Thomas Post and Hugh Calkin, north and east on commons. Part of it was his father-in-law Royce's pasture lot and part a grant from the town, this parcel delivered to him as part of his mother-in-law Royce as appears upon the record entered 21 January 1694/5.

As further evidence of the parentage of Lydia: in the distribution of the estate of Jonathan Royce, 22 September 1690, 'Samuel Linkon' received five pounds. Again the Norwich Deeds (3B:443) show that William Chapman was one of those mentioned in David Royce's estate as one of the heirs. He joins others in a deed dated 5 March 1712/3 to Samuel Gager of Norwich.

Lydia is mentioned in the distribution of her grandfather Thomas Lincoln of Taunton, 1694, in which he distributes his property to his surviving children: to Thomas, his son, he gave '5 parcels of land which he may sell if needed for his maintenance provided that Thomas cause to be payable to Lidiah, daughter of Thomas Senior's son, Samuel, 50 shillings when she shall arrive at the age of 18 years' (Bristol County Deeds, 2:260). The same provision is requested for 'Lidiah' in the deed of land to Jonah Lincoln, son of Thomas, Sr.

Sarah Royce Lincoln must have died soon after the birth of Lydia and before 2 June 1692, when Samuel Lincoln married Elizabeth Jacobs (Windham Vital Records A-24). Seven children were born to them: Samuel, Thomas, Marcy, Elizabeth, Jonah, Jacob and Nathaniel. When Elizabeth (Jacobs) died around 1727, Samuel married in 1729 Experience (-----) Lanphere, widow of Shadrack Lanphere who died 29 January 1728 (Register, 14[1860]: 167). Experience and her son Joseph were administers of his estate. On 23 February 1732 Samuel Lincoln and Experience his wife, 'for love to our children, Oliver, Ann, Prudence, Experience, and Mary Lanphere of Westerly and Solomon and John of Norwich, and Hezekiah of Lebanon, Connecticut, deeded to said eight children, 48 acres in Westerly which former husband, Shadrach Lanphere, had possessed' (John O. Austin, Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island [Albany, 1887], 119).

On 9 May 1732 Samuel Lincoln made his will which was exhibited at the Court of Probate held at Windham, 3 March 1737/8. Portions of it read:

Imprimas: I having already given to my daughter Lydia Chapman sundry things out of my estate, I now give her five shillings in or as money out of my estate as her portion.
Item: I having formerly given to my son Samuel Linkon and Jacob Linkon and Jonah Linkon sundry tracts of land as may appear by their deeds of gift from me, I now give and bequeath to them, two shillings as their portion in full.
Item: I having formerly given to my son Thomas Linkon three parcels of land, I now make and ordain him my executor of this my will and I now give to him one half of all my goods and chatles as his portion.
Item: I give to my daughter Mary Martin and Elizabeth Linkon all the rest and residue of my goods and chatles after my debts, and ten pounds to Experience my beloved wife by an agreement before marriage.
Samuel Linkon

Witnesses: Samuel Webb, Jr. Richard Abbe Mary (her mark) Abbe

William Chapman's first wife, Hannah Lester, whom he had married 27 March 1690, died in 1701. He married second, 11 August 1702, Lydia Lincoln. His will was dated 21 August 1734 and Lydia is named executrix.[1]

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