Person:Lillis Ballou (2)

Lillis Ballou
d.22 Dec 1897 Provo, Utah, Utah
m. Abt 1798
  1. Philander Ballou1800 -
  2. Danford Green Ballou1802 - 1875
  3. Lillis Ballou1805 - 1897
  4. Eliza Minerva Ballou1808 -
  5. Lorancy Ballou1810 - 1885
  6. Miranda Ballou1812 -
  7. Almira Ballou1814 -
  8. Thomas Donaldson Ballou1817 - 1850
m. 1 Jan 1831
  1. Danielson Buren Barney1832 - 1922
  2. Olney Ammon Barney1833 - 1834
  3. Alice Malena Barney1836 - 1916
  4. Eliza Arabella (Arribell) Barney1837 - 1906
  5. Alcina Celinda (Sarah) Barney1840 - 1874
  6. Edson Alroy Barney1843 - 1845
  7. Joseph Seth Barney1845 - 1939
Facts and Events
Name Lillis Ballou
Gender Female
Birth? 20 Apr 1805 Litchfield, Herkimer, New York
Marriage 1 Jan 1831 Amherst, Lorain, Ohioto Edson Barney
Death? 22 Dec 1897 Provo, Utah, Utah
Burial? Dec 1897 Provo City Cemetery, Utah, Utah
Other? Notes

!BIRTH-MAR-DEATH: History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America; by Adin

                Ballou, p. 666.
                TIB index cards.
                Tombstones in Provo Cemetery.
                Church Chronology; by Andrew Jensen, p. 216.
                American Compendium; Vol 7; p. 891.

ANCESTRAL FILE: #1D1H-M9. SOURCE: Susan Black Files - Endowed 28 Jan 1846 - Nauvoo (This is later than the date I have for her.) BIO: She was a member of the Nauvoo 2nd Ward. DEATH: Note we had 1892 for the year of death originally. Source - Andrew Jensen - Chruch Chronology, December 22, 1897 (Wednesday) - Sister Lillis B. Barney, relict of Edwin Barney, died at Provo, Utah Co. She had been a member of the Church since May 18, 1831. (That date of baptism is different than we have.) BIO: From Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, Vol. 1, page 167. Lillis Ballou Comstock Barney - Lillis Ballou was born in 1805, in Litchfield, herkimer, New York. She married Fitch Comstock, May 1, 1823, and they had two daughters. Lillis lost her husband and second daughter within a month of each other in 1827.

    Four years later she married Edson Barney in Amherst, Lorain, Ohio.  They were baptized in 1831, and were very active in the Church.  Lillis supported her husband and cared for the children as he was called  to serve on missions.  They helped to build the Kirtland Temple.
    In 1850, they had obtained the necessary things to cross the Plains.  Edson was made Captain over ten in the Captain Stephens Company of 50.  They arrived in the Valley October 13, 1850.
    Edson went on several exploring missions, and then they were called to help settle the St. George area.  Later she lived with her married daughters in Provo, then returned to St. George where they built a small home on the road to Pine Valley.  In 1893, they returned to Provo where Lillis died at the age of 92.

SOURCE: An Elaborate History of the Ballous in America, p. 666: Lillis Ballou... m. 1st Fitch Comstock, son of George and Mercy (Allen) Comstock, b. in New London, Ct., 1803; cer. in Independence, Cuyahoga Co., O., May 1, 1823.... Mr. Fitch Comstock was a respectable farmer in Independence, O., and d. there Nov. 4. 1827, in early manhood. a. only about 24 years. Mrs. Lillis m. 2nd Edson Barney... Mrs. Lillis and her 2nd husband are both loyal devotees of the Mormon Church, wherein they hold respectable rank, and are waiting in the ripeness of old age fr their translation into immortal blessedness promised to all faithful Latter Day Saints. Mr. Barney's occupation has been that of a millwright and carpenter. Their principal places of residence since marriage have been Kirtland, O., Nauvoo, Ill., and various localities in Utah Ter. They were last reported as abiding in St. George, Utah. The surviving children of this 2nd marriage are all presumed to belong to the Mormon denomination; but we are too imperfectly informed of their family records to attempt giving details. The eldest and only surviving dr. of Mrs. Lillis by her 1st husband, Mrs. Minerva Ann (Comstock) McClure, has no affinity with Mormonism, and has several married children. We have written to her, and hope foer definite information concerning her family. If we obtain it, we shall insert the particulars in our next series of generations. Otherwise this descent closes here.