Person:Edson Barney (2)

Edson Barney
d.2 Feb 1905 Provo, Utah, Utah
m. 13 Dec 1802
  1. Philania (Philena) Barney1804 - Aft 1880
  2. Edson Barney1806 - 1905
  3. Royal Barney1808 - 1890
  4. Oremel (Oremall) Barney1812 - 1887
  5. Schuyler Barney1821 - Abt 1899
m. 1 Jan 1831
  1. Danielson Buren Barney1832 - 1922
  2. Olney Ammon Barney1833 - 1834
  3. Alice Malena Barney1836 - 1916
  4. Eliza Arabella (Arribell) Barney1837 - 1906
  5. Alcina Celinda (Sarah) Barney1840 - 1874
  6. Edson Alroy Barney1843 - 1845
  7. Joseph Seth Barney1845 - 1939
Facts and Events
Name Edson Barney
Gender Male
Birth? 30 Jun 1806 Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York, United States
Alt Birth[1] 30 Jun 1806 Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York, United States
Marriage 1 Jan 1831 Amherst, Lorain, Ohioto Lillis Ballou
Death? 2 Feb 1905 Provo, Utah, Utah
Burial? 4 Feb 1905 Provo, Utah, Utah
Alt Death[2] 2 Feb 1905/06 Provo, Utah, Utah, United States
Alt Burial? 5 Feb 1905/06 Annabella, Sevier, Utah, United States
Ancestral File Number 1D1H-L4
Other? Notes

!BIRTH-MAR-DEATH: History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America; by Adin

                Ballou, p. 666.
                TIB index cards.
                Tombstones in Provo Cemetery.
                Church Chronology; by Andrew Jensen, p. 216.
                American Compendium; Vol 7; p. 891.

!NOTES: From Ancestry World Tree submission by Val Dalton Dunn. This man is listed three times in the History of the Church. He was a member of Zion's Camp and a member of the first Quorum of Seventy in Kirtland.1880 census in St. George, carpenter AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF EDSON BARNEY Source: Seventies Record, 2nd Quorum, Biographical Sketches, LDS Church Archives, Pg. 1. Grammar has been standardized.I [Edson Barney] was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson [County], New York, on the 30 of June 1806, the son of Royal and Rachel Barney, who was the son of John and Ruth Barney, and Rachel was the daughter of James and Thankful Barney, who sprang from one of two brothers who came over from England in the time of the Revolutionary War, who are the progenitors of all that name in the United States as far as information can be had. My father moved to Lorain County, Ohio, in 1826 where he ...lives. I was married to Lillis Ballou, the daughter of Seth and Sophia, on 1 August 1831.When I embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ, April 1831, I was baptized by Simeon D. Carter and ordained a teacher by Joel Johnson and soon after a priest by him. The 1 May 1834 I started by command to go to Missouri and the second day I lodged in company with Joseph Smith and about 150 others. I was then put under the command of Orson Hyde. We pressed on our journey until we got to the Mississippi River. When Captain Hyde called us around him and prayed and said we should live to cross back again on this side of the river and not one should be lost out of the company, we crossed the river and went on our journey. And Brother Joseph would often say, Brother Hyde your company shall be blest.He called us together en masse and said in consequence of their murmuring the camp should be scourged and that they should die as rotten shap [sheep?]. We arrived in Clay County , Missouri, and the Prophet said we should not go into Jackson County at this time. We should stay on hand for our faith was tried like Abraham of old. Immediatelv, the cholera broke out in the camp and began to slay our brethren on the right hand and the left, so literally was fulfilled the prophecy of Joseph. Not a murmur dare move his tongue. Our camp immediately broke up and we were to tarry a short time with the brethren who were living there as pilgrims waiting for the redemption of Zion, and in a few days the time had arrived that the plague should be staid. Not a single person throughout camp should fall a victim to its ravages from that day, and all that had families might return to them. I received a regular discharge from Lyman Wight, who was our commanding general.The next day I started for home and had a quick and a prosperous journey home. The next spring I was appointed a member of the 1st Quorum of Seventies and was ordained under the hands of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey. Joseph indicated on my head that I should carry the gospel to many nations, tongues, and people and work a mighty work gathering together the dispersed of Israel from the corners of the earth, and should live until I was 87 years old and a multiplicity of blessings which I shall not mention here.I shortly moved to Kirtland and in July of the same year, went on a mission with John D. Parker. We preached several times in Ohio, Pennsylvania, up the Allegheny River in [New] York State on the Indian reservation. I preached to an old Indian and told him who his progenitors were and the Book of Mormon was the means to bring them back to their former possessions. He seemed to rejoice and replied he believed it, but he thought it would not come in his day. I fell in company with Jared Carter and traveled with him and gathered property for the (Kirtland] temple. I returned after being absent several weeks and went to work on the temple at carpenter and joiner work, which occupation I have followed for a livelihood most of my time since.I left Kirtland for Far West 1 February 1838 but circumstances rendered it impossible to reach that place before the brethren were driven. I tarried in Michigan one year and a half before I could ascertain the facts where the Church had made a settlement. After that time I made the necessary preparations to go to Nauvoo. During my pilgrimage in that place I embraced every opportunity to preach by concept and example the unreachable riches of the gospel of Jesus Christ as held forth by the Latter-day Saints. I at first received much persecution in that place in consequence of the priestly(?] reports in circulation. I soon became acquainted and investigated the matter with them and most of them became my best friends until about two days before I was ready to start for Nauvoo. I went to camp meeting calculating to give my last testimony in public and private. But to my astonishment I was seized by the sheriff and his deputies and put into a wagon and taken off about six miles and put into jail and kept twenty-four hours for the pretended crime of being accessory in carrying off a girl to take her to Nauvoo to make her a common stock for the Mormons. I was published on the stand at the camp meeting. Measures were taken to search the country through. But alas! she was found ten miles from home to work at a tavern;" They were little ashamed when she testified.that she never had received any inducement from any Mormon to leave her home, but it was for the inhuman beating she had received from her father from time to time. During my time in jail I was visited by a great many people and I preached the gospel to them. Many of them would swear I should come out by a writ of habeas corpus. Others would say that if I was not out of the jail by the next day the jail would be tom down.I was taken out by the sheriff, discharged by their great authority, and started for Nauvoo the very day that I intended, and arrived in Nauvoo July 1841, where I joined the Nauvoo Legion where I obtained a commission of 1st Lieutenant and remained until the Legion was disbanded. At the April Conference 1844 I was appointed to take a mission to Ohio to preach the gospel and to set forth the views of Joseph Smith and to circulate them as I traveled. I went by land to Chicago and preached twice in Illinois. I preached where I lived in Michigan, pursued my journey by rail and by steam boats and arrived at my old homestead in Ambrosie, Lorain County , Ohio, where I preached several times and held two debates. I attended conference in Kirtland in June and received an appointment by Lorenzo Snow and Lester Brooks to preside over the 21st electorial district. I attended to conferences in that district and made all necessary preparations for the Presidential election when the news came of the death of President Joseph and Hyrum Smith. I there received orders to return home. I came home by the river and found the former scenes changed in Nauvoo--no sound of the voice of the Prophet which so often had saluted mine ears, but the sound of Rigdon' s and Emmet's could be heard pretending great powers and privileges until their places were richly and satisfactorily supplied by the Twelve, Brigham Young at their head.At the October Conference the Seventies were reorganized. I was appointed one of the presidents of he 2nd Quorum. I have the utmost confidence in the present organization of the Church an my motto it to go ahead in all thing lawful, come life or death.Recorded by B.W. Elliott, Sep 1875 ANCESTRAL FILE: #1D1H-L4. BIOGRAPHY: Mr. Barney's occupation has been that of a millwright and carpenter. Their principal places of residence since marriage have been Kirtland, Ohio, Nauvoo, Illinois, and various localities in Utah.

    The surviving children of this 2nd marriage are all presumed to belong to

the Mormon denomination. The only surviving child of the 1st marriage Mrs. Minerva Ann (Comstock) McClure, has no affinity with Mormonism and has several married children. He was a school teacher and was 6 feet tall. ORDINATIONS: Teacher 1831

             Priest by Peter Whitmer 1832
             70 by Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry - no date (June 1835 - Susan Black papers)
             Endowed at Kirtland Temple 10 Jan 1835 (Nauvoo - 17 Dec 1845 - Susan Black papers)
             Mission to Eastern states 1835
             Migrated from NY to Provo Aug 1951

BIO: Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, volume 1 Name: Edson Barney Birth Date: 30 Jun 1806 Birth Place: Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York Parents: Royal and Rachel Marsh Barney Death Date: 05 Feb 1905 Death Place: Provo, Utah Arrival: 4 Jul 1850, Capt Edward Hunter's Co. Spouse: Lillis Ballou Comstock Marriage Date: 01 Jan 1831 Marriage Place: Amherst, Lorain, Ohio Spouse's Parents: Seth and Sophia Ballou Spouse's Birth Date: 20 Apr 1805 Spouse's Birth Place: Litchfield, Herkimer, New York Spouse's Death Date: 22 Dec 1892 Spouse's Death Place: Provo, Utah (widow) Married 2nd: Louisa Walker Date: 10 May 1847 , Little Pigeon, Ohio Born: 14 Jul 1822 , Ohio Died: 15 Apr 1888 , Annabella, Sevier, Utah Edson Barney worked at farming with his father in the summer until 1831 , when he married Lillis. Shortly after on 10 May 1831 , he and his family joined the Church. He worked in a saw mill and as a stone cutter. He went to Missouri with the Prophet to redeem the land, and returned home in time to see his young son, Olney , die. He was called on a mission to Ohio , Pennsylvania , and New York , and returned home in the fall. He did carpenter work on the temple and helped build a carpenter shop for the church. During the winter he studied the Hebrew language. While starting to move to Nauvoo , he was arrested and put in jail. After bearing his testimony to some who had come to talk to him, he was released and proceeded to Nauvoo with his family. He joined the Nauvoo Legion and was made Captain. In 1844 , he was called on a mission to Ohio where he labored until the death of the Prophet. They moved to Iowa for a year and then left in 1848 for Council Bluffs . He and his family stayed in the area for over a year working. They finally were able to leave for the Valley in the Orson Hyde Company. They arrived in August 1852 . He helped build several saw mills in Salt Lake and Provo . In the spring of 1856 he was again called on a mission to, Las Vegas , to help with some construction. After his return home, he farmed, was a member of the City Council, Captain of the Silver Greys, and served for a time as Justice of the Peace in Provo . In 1858 he was called on an exploring mission to Las Vegas area and south of Provo , which he directed. He was in charge of several other men. He moved his family south to St. George . In 1905 , Edson Barney was believed to be the oldest man in the state and oldest in church membership. He was 98 when he died. Children of 1st wife: Danielson Buren , b. 14 Sep 1831 , Amherst, Lorain, Ohio . Md. 1st, 23 Apr 1857 , Laura Matthews . Md. 2nd, 6 Jan 1885 , Sophia Arkansas Hulsey . D. 12 Jan 1922 , Thatcher, Graham, Arizona . Olney Ammon , b. 19 Mar 1833 , Amherst, Ohio . D. 12 Aug 1834 . Child. Alice Malena , b. 25 May 1835 , Kirtland, Lake, Ohio . Md. 11 Dec 1853 , Alexander Wilkins . D. 13 Nov 1916 , Provo, Utah . Eliza Arabell , b. 10 Dec 1837 , Ruthland, Lake, Ohio . Md. 7 Feb 1857 , D. 9 May 1906 , Coalville, Utah . Alice Celinda , b. 14 Aug 1839 , St. Joseph, Berrien, Missouri . Md. Horace Kenewell or Nevil . D. 7 Nov 1874 . Edson Alroy , b. 4 Apr 1843 , Nauvoo, Illinois . Md. Jul 1865 , Sarah Ann Smith . D. Jul 1865 . Joseph Seth , b. 16 Aug 1845 , Nauvoo, Illinois . Md. 14 Nov 1883 , Lucy Ellen Heaps . D. 26 Dec 1939 , Escalante, Utah . Children of 2nd wife: Lucy Matilda , b. 10 Mar 1848 , Winter Quarters, Nebraska . D. 10 Dec 1848 . Child. Partha Ann , b. 17 Jun 1850 , Pottawattamie, Iowa . Md. 9 Oct 1866 , Isaac Hunt . D. 8 Apr 1928 , St. George, Utah . Lillis Louisa , b. 29 Sep 1852 , Provo, Utah . Md. 30 Jan 1871 , Elisha Burns Keyes . D. 3 Aug 1917 , Annabella, Utah . Royal Hyrum , b. 12 Aug 1854 , Provo, Utah . Md. 15/17 Apr 1878 , Martha Sophia Jacobsen . D. 5 Jun 1925 , Annabella, Utah . James Alexander , b. 26 Aug 1856 , D. 16 Oct 1859 . Child. Rachel Marsh , b. 29 Aug 1857 , Provo, Utah . D. 25 Sep 1857 . Child. Martha Rosetta , b. 2 Nov 1859 , Provo, Utah . Md. 2 Dec 1875 , John Eugene Davis or Willia . D. 15 Nov 1932 , Annabella, Utah . Emma Jane , b. 9 Aug 1859 , Provo, Utah . D. 24 Sep 1867 . Ellen Urselena , b. 26 Jul 1862 , Parowan, Utah . Md. 1st, 2 Jul 1879 , Edwin Thore Thurston . Md. 2nd, 29 Sep 1938 , Thomas H. Wilson . D. 14 Nov 1951 , Holladay, Utah . Donna Bird

  1. 3 Alice Malina end re-conf 30 apr 1938 and re-bapt 26 mar 1938.

SOURCE: Susan Black File - Baptism - May 1831 in Amherst, Lorrain, OH by Simeon Carter. Priest - 1833 Seventy - Jun 1835 by Joseph Smith Places of Residence: 1835 - 1837 - Kirtland, Geauga, OH; 1842 - 1845 - Hauvoo, Hancock, IL; 1848 - Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA; 1852 - Provo, Ut. Occupation: Carpenter, Millwright, School Teacher, Justice of the Peace. Bio: Edson was a member of the Nauvoo 2nd ward. He served a mission in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York in 1844. He was a member of the Zion's camp. He worked as a carpenter on the Kirtland Temple. He was a captain in the Nauvoo Legion. He served on the Provo City Council. he was also a justice of the peace. Edson was a member of the 1st Quorum of Seventy in 1835 in Kirtland. He served a mission in 1861 to St. George, Utah. Edson first saw the prophet Joseph Smith at a conference held in January 1832. Edson came west to the valley in 1852. Edson was a stockholder in the Kirtland Safety Company. SOURCE: The descendants of Jacob Barney from 1634 to 1800. A reprint from the files of the Boston Transcript, 1925. This is on the web at p



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