Person:Letitia Preston (1)

Letitia Preston
b.1728/9 Ireland
m. 1724
  1. Margaret Preston1728 - 1802
  2. Letitia Preston1728/9 - 1797
  3. Col. William Preston1729 - 1783
  4. Ann Preston1739 - 1813
  5. Mary Preston1740 - 1814
  6. James Preston1741 -
m. 10 Jul 1758
  1. William Breckenridge1759 -
  2. John Breckenridge1760 - 1806
  3. Gen. James Breckenridge1763 - 1833
  4. Jane Breckenridgeabt 1765 - abt 1770
  5. Elizabeth Breckinridgeabt 1766 -
  6. Preston Breckenridge1770 - 1819
Facts and Events
Name[1] Letitia Preston
Married Name[1] Mrs. Letitia Preston Breckinridge
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 1728/9 Ireland[pos Londonderry - needs proof]
Marriage 10 Jul 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Col. Robert Breckenridge
Residence[1] 1759 Augusta, Virginia, United States
Residence[1] May 1793 Fayette, Kentucky, United States
Death[1] Mar 1797 Fayette, Kentucky, United States
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    3. Letitia PRESTON (John1) was born in 1729 in Ireland. She married Col. Robert Breckinridge on July 10, 1758 in Augusta Co., VA. She died in March, 1797.
    Letitia moved from Botetourt Co., VA to Fayette Co., KY in May 1793 with all the children except James.
    Col. Robert BRECKINRIDGE was born in 1720 in Ayshire, Scotland. He married Mary Poague circa 1740. He died in 1772 in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Va.
    Robert Breckinridge is named in a certificate of importation on May 22, 1740 that was granted to his father by the Orange County Court which also stated that the family came from Ireland to Philadelphia, PA and then to VA. He became Sheriff of Augusta Co., VA on November 21, 1753. Robert began military service in 1756 in Augusta Co., VA and was the captain of a company of Rangers which was incorporated with a detachment of the 1st VA Regiment for an expedition under Col. Andrew Lewis against the Shawnee Indians.
    Children of Letitia Preston and Col. Robert Breckinridge were as follows:
    19. i. William BRECKINRIDGE, born May 2, 1759; married Mary Gilham.
    + 20. ii. John BRECKINRIDGE, born December 2, 1760 in Staunton, VA; married Mary Hopkins Cabell.
    + 21. iii. James BRECKINRIDGE, born March 7, 1763 in Botetourt County, VA; married Ann Selden.
    22. iv. Jane BRECKINRIDGE was born circa 1765. She died young.
    23. v. Elizabeth BRECKINRIDGE, born circa 1766; married Samuel Meredith.
    24. vi. Preston BRECKINRIDGE, born March 17, 1770; married Elizabeth Trigg.

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    Letitia Preston 1728-1798
    Smithfield Prestons

    Letitia Preston, first daughter of John Preston and Elizabeth Patton, was born in Londonderry Ireland. One account says about 1725 and another says 1728. She married Col. Robert Breckenridge and after his death she removed with his family to Kentucky where their descendants still reside. I do not know who Robert Breckenridge's parents were, but I do know that a Alexander Breckenridge (Breckinridge ?) and his wife Jane Preston Breckenridge came to this country on the same boat as the Pattons and Prestons. The Jane Preston, wife of Alexander Breckenridge, was the sister of John Preston. I presume the John Preston (1699-1747) that married Elizabeth Patton.

    Col. Robert Breckenridge had been married previously and had two sons, Robert and Alexander. Letitia Preston and Robert Breckenridge had four sons and one or two daughters ?

    William Breckenridge b.abt 1750 resided in Fayette County, Kentucky, married a Miss. Gilman and they had six children.
    Robert H. Breckenridge b.abt 1775 m. Elizabeth Pollard.
    John B. Breckenridge b.abt 1777 was a merchant in Staunton, Virginia and left several children.
    Elizabeth Breckenridge b. abt 1779 m. Andrew Calvin and left several children.
    Samuel M. Breckenridge b.abt 1783 was and officer in the United States Navy.
    John Breckenridge b. abt.1752, was a lawyer and statesman of high standing. A Senator in congress and Attorney-General of the U.S. in the Cabinet of President Jefferson. He married Miss Mary Hopkins Cabell, of a noted Virginia family. John died in 1806 leaving seven children.
    Letitia Breckenridge, their eldest child, married twice. Her first husband was Alfred Grayson, who left one son:
    John B. Grayson who was an officer in the U. S. Army and afterwards a general officer in the Confederate Service. John married Miss. L. Searle, of New Orleans, and left a son, John B. Grayson Jr. who was also an officer in the Confederate Service and was afterwards a planter near Gainesville, Alabama.
    Letitia Breckenridge married secondly Major General B. Porter, of Niagara Falls, also Irish, who was offered by President Madison, and declined, the office of General-in-Chief of the United States Army. He was Secretary of War in the Cabinet of John Quincy Adams. He distinguished himself at Chippewa and Lundy's Lane for which he received a gold medal from Congress. They had several children.
    Peter A. Porter married his cousin, Mary Cabell Breckenridge, daughter of Rev. John Breckenridge, a professor of Princeton college, and grand-daughter of Rev. Doctor Miller Porter, US Senator from Michigan. Peter was a Col. in the New York Volunteers and was killed in the battle of Cold Harbor.
    Joseph Cabell Breckenridge, the second child of John Breckenridge and Mary Cabell, was Speaker of the House of Representatives from Kentucky and Secretary of State of Kentucky. He married Miss Mary C. Smith, daughter of Dr. Smith, President of Princeton College, another Irish-American. They had four children.
    Frances A. Breckenridge married Rev. Joseph J. Bullock, a famous divine of Kentucky, and afterward of Baltimore.
    Mary Cabell Breckenridge married Dr. Thomas P. Satterwhite of Lexington, KY.
    John Cabell Breckenridge (1821-1875), member of Congress and Senator from Kentucky, Vice President of the United States, a Major General and Secretary of War of the Confederate States, and candidate for the President of United States. He married Miss Burch, of Scott County, Kentucky. Their son Clifton R. Breckenridge was a member of Congress from the second district of Arkansas.
    Descendants of Joseph Cabell Breckenridge and Mary Cabell include the Routs of KY, The Douglasses of KY, the Crafts of Mississippi, the Bullocks of KY and Maryland, the Satterwhites of KY, children, childrens' children of great great grand children of John Preston.
    Rev. John Breckenridge, the sixth child of John Breckenridge and Mary Cabell, married twice. First to Miss Miller, daughter of President Miller of Princeton College. Secondly to Agatha M. Babcock, of Connecticut. He had four children, three by Miss Miller and one by Agatha Babcock.
    Samuel M. Breckenridge, a lawyer and Judge in St. Louis, MO, married Miss Virginia Castleman of Fayette County, KY and had a large family .
    Mary Cabell Breckenridge who married her cousin Peter Porter mentioned above.
    Margaret M. Breckenridge who was distinguished for her work in hospitals and other charities during the war (Civil) and died unmarried.
    Agatha M. Breckenridge, daughter of Rev. John Breckenridge and Agatha Babcock.
    Robert J. Breckenridge, a theologian from Baltimore. He was thrice married. His first wife was a relative, Miss Sophonisba Preston, daughter of Gen. Francis Preston, sister of William C. Preston of South Carolina and Grand Niece of Gov. Patrick Henry. They had eleven children. See Sophonisba Preston for an account of this family.
    Rev. William L. Breckenridge, was for a time President of Danville College, afterward a resident of Missouri. He married Miss Frances Provost (Prevost ?) a daughter of Judge Provost of Louisiana. They had twelve children, of whom, Robert J. Breckenridge, a physician in Louisville, married Miss Kate Hunt, daughter of A.D. Hunt.
    James Breckenridge b.abt 1757, third child of Letitia Preston and Robert Breckenridge, a lawyer in Virginia, a member of the legislature of Virginia, a member of Congress from that state from 1809-1817. He married Miss Ann Seldon and had 10 children, of whom the eldest child;
    Letitia Breckenridge, married Col. Robert Gamble of Richmond, VA, afterward of Tallahassee, Florida, and they had 9 children.
    Catherine Gamble who married John S. Sheppard of Florida and left children and grandchildren named Sheppard and Beard.
    James B. Gamble who married twice, first to a cousin, Miss Mary Watts, and second to Miss J. Rosetta Morris of New York.
    Cary B. Gamble who resided in Cambridge, Md., married Miss Shaw of Florida and was a surgeon in the Confederate Service.
    Letitia Gamble who married first Louis P. Holliday and second C. H. Latrobe, of Baltimore.
    Edward W. Gamble, and artillery officer in the Confederate Army.
    Robert B. Gamble, of Tallahassee, Florida, a captain of artillery in the Confederate Army, who married Miss Chavis, of Florida.
    Elizabeth Breckenridge, second child of James and Ann Seldon Breckenridge, married G. Edward Watts, a lawyer and speaker of the Virginia Legislature. They had 10 children.
    The third child, name ?, married a daughter of Judge J.J. Allen of Virginia. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention and a Colonel in the Confederate Army.
    Ann S. Watts married Hon. J. P. Holcombe of Bedford County, VA.
    Letitia Watts married first D. Landon Rives of Cincinnati, second D. L. Sorrel, of Savannah, medical inspector of the Confederate Army, resident of Roanoke County, Virginia.
    Alice M. Watts, married first Dr. George W. Morris, and second Judge Wm. J. Robertson of Charlottesville, VA.
    Emma G. Watts married Colonel George W. Carr, of the US and Confederate Army.
    Carey Breckenridge married Miss Gilmer and had nine children.
    Gilmer Breckenridge married Miss Julia Anthony of Botetourt Co. VA. He was a Captain in the Confederate Army and was killed in action.
    James Breckenridge married Miss Burwell of Bedford Co. VA, he was also an officer in the Confederate Army and was also killed in action.
    Cary Breckenridge was a Colonel in the Confederate Army, he married Miss Virginia Caldwell of Greenbrier College, VA.
    John Breckenridge was an officer in the Confederate Army, killed in battle, unmarried.
    Matilda Breckenridge, the fifth child of James Breckenridge married H. M. Bowyer of Botetourt Co. VA and had 8 children. The fourth, Mary Ann Bowyer, married William Penn; the sixth, Woodville Bowyer, was an officer in the Confederate Service and was killed in battle; the seventh, Edward Bowyer, died a surgeon in the Confederate Service.
    Elizabeth Breckenridge b.abt 1760, the fourth child of Letitia Preston and Col. Robert Breckenridge, married Col. Samuel Meredith, of Amherst, Virginia and afterward of Fayette, KY. He was a nephew of Patrick Henry. She had five daughters, the second of whom, Letitia P. Meredith, married Col. W. S. Dallam, of Baltimore, afterward of KY; the fourth, Elizabeth Meredith married James Coleman of Fayette Co., Kentucky and had eight children.