Person:Leonard Herbert Irwin (1)

LEONARD Herbert Irwin
m. 24 Dec 1902
  1. LEONARD Herbert Irwin1901 -
Facts and Events
Name LEONARD Herbert Irwin
Gender Male
Birth? Apr 1901 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada?
Census[1] 23 Jun 1911 Chapman, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Name and Relationships

Name: LEONARD Herbert Irwin as listed in 1921 Canada census.

Parents: James Irwin and Jennie? (Indistinct) Wilson. Source is Leonard's 1928 marriage registration.

Personal History

1901 - Birth: Leonard Herbert Irwin was born on April 5, 1901 in the County of York, Ontario. His given names are not listed on this document. His mother's name is listed as Jennie 'Irwin' although she was not actually married to James Jackson Irwin until Dec 24, 1902. The father's name is not listed on this document. Source is his 1901 birth registration.

1911 - Census: In June, 1911, Leonard Irwin 10, was living with his father, James J. Irwin 34, and mother Jennie Elizabeth Wilson 25, his grandmother Frances Harrison 64 and his cousin, Evelyn Wilson 4, at Lot ? Indistinct Concession 9? in Chapman Township.

1921 - Census: On June 28, 1921, Leonard Irwin 20 was living with his father, James Jackson Irwin 44, farmer, and his grandmother, Frances Harrison, 74, widow, and his younger brother, Hugh, 4 on a farm in Chapman Township. Source is 1921 Canada census.

1928 - Marriage: On October 27, 1928, Leonard Irwin 27, Miner, married Ethel Rawles, 21, born in England, in Sudbury, Ontario. They planned to reside in Sudbury. Source is their 1928 marriage registration.

1990 - Death and Burial: Leonard Irwin died in 1990. Source is a photo of his grave marker provided by Kari Squarzolo, .

Image Gallery
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