Person:Kornelis Keth (2)

Kornelis Keth
b.Abt 1412 Koudekerk
Facts and Events
Name Kornelis Keth
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1412 Koudekerk
Marriage to Hadeweije _____

Where did the Keth family come from? A 'th' ending to a name is definitedly unusual in Dutch. I have found earlier Keth's but not in the Netherlands, in Scotland. One was born in 1109! they were Keth's of 'de Keth's' or 'de Keiths'. which are names that suggest a French connection. And a note on Hervey de Keith (or de Keth) notes he was not born in Scotland. Orm Keth, faher of Hervey, was born around 1072 in dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.