Person:Katee Mekoche (1)

Katee "Bird" Mekoche
Facts and Events
Name[2] Katee "Bird" Mekoche
Gender Female
Birth[2] 1682
Death[2] 1740
Burial[1] Ohio, USAnear the Scioto River
  1. The Grenadier Squaw
    KNOW YOUR STATE, Greenbrier Independent, November 2,1962
    By Phil Connelly, President Education Foundation, Incorporated

    Excerpt: Some time after this attack, the Grenadier Squaw moved to Pennsylvania to a place near what is now Pittsburgh. In 1785, she petitioned the
    Commissioner of Indian Affairs for a grant of land on the Scioto River, her former home and where her mother was buried. It seems that this petition, which was referred to Congress, was never acted upon.
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