Person:Josiah Ellsworth (1)

Sgt. Josiah Ellsworth
b.est 1629 England
m. 16 Nov 1654
  1. Josiah Ellsworth1655 - 1706
  2. Elizabeth Ellsworth1657 - 1743
  3. Mary Ellsworth1660 - 1705
  4. Martha Ellsworth1662 - 1751
  5. Thomas Ellsworth, I1665 - 1750
  6. Lieutenant Jonathan Ellsworth1669 - 1749
  7. John Ellsworth1671 - 1720
  8. Job Ellsworth1674 - 1751
  9. Benjamin Ellsworth1676 - 1690
Facts and Events
Name[3] Sgt. Josiah Ellsworth
Gender Male
Birth[2] est 1629 England
Marriage 16 Nov 1654 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USAto Elizabeth Holcombe
Death[1][2] 20 Aug 1689 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Burial[2][4] Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Josiah purchased a house in Windsor in 1646, known as the Chief Justice Ellsworth House. Josiah was Freeman in 1657 and a juror in 1664. [5]In 1654, he bought a house and lot south of the Rivulet (and near the Old Mill) on what was afterwards known as the Gillet place, opposite the residence of the late Hon. N. H. Barber. In 1655 he bought the property now known as the Chief Justice Ellsworth place. He appears on the 7 Oct 1669 list of freeman in Windsor as Josiah Elesworth. [6].

One theory is that three sons of John Ellsworth that left England for religious reasons. Theophilus (or Christopher) Elsvort or Wlswort (Dutch pronunciation), went to Holland. He later came to New York City, where many of his descendants lived as late as 1840. Josias was next to leave England. The third brother, Arthur, settled in North Kingston, RI around 1681. [7] However, there is not actually any concrete evidence that these men are related or that they are sons of anyone in particular. See for an explanation of various theories and their weaknesses. The Ancestral File gives a 1629 birthdate, for which no corroboration has been found, in Eelstown, Cambridge, which is considered the ancestral home of the medieval Ellsworths.

Josiah's gravestone inscription reads:

Iosiah Elsworth
Aged 60 years
He Dyed August ye
20th Day; Ano. 1689

"Nine children were born to him, and the graves of his descendants are clustered thick about his own." [8]

His will, dated 11 Aug 1689, as quoted in Manwaring 1:443f:

I Sergt. Josiah Elsworth of windsor doe make this my last Will & Testament: I gevie to my wife, after my decease, the whole Use & Profits of my estate during Widowhood, and one year more if she should mary, and afterward L50 in current Country pay out of the Moveable Estate that may best suit her, only with this proviso, that if God should in his providence, in the Juncture of time, dispose of my daughter Martha in marriage, then out of the Moveable Estate to pay her a portion according to what her elde sisters already have received. Item. I give to my eldest son Josiah my now dwelling house, Barn, Orchards, Outland, & Meadow on the East side of the Common Street down to the River, he resigning to me what Land he doth improve on the East side of the Great River when he shall come to enjoy this abovsd., he also paying to his 3 sisters L30 in Countyr pay, to each an equal proportion, sometime within two years after posession. I give to my two sons Thomas and Jonathan the whole of my Lott on the West side of the Common Street over against my Dwelling house, and all my Lott adjoining to Pine Meadow, by them to be equally divided; also 1 Farme on my Lott over the Great River upon Scantick Brook, on either side my Lott which they shall choose, three score Rod in Breadth and 8 score Rod in length. I give to my 3 youngest sons John, Jobe, and Benjamin, all the rest of my Lands not yet disposed of over the Great river, each of them paying to their 3 sisters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha, L10 apeice in Country pay within two years after they come to a free Enjoyment of the Lands. All the rest of my Moveable Estate, after my wife's marriage or decese, I give and bequeath to my six sons & 3 daughters, to be equally divided amongst them. I desire my son Josiah and my son Nathaniel Loomis to assist my beloved wife in the Adms. and Distribution of my Estate.
Witness: Timothy Thrall, John Gaylord.


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