Person:Joshua Mabry (1)

Joshua Mabry
b.abt. 1725 prob. Virginia
m. Abt. 1720
  1. Elizabeth MaburyAbt 1721 -
  2. Hinchia Mabury, Jr.Abt 1723 - Abt 1755
  3. Joshua MabryAbt 1725 - 1791
  4. Ephraim MaburyAbt 1727 - Abt 1789
  5. Joel MaburyAbt 1730 - 1784
  6. Daniel Parham Mabry1745 - 1833
m. abt. 1747
Facts and Events
Name Joshua Mabry
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1725 prob. Virginia
Marriage abt. 1747 to Lucretia Jones
Death? 1791 Warren County, North Carolina

Records in North Carolina

Warren County, NC

  • 1781, Wednesday February 14th - On the Petition of Sundry Inhabitants in Smith's Creek District for a road to be opened leading out of Caller's Church Road from the upper part of Abraham Mayfield's plantation near Caller's Church running from thence the most convenient way to Warrenton, Ordered that Matthew Wood, John Power, Philemon Hawkins Jr., Phillip Burford, John Ellington, William Bell, Abraham Mayfield, Robert Caller, Thomas Paschall, Peter Twitty, Samuel Paschall, Benjamin Tarbor, William Wortham, Beckham Rainey, Joshua Mabry, Thomas Newman, Drury Jackson, Bennett Wood, and Twitty Russell or any twelve of them review the most convenient way for the said road to be carried and when viewed to be opened and cleared with the hands of Matthew Wood, Phillip Burford, John Power, Abraham Mayfield, William Bell, Benjamin Tarbor, William Wortham, John Ellington, Wyatt Hawkins, Philemon Hawkins, and that Benjamin Tarbor be Overseer of the road to have it fully opened according to law. Source: Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1780-1786
  • 1783, Friday July 31st - Ordered that Obed Green be appointed Collector in Capt. White's District, Nathaniel Harris in Capt. Harris' District, Sugar Jones in Ward's District, Daniel Vaulx in Capt. Renn's and Fussell's District, Davis Nicholson in Capt. Clanton's District, Joshua Mabry in Capt. Twitty's and Hawtree Districts, Jesse Person in Capt. Weathers' District, and Isaac Acree in Capt. Colclough's District. Source: Warren County, North Carolina Minutes to the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions 1780-1786