Person:Joseph Phelps (32)

m. 19 Mar 1661
  1. Timothy Phelps1663 - 1768
  2. Joseph Phelps1666 - 1716
  3. William Phelps1668/69 - 1711
  4. Cornelius Phelps1671 - 1742
  5. Mary Phelps1673 - 1690
  6. Samuel Phelps1674/75 - 1741
  7. Capt. Nathaniel Phelps1676/77 - 1746
  8. Sarah Phelps1679 -
  9. Hannah Phelps1684 - 1727/28
  10. Anne Phelps1686 -
  11. Martha Phelps1688 -
m. 18 Nov 1686
  1. Sarah Phelps1687 - aft 1718
  2. Mary Phelps1689 - aft 1737
  3. Joseph Phelps1692/93 - 1761
  4. Abigail Phelps1693 -
  5. Captain Edward Phelps1697 - 1790
  6. John Phelps1703 - 1769
  7. Abel Phelps1705 -
  8. Daniel Phelps1707 - 1780
  9. Ichabod Phelps1708 - 1794
  10. Jonathan PHELPS1710 -
  11. Abigail Phelps1714 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Joseph Phelps
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][6] 27 Sep 1666 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 18 Nov 1686 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Sarah Hosford
Will[1][5] 23 Aug 1716
Death[1][2][3] 30 Aug 1716 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[5] 26 Sep 1716 £341-16-11. Taken by James Enno, Timothy Loomis nd John Palmer.
Probate[5] 1 Apr 1717 Widow accepted the trust as executrix.


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    "47. Joseph Phelps, b. Windsor, Ct., 27th Sept., 1666, m. Sarah Hosford. 27th Nov., 1686, daughter of John and Phillury (Thrall) Hosford, she b. Windsor, Ct., 27th Sept., 1666, the same day as her husband. Her father was a man of large family and considerable property, leaving her at his death £100. She died probably in Hebron.

    Mr. Phelps settled in Windsor, where his children were all born. He owned a large amount of land in Hebron, and probably removed there late in life, about 1710, where some of his children were living. He died 30th Aug., 1716, aged fifty years. His will dated 23d Aug., 1716, probated Hartford Probate Records, Vol. 9. He appoints his wife, Sarah, executrix, and mentions 10 children, Joseph, Daniel, Edward, John, Abel, Ichabod, Jonathan, Mary, Sarah and Abigail.

    Inventory of estate 2nd Oct., 1716, gives age of children, Edward about 18, John 16, Mary 13, Abel __, Ichabod 9.

    Samuel and William Phelps were appointed guardians, while the mother was appointed guardian for Jonathan and Abigail."

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    "Probate Records. Vol. IX, 1715 to 1723. Page 99.

    Phelps, Joseph, Windsor. Invt. £341-16-11. Taken 26 September, 1716, by James Enno, Timothy Loomis and John Palmer. Will dated 23 August, 1716.

    I, Joseph Phelps, Sen., do make this my last will and testament: After my just debts be paid, I give unto my wife Sarah the use and improvement of 1-3 part of my estate, both personal and real, during her natural life; also, I give to my wife a new Bible. It is my will that my estate shall be divided equally amongst my ten children: Joseph, Daniel, Edward, John, Abell, Ichabod, Jonathan, Mary, Sarah and Abigail. I appoint my son Daniel and my wife Sarah to be executors.


    Witness: Jonathan Brown, William Phelps.

    Court Record, Page 23─2 October, 1716: Edward Phelps, 18 years of age, John 16, Mary 13, children of Joseph Phelps, chose Samuel Phelps to bet heir guardian. This Court appoint William Phelps to be guardian to Abell, age 11 years, Ichabod, 9 years. Will exhibited by Sarah and Daniel Phelps.

    Page 25─1st April, 1716-17: Sarah Phelps, widow, accepts the trust of executrix.

    Page 60─1st April, 1718: The executors exhibit an account. Accepted. Order to dist. the remaining part of the estate to Sarah Phelps, widow, to Joseph, Daniel, Edward, John, Abell, Ichabod, Jonathan, Mary and Abigail Phelps. And appoint Thomas Moore, James Enno and John Bissell, distributors.

    See File: Dist. of the estate, 1st April, 1718: To the widow, to Joseph, to Daniel, to Edward, to John, to Abell, to Ichabod, to Jonathan, to Matthew Griswold in right of his wife Mary Phelps, and to Sarah and Abigail Phelps. By Thomas Moore and John Bissell.

    Page 69 (Vol. X) 2 February, 1724-5: Report of the distributors.

    Page 220─3 June, 1729: This Court appoint Cornelius Phelps of Windsor to be guardian to Jonathan Phelps, a minor, age 17 years. Recog., £50."

  6. Born the same day as his wife.