Person:Joseph Nix (2)

Joseph Early Nix
d.17 Sep 1965
m. 22 Jan 1880
  1. Joseph Early Nix1882 - 1965
  2. Emma Rebecca Nix1884 - 1920
  3. Ellie June NIX1886 - 1970
  4. Mary Lee Dona NIX1889 - 1943
  5. John Leasel NIX1891 - 1910
  6. Bertha Mae NIX1894 - 1895
  7. Miles Tarpley NIX1896 - 1918
  8. James Claude NIX1899 - 1911
  9. Nettie Mae NIX1902 - 1924
  10. NIX,Lillian Gertrude1904 -
  1. Lattice NixAbt 1910 - Bef 1920
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Early Nix
Gender Male
Birth? 7 Jan 1882 Alabama, United States
Marriage to Hill Sally (Willie A.) _____
Death? 17 Sep 1965 Age: BET 32y, 2d AND 33y, 11m, 29d

SSDI June 2001; Two possibilities, 30 June 1926 d 4 Aug 1990, SS# 423-24-8550, and B 13 Oct 1927, d 24 Jan 1990, SS# 421-30-6772.

JOSEPH NIX Request Information

SSN 423-24-8550 Residence:

Born 30 Jun 1926 Last Benefit:

Died 4 Aug 1990 Issued: AL (Before 1951)

Looking for a family, but he died young, age 32 yeaars.

Corrections, Additions and revisions by Elizabeth Mintz July 2004.

She has DoB as 7 jan 1882 and DoD as 17 sep 1965 WHY AM I SO FAR OFF???

Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Friendship > District�92

��Results for:�Joseph E Nix, image 6 of 36, line 91 Nix, James H, Head, W, M, Aug 1857, 42, m, 20, AL, SC, SC,

    , Jane A, wife, W. F, Mar 1863, 37, m, 20, 8, 7, AL, AL, AL, 
    , Joseph E., son, W, M, Jan 1882, 18, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , Emma R., daughter, W, F, April 1884, 16, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , Ella J. daughter, W, F, March 1886, 14, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , Mary Lee D., daughter, W, F, Feb 1889, 11, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , John L. son, W, M, May 1891, 9, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , Miles C, son W, M, may 1896, 4, S,  AL, AL, AL, 
    , James C., son W, M, July 1899, 10/12, S,  AL, AL, AL, 

Name:Joseph E Nix Home in 1900: Friendship, Marshall, Alabama Age:18 Estimated birth year:1882 Birthplace:Alabama Race: White Relationship to head-of-house: Son Occupation: View Image

Image source: �

Year: 1900;�Census Place: Friendship, Marshall, Alabama;�Roll: T623 30;�Page: 3B;�Enumeration District: 92.
 Search > Census > U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Etowah > Altoona > District�79, image 19 of 24, line 44, 

��Results for:�Joe E Nix

Nix, Joe E., Head, M, W, 20 m1, 0, Al, Al, Al, Miner, Coal Mines

    , Willie A., Wife, F, W, 18, M1, 01, 1, AL. AL.GA. 
    , Lattice, dauhter, F, W, 2/12, S, Al, Al, Al, 

Name: Joe E Nix Age in 1910: 20 Estimated birth year: 1889 Birthplace: Alabama Home in 1910: ALTOONA, Etowah, Alabama Family and neighbors:View Results Race: White Gender: Male Series: T624 Roll: 13 Part: 3 Page: 209A Year: 1910

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record about Joseph Early Nix Name: Joseph Early Nix City: Not Stated County: Marshall State: Alabama Birth Date: 7 Jan 1882 Race: White Roll: 1509407 DraftBoard: 0


Registration Card 1565 Joseph Early Nix Guntersville, Marshall, Ala age 36, Jan 7 1882 white native born Present Occupation Clerk Circuit Court Member Local Board Marshall County U.S. Goernment Guntersville Ala Father J.H. Nix RFD #2 Walnut Grove Ala Joseph Early Nix

Tall, med; eyes blank, hair blank J.N. *alters (good image, cannot read signature) Sept 12, 1918


NOTE. I have him listed as Early Joseph for some reaon. Requires research to determine why. I even have note that Joseph Early sounds more even than Early Joseph, but?? Also note that his brother died in the war ; Miles Tarpley Nix

Joseph Early Nix 7 Jan 1882 White Not Stated, Marshall, AL

Joseph Early Nix was the son of James Harrison Nix and Jane Adeline Stephens, and the grandson of Jennings Nix and his second wife Temperance (Tempy) Poole Ellison. It appears that he used Early J. as his every day working name, saving Joseph Early for legal papers. He appears on the 1900 Federal census at Friendship, Marshall County, Alabama as an 18 year old in his fathers household. And now as I review the draft card and my own records I realize that I have him mixed with a younger Joe E. Nix, another family member in Etowah County. The Draft card shows that he was living in Guntersville, Marshall County, Alabama. He was age 36 on 7 Jan 1882 and working as the clerk of the circuit court, and member of the local draft board for Marshall County. He list his father as his next of kin, so maybe he was not married. His physical description is: Height - Tall, Build - Medium, Eyes - blank, Hair - blank . The draft card offers the chance to redo the research for this member. Assistance will be appreciated.

Census > U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Gunterville > District 119, image 22 of 44, line 92, 226/273 Nix, Joseph E. head, M, W, 37, M, AL, AL, AL, Clerk of the Circuit Court.

    , Sallie A. Wife, F, W, 30, M, MS, MS, MS, npne. 

1920 United States Federal Census Record about Joseph E Nix Name: Joseph E Nix Age: 37�years� Estimated birth year: abt 1883 Birthplace: Alabama Race: White Home in 1920: Gunterville, Marshall, Alabama Home owned: Own Sex: Male Marital status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Mother's Birth Place: Alabama Father's Birth Place: Alabama Image: 451

Image Source: Year: 1920;�Census Place: Gunterville, Marshall, Alabama;�Roll: T625_28;�Page: 11B;�Enumeration District: 119;�Image: 451.

U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Guntersville > District 1, image 26 of 57, line 26, Broad street, 242/280 Nix, Joseph E. Head, M, W, 45, M, 37, Al. Al, AL, Court House,

    , Sallie, Wife, F, W, 40, M, 30, MS, Virginia, MS, 
    , Joseph, Son, M, W, 10, S, AL., AL, MS, 
    , James, Son, M, W, 7, S, Al, AL. MS, 

1930 United States Federal Census Record about Joseph E Nix Name: Joseph E Nix Age: 48 Estimated birth year: abt 1882 Birthplace: Alabama Relation to head-of-house: Head Spouse's Name:

Sallie Nix

Race: White Home in 1930: Guntersville, Marshall, Alabama Family and neighbors: View Results