Person:Joseph Chapman (2)

m. Abt 1660
  1. Samuel ChapmanAbt 1661 - 1758
  2. John Chapman1663 - 1749/50
  3. William Chapman1665 - 1734
  4. Joseph Chapman1667 - 1765
  5. Jeremiah Chapman1670 - 1755
  6. Rebecca Chapman1671 - 1757
  7. Sarah ChapmanAbt 1674 -
  • HJoseph Chapman1667 - 1765
Facts and Events
Name[1] Joseph Chapman
Gender Male
Birth? 1667 New London,New London Co.,Connecticut
Marriage to Unknown
Death? 18 Jan 1765 Colchester, New London, Connecticut

From Joseph Chapman of Norwich and Colchester, Connecticut A Historical Reconciliation, by Philip Chapman Ellsworth

A conflict of opinion has existed since the last century respecting the parentage of Joseph Chapman who died in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, on June 10, 1725. Was he the son of William Chapman I of New London, Connecticut (i.e. William the Immigrant) or Symon Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusetts? Both of these Chapmans had a son named Joseph who lived for a time in New London. The author has discovered what he considers proof that should resolve the conflict and finally put the question to rest.

... In 1854, Reverend Frederick William Chapman, A.M., published a well-known history of Chapmans in Connecticut... In this work, Rev. F.W. Chapman described Joseph Chapman as son of "William Chapman, the settler, born as is supposed in 1667..." Joseph is further described as having been a mariner who married Marcy (surname unknown) by whom he had eight children. He resided in Norwich, Connecticut, where he died June 10, 1725.

Another prominent history that assigns Joseph Chapman as a son of William I of New London was... Caulkins... "Joseph Chapman, probably son of William of New London, admitted 1715; died June 10, 1725."... Ms. Caulkins describes Joseph Chapman, son of William Chapman of New London, as '... A mariner. He removed his family to Norwich, where he died June 10, 1725."

In contrast, Jacob Chapman, A.M., published in 1893 a history... the Joseph Chapman who died on June 10, 1725 is described as a son of Simon (or Symon) Chapman, son of Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Mention is made that Joseph married "Mary (daughter of Paul) Wentworth, of Rowley [Massachusetts]. Her father, in 1707, removed to Norwich or New London, Conn. She had eight children...

The purpose of this article is to show that the Joseph Chapman who died in Norwich, Connecticut on June 10, 1725 was in fact the son of Symon Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and that Joseph Chapman, son of William I of New London, Connecticut, actually died in Colchester, Connecticut on January 18, 1765.

The basis for these conclusions is set forth in the following historical sketches of both Joseph Chapmans. These have been prepared from documented historical events in th lives of the two subjects, and others, researched largely from microfilm copies of Connecticut and Massachusetts original source documents. These documents include land, probate, military, church and town (including vital) records. They were researched by the author at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Consideration has been given for other known adult Joseph Chapmans who lived in Connecticut or Massachusetts during the early 1700s. The historical sketches presented by the author herafter do not appear to pertain to any other Joseph Chapman than the two in question.(2)

To facilitate identification of the two Joseph Chapmans, they are identified in the historical sketches by the name of the town they last resided. Therefore, Joseph Chapman, son of William Chapman I of New London is known as "Joseph Chapman of Colchester:, and Joseph Chapman (Senior), son of Symon Chapman of Ipswich, Mass., is known as "Joseph Chapman of Norwich."

Joseph Chapman of Colchester was born in 1667 in New London County, Connecticut at or near New London township. He was one of five sons of William Chapman I of New London, namely John, William, Samuel Jeremiah and Joseph. William Chapman also had two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca.

On January 12, 1699, the will of William Chapman I of New London, deceased, was recorded. Joseph Chapman was identified as a son of deceased and was granted an equal portion of the estate. On May 31, ___ Joseph Chapman, together with his brothers, assigned all of their interest in the family homestead to their brother, Jeremiah Chapman. This was in accordance with the will of their deceased father.

Sometime between 1701 and 1714, Joseph Chapman and some of his ___ relocated from New London to Colchester township, (then) ___ County, Connecticut. (3) The precise year of Joseph's move is not known, but may have coincided with that of his eldest brother, John Chapman, who was an acknowledged land owner in Colchester in January ___. Joseph's brother, William Chapman, purchased land in Colchester from John Chapman in 1722. At that time, William already was a resident of Colchester. Joseph's nephew, Samuel Chapman Junior of New London, purchased Colchester land in 1713 and 1715, but did not apparently move to Colchester.

The early land records of Colchester record cattle identification marks, brands, used by some of Colchester's residents. Cattle brands for John Chapman, John Chapman Junior, William Chapman and Joseph Chapman are recorded. (See Endnote 3.) Joseph Chapman's brand is recorded as "A ___lows Tail on the Right Ear and a half Penny Cut on the fore side of the ___ Ear and a Crop on the Left Ear."

Joseph Chapman's name appears in several entries in early Colchester ___ records. Town entries dated 1714 name Joseph Chapman as both a ___ and a debtor of the town. (The town owed him for som ___ snakes which he killed.) On April 21, 1718, "John Chapman, Senr. of Colchester (his brother) sold 40 acres of Colchester land to "Joseph Chapman of Colchester." Although the description of this land does not ___ coorindate metes and bounds, it does mention that the property ___ land of a Decon (deacon) Lomis and Thomas Lomis.

At a Colchester town meeting held December 11, 1726, Joseph Chapman was named a collector of the township. Town records dated 1727 ___ several instances of the collection of funds by Joseph Chapman, ___, on behalf of Colchester township, and also John Chapman and ___ Lomis. In 1729 and 1731, Joseph Chapman was a witness of record ___ sale of two Colchester land tracts by William Chapman of Groton, ___ William Chapman was his nephew, a son of William Chapman of Colchester. (See Endnote 8.)

Joseph Chapman was apparently married. An August 28, 1753 entry in the death records of the First Congregationalist Church of Colchester records the death of a Mrs. Joseph Chapman "Aged about 75 years." No other Joseph Chapman living in or near Colchester at that time would have had a wife of that advanced age. (Joseph Chapman was 86 years old in 1753.) The approximate birth year of Mrs. Joseph Chapman of Colchester, mathematically calculated from her death date and age, is 1678. No details about her life or marriage to Joseph Chapman are known.

On March 27, 1749, "Joseph Chapman of Colchester" sold his 40 acres of Colchester land, purchased in 1718 from John Chapman, to "Benejah Tubbs of Colchester." This property is described, in part, as land bordering that of Deacon Samuel Lomis, Jr. Capt. Jacob Lomis and David Dodge. These individuals purchased their land from Joseph Chapman's original neighbors, Deacon Samuel Lomis Sr. and Thomas Lomis, between 1725 and 1732.

The price received by Joseph Chapman for the sale of his 40 acre Colchester farm (recorded in Colchester land records on December 5, 1751) is described as being "...For and in consideration of the love, goodwill, and affection which I have for and to bear unto Benejah Tubbs of Colchester." These words in the deed of sale were commonly used at that time by parents leaving real property to their children. It is not known whether Benejah Tubbs was related to Joseph Chapman.(4)

In a January 19, 1753 entry in Colchester town records, record is made of the appointment of Stephen Gardner of Colchester "To have the oversight of said Joseph Chapman & his estate untilt he first day of December [?] next." The reason for this appointment is stated thusly: "Joseph Chapman of said Colchester is incapable to manage his business." This town notice further "... Forbid(s) any persons whatsoever [from] making any manner of a Contract with said Chapman without Liberty first obtained of said Mr. Stephen Gardner.." Stephen Gardner appears to have been a neighbor of the Chapmans in Colchester. It is not known if he was related to them.

The question of whether or not Joseph Chapman of Colchester had any children has not been definitely resolved. The aforementioned Colchester land and town records contain inconclusive information. The absence of any mention or record of children of Joseph Chapman of Colchester is perhaps a statement in itself, although not a definite one. Unfortunately, he left no recorded will. It appears to the author, however, that Joseph Chapman did not have any children, at least any who lived in Colchester.

According to the records of the First Congregational Church of Colchester, Joseph Chapman died on "January 18, 1765 aged 98 years." This entry provides, by way of mathematical calculation, the birth year of Joseph Chapman of Colchester as being 1667 (1765 less 98 years.) The long life of Joseph Chapman was not unusual to his family. His brothers John and Samuel Chapman lived to be 97 and 93 years, respectively.

[Material regarding Joseph Chapman of Norwich omitted]

The history of these two men has become confused over the years, essentially leaving Joseph Chapman of Colchester a forgotten man, and Joseph Chapman of Norwich a displaced one. It is hoped that the evidence discussed in this article will enable their kinsmen or descendants to have an enlarged appreciation for the lives they led, the faith they had, and the foundation they laid for those who followed.

Endnotes [many omitted as not being relevant] (3)Of the other possible Joseph's Ellsworth includes C. Joseph Chapman, son of Samuel and Bethia (Tubbs) Chapman, and grandson of William Chapman I of New London, Connecticut. Born June 20, 1694 at New London, Connecticut. He died at the age of 19 on July 12, 1713, as noted in the journal of an early resident of New London, Connecticut.]

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