Person:Joseph Boone (1)

Joseph Boone, Sr.
b.5 Apr 1704 Devon, England
m. 16 Aug 1689
  1. George Boone, IV1690 - 1753
  2. Sarah Boone1691/92 - bef 1738
  3. Mary Boone - 1696
  4. Mary Boone1696 - bef 1699
  5. Squire Boone, Sr.1696 - 1765
  6. Mary Boone1699 - 1774
  7. John Boone1701/02 - 1785
  8. Joseph Boone, Sr.1704 - 1776
  9. Benjamin Boone1706 - 1762
  10. Margaret Boone1707 - 1708
  11. James Boone1709 - 1785
  12. Samuel Booneabt 1711 - 1745
m. bef 30 Aug 1733
  1. Catherine Rosanna Boone1730-1740 - abt 1813
  2. Joseph Boone, Jr1730 - bef 1776
  3. Hugh Booneabt 1735 - bef 1805
  4. Isaac Boone1739 - 1794
  5. Judah Boone
  6. Elizabeth Boone
  7. Hannah Boone
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Boone, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 5 Apr 1704 Devon, England
Other? 1718 Exeter Township is settled in Philadelphia County.
Marriage bef 30 Aug 1733 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania[pos Exeter Township]
to Catherine Unknown
Residence[3] 30 Aug 1733 Exeter Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Property[5] 1750 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvanianamed in Deed of Squire Boone and wife Sarah to Joseph Boone Sen. of Amity, 106 ac
Residence[4] 1750 Amity Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Other? 11 Mar 1752 Berks County is formed from parts of Chester, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties.
Property[4] 16 Apr 1768 Reading, Berks, Pennsylvania, United Statesnamed in Deed of Joseph Boone and wife Catherine to Hugh Boone, son
Death[1] 30 Jan 1776 Berks County, Pennsylvania

Research Notes

  • in 2008, wife Catherine's surname is still in dispute - see her Person Page for details.
  • in 2008, The Boone Society, Inc. determined he had at least 3 sons, but that's it.
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    “JOSEPH BOONE (son of George & Mary Boone) was born between 4 & 5 in the Afternoon, on the 5th of April 1704; and he departed this Life on the 30 January 1776, in the 72d Year of his Age (Berks Co, PA). His Wife Catherine died on the 31st of January 1778, and was interred at Exeter (Berks Co., PA) the next Day exactly 2 Years after the Burial of her Husband.”

  2.   Family Notes, in The Boone Society, Inc. - The First 5 Generations of the George Boone Family, 21 Aug 2008, Secondary quality.

    Sometime after 1701, but before 1717 when George III moved to America,
    the George Boone III family joined the Quakers at Cullompton, just outside
    of Exeter, (Devon, England) and thus baptism records for their remaining 4
    children were not recorded. Their remaining 4 children were: Joseph,
    Benjamin, James & Samuel and their birth and death information is shown
    as recorded by James Boone. All were born in England.

  3. Family Recorded, in Spraker, Hazel Atterbury, and Jesse Proctor Crump. The Boone family: a genealogical history of the descendants of George and Mary Boone, who came to America in 1717; containing many unpublished bits of early Kentucky history; also a biographical sketch of Daniel Boone, the pioneer, by one of his descendants. (Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Co., 1922), Secondary quality.

    ... from early Exeter (PA) Records:
    “8-30-1733, Joseph Boone produced a paper of condemnation for proceeding in marriage contrary to order.” ...
    [wife's name is not given]

  4. 4.0 4.1 Deed Recorded, in Berks County Deed Book, 22:439.

    [Deed of Joseph Boone (Deed Book 22, p 439, 16 Apr 1768) in Reading, Joseph Boone and wife Catherine to Hugh Boone, one of the sons of Joseph.]

  5. Boone Family Association Bulletin, 2:147, No. 9, 1 Jul 1933, Secondary quality.

    [16 Apr 1785 - Indenture between Jacob Boone of Exeter Twp., Berks Co, PA, Yeoman, and Samuel DeTurk of Amity Twp., Berks Co., PA.

    Indenture traces the Title to 500 acres belonging to Joseph Boone, Jr.'s estate:
    - from William Penn, Proprietor of Pennsylvania, to John Millington (in 1682) ... and down the line until it reaches
    - from Ralph Ashton, Gentleman, of Philadelphia, to Squire Boone of Philadelphia County, one half of said 500 acres (in 1730);
    - then from Squire Boone and wife Sarah to Joseph Boone Sen. of Amity, 106 acres of above land (in 1750);
    - (upon the death of Joseph Boone, Sr. (1776), this land passes to his son Joseph Boone, Jr.)

    Indenture also traces Title to 184 acres belonging to Joseph Boone, Jr.'s estate:
    - from Proprietors of Pennsylvania to Joseph Boone Sen. of Amity (in 1738) (Phila Book A, p. 112);
    - then from Joseph Boone, Sen. and wife Catherine to their son Joseph Boone Junr. (30 April 1708).]
    [cos1776 Note: This is NOT the original text as presented by Spraker. I have annotated it for clarity (see original article for original text). In this record, Jacob Boone, son of Joseph Boone, Jr., is selling land belonging to his father's estate. It is a significant record, because it proves that his father, Joseph Boone, Jr., was a son of Joseph Boone, Sr. and wife Catherine. According to this site the original Land Patent on velum, dated April 16, 1785 between Jacob Boone and Samuel DeTurk, is extant. The highlighted date (30 April 1708) is troubling in Spraker's Abstract as it is not clear to what it is referring. It can't be the original date of the Deed, since it would be 22 years before Joseph Jr. was born and Joseph Sr. would have only been 4 yrs old. It could be a mistake. More research is needed.]