Person:Josefina Gonzales (3)

Josefina Aurelia Padilla GONZALES
m. 28 Sep 1868
  1. Elisa Gonzales1871 -
  2. Josefina Aurelia Padilla GONZALES1874 - 1946
  3. Nicolas GONZALES1876 -
  4. Eustacia GONZALES1877 -
  5. Alcario GONZALES1880 -
  6. Florencio Gonzales1888 - 1935
  7. Alfredo Gonzales1891 -
  • HDown Sue1866 - 1920
  • WJosefina Aurelia Padilla GONZALES1874 - 1946
m. 1 Dec 1894
  1. Mariano G Padilla1895 - 1969
  2. Carlos Jesus So Lee1896 - 1921
  3. Anita Padilla So Lee1897 - 1996
Facts and Events
Name Josefina Aurelia Padilla GONZALES
Gender Female
Birth[1][4] Apr 1874 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Marriage 1 Dec 1894 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexicoto Down Sue
Census? 1880, 1900 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Death[2] 12 Oct 1946 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Burial[3] 16 Oct 1946 Calvary Cemetery, Los Angeles
Religion? Catholic

1. Nevo, a Chinese man who worked for Aurelia, is buried next to Charlie in Calvary Cemetary, Phoenix AZ. The plot was sold to Aunt Katie by Anita (Virginia's mother). The funeral was elaborate, as if for a "family member." Anita was extremely distrought.(Minnie, Lucy, conversation with BB 7/27/96)

2. Aurelia's house on Washington St. (Phoenix) was just across the street from the Chinese district. She had many Chinese items in her home and frequently burned incense in a 'Budha'. Chinese food was served often. (Minnie)

3. Came to Los Angeles abt 1938.

4. She was well-off. In Tucson she had a whole business block. When the bank closed, she lost everything. She had to start over in Phoenix. (Minnie)

5. In 1949, while on a trip, Lalo detoured to visit Corcoran, CA. There they met a woman who looked like Josefa and who also was married to a Chinese. She welcomed Lalo effusively. Lalo spoke to the husband in Chinese. Perhaps she was Josefa's sister. (Lucy 6/19/99)

6. Perhaps Josefa left Santa Fe because of prejudice toward Chinese there. She had features of an Indian. (Lucy 6/19/99) 7. Josefa spoke Greek, Spanish and Italian. She had green eyes. The name of her restaurant in Phoenbix was the Garden City. Perhaps this was a restaurant in Tucson; an ad for the Phoenix restaurant called it, "La Flor". Nebo Chong Yee was the cook; he later worked as a cook in Gila Bend. He used to smuggle sandwiches out to Anita. [Anita, 1994]

8. During the typhoid epidemic, Josefa took Carlos, Lalo and Anita to live with a Greek family. [Anita, 1994]

9. In 1904, Josefa obtains hand-written copies from the registers of St. Francis Cathedral Church, Santa Fe, for her marriage to John so Lee, and for the baptisms of Dalio, Carlos and Anita.

1. Yvette believes (based on Census) that Down and Josefa were living separately in Tucson. Lucy speculates this might have been related to prejudice against mixed marriages. She believes Josefa went on to Phoenix and Down went to Hanford.

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