Person:John Yarger (2)

b.1 NOV 1805 Berks Co., PA
m. 4 OCT 1804
  1. John YARGER1805 - 1877
  2. Catherine YARGER1807 - BEF 1840
  3. Mary YARGER1809 - 1874
  4. Ester YARGER1811 - BEF 1830
  5. Susanna YARGER1813 - 1860
  6. Hana YARGER1816 - BEF 1840
  7. Elizabeth YARGER1818 - BEF 1840
  8. Matilda YARGER1821 - BEF 1841
  9. Sarah Jane YARGER1825 - 1898
Facts and Events
Name John YARGER
Alt Name[1] Yeager
Alt Name[2] Yerger
Gender Male
Birth[3][4][5][6] 1 NOV 1805 Berks Co., PA
Census? 1830 South Huntington Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Census[15] 1850 South Huntington Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA
Immigration[16] 1850 moved to Monroe Co., MI from PA
Residence[17] 1870 Ida Twp., Monroe co., MI
Death[7][8][9][10] 4 AUG 1877 Ida Twp., Monroe co., MI
Cause of Death[12] perhaps cancer of the stomach
Occupation[13] Farmer
Occupation[14] proprietor of saw mill; carried first class manufacturing lumber business at Erie, MI
Burial[11] Neriah Cemetery, Samaria, MI

built a plank road between Monroe MI and Toledo, OH(?) which the builder defaulted on. probably buried in Michigan; Earl Christian Yarger visited Michigan and may have visited the grave Real estate valued at $9,600

10-15 year old male in household of John Yerger in South Huntington Tqp., Westmoreland Co., PA in enumeration of 1830 census. John would havew been 14 or fewer years old hen and if he fathered this male and his birth would have been before John was reported to be married. This is an unknown male.

from Kathryn Yarger from Alvin Yarger(1999) "John Yarger-born in Berks county, PA, November 1, 1805, died Aug 4, 1877. He was a resident of Ida Township and son of George and Mary (Loose) Yarger. He came with his parents to Monroe, Michigan in 1850. He was married in Union County PA Dec. 1827 to Margaret Kelly, born June 20, 1807 in Northumberland Co. PA, the daughter of Henry and Jane (Wright) Kelly."

"John brought his family from PA to Monroe county. He bought substitutes for 5 of his sons so they would not have to fight in the Civil War. Uncle Dave was not included because of his eyesight and John did not think that he would have to serve. However, the war lasted long enough so that David was called up. He lasted only a short time until the army realized that he really could not see. Then he was pensioned for the rest of his life."

Yarger Archive Paper Y089 from the Yarger "Tin Box"

Hartleton January 27/75

Mr John Yerger

Dear Sir There is outstanding upon the Books of the Bellefonte Arronsburg & Youngmanstown Turnpike Company one share of stock in the name of Your Father George Yerger & I understand through your Cousin John Yerger living at Hartleton that you were the Executor or administrator of his Estate. & what I desire of you is that you send me your proxy as Executor or Administrator to entitle me to vote your share at the Election for manager to be held in the Early part of March & I wil1 if you desire it draw any Back dividends that may be due you & send them to you & if you desire to sell the share of stock I will purchase it from you.

give this your Early attention & return the Proxy which I Enclose to you properly signed & oblige Yours Respectfully

R V Glover

Transcribed by Earl Hoffman, 6 May 2000, from Earl Yarger original handwritten document. Scanned and OCRed from copy of original transcription on 30 Sep 2002 by Earl Hoffman.

Helen Gay <> wrote: Hello again,    I found the obit you wanted, but also did everything I could find in the archives on the Yargers - I have never seen it spelled Yerger (except maybe one copying error).  There is even a location in  Monroe Co. called Yargerville. 

John Yarger and his very large family settled in s.e. corner of Ida Twp. in 1850.  He owned quite a bit of property and part of it seems to have been given for a church at a location called Neriah.  The church no longer exists (would have been Dutch Reformed - they were what we call Pennsylvania Dutch).  I visited the cemetery quite a few years ago and it is abandoned and very overgrown.  Most of the burials are before 1900, although there are a few as late as 1963.  A fairly good transcription was made in the 1980's, but I'm sure some were prob. unreadable by then.

John Yarger had a family of 6 sons and 7 daughters, although I have not found records for two of the daughters - maybe they died or married and stayed in Pennsulvania.  His parents and a sister also came with them.  The location in Pennsylvania is Westmoreland Co. and I have one locality that seems to be South Huntingdon.

Anyway, I have copied all of the obits that seem connected with this family; have family group sheets and pedigrees running ap. 20 pages.  Betty Gay (RAOCK)

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