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Yarger Families in Pennsylvania 1700s

I will try to create a forum for discussing and creating a tree for the early Yarger/Yerger/Joerger families of Pennsylvania. I will use the generic "Yarger" although it appears to me that the early spelling was more often Jörger and often written Joerger when the umlaut was not available.

The data shown in the tree that I just uploaded as "Johann George Yarger" is the result of several researchers. This is all somewhat suspect as the fourth generation (the immigrant Johann George Yarger is the first generation) is the earliest generation with substantial documentation. Hopefully others will contribut bits of proof to establish the "correct" relationships for this family.

In addition to the immigrant Johann George Yarger we know of three others, Peter, Thomas, and Viet/Veit Jörger, who arrived in Philadelphia around 1728-1733. While Viet is known to have a large number of decendants, little is known of Peter and Thomas. In addition there are Yeager/Jager families who arrived a little later. Some believe that these two family names are related but others have found no connection.

--EWHoffman 23:16, 12 July 2007 (MDT)