Person:John Whiting (6)

Rev. John Whiting
b.Cal 1635
m. 1634/35
  1. Rev. John WhitingCal 1635 - 1689
  2. Sarah WhitingEst 1637 -
  3. Mary WhitingEst 1644 - 1709
  4. Captain Joseph Whiting1645 - 1717
  5. Unknown WhitingAft 1647 -
  6. William Whiting
  • HRev. John WhitingCal 1635 - 1689
  • WSybil CollinsEst 1634 - 1672
m. Est 1654
  1. Sybil WhitingEst 1655 -
  2. John WhitingEst 1657 - Bef 1689
  3. Colonel William WhitingEst 1659 -
  4. Martha WhitingEst 1661 -
  5. Sarah WhitingEst 1663 - Aft 1732
  6. Abigail WhitingEst 1665 - 1733
  7. Rev. Samuel Whiting1670 - 1725
  • HRev. John WhitingCal 1635 - 1689
  • WPhebe Gregson1643 - 1730
m. Bef 27 Sep 1673
  1. Thomas Whiting1674 -
  2. Mary Whiting1676 - 1689
  3. Elizabeth Whiting1679 - 1753
  4. Colonel Joseph Whiting1680/81 - 1748
  5. Nathaniel Whiting1683 -
  6. Thomas Whiting1686 -
  7. John Whiting1688 - Bef 1715
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Rev. John Whiting
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][4] Cal 1635
Degree[1] 1653 B.A., Harvard College
Marriage Est 1654 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sybil Collins
Degree[1] 1655 M.A., Harvard College
Residence[1] 1657 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[1] 1660 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Other[1] 1665 Admitted freeman of Connecticut.
Marriage Bef 27 Sep 1673 New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United Statesto Phebe Gregson
Death[1][2][3][4] 8 Sep 1689 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[6] 5 Nov 1689 £622-10-06. Taken by James Steele, Stephen Hosmore and John Willson.
Probate[6] 20 Nov 1689 Administration to the relict.
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    John (Whiting), Salem, s. of William of Hartford, b. prob. in Eng. tho. Goodwin, 330, makes the date 1635, of wh. I much doubt, bec. 30 Sept. 1654, when he should have been of yrs. of legal discretion, agreem. relat. to distrib. of est. of his f. was sign. by him as well as his elder br. and Mr. Fitch who had m. his mo. and the gr. friends, Webster and Stone, in wh. the f. had confid. After receiv. his A. B. at Harv. 1653, and A. M. 1655, was a tutor at the coll. but soon call. to the pulpit at S. in aid of aged Rev. Edward Norris, and from 1657 to 1659, acc. Felt II. 626, preach. there, but he would not sett. and went to Hartford, where he was ord. 1660, as collea. with Stone, and was adm. freem. May 1665. Rev. Joseph Haynes succeed. S. a controv. soon sprang up betw. him and W. a. bapt. of infants, of wh. the import may, I suppose, be gather. from a letter of famous John Davenport, June 1666, to Gov. John Winthrop, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 60-2; and Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 120. The result is more intelligib. a new ch. was gather. and 1670, W. was made pastor, and serv. until his d. 8 Sept. 1689. He had m. at Cambridge, a. 1654, Sybil, d. of deac. Edward Collins of the same, had Sybil, b. 1655, prob. at C.; John, 1657, prob. at C. d. young; both bapt. at C.; William, 1659, bapt. at C. says Mitchell's Reg. 19 Feb, 1660; Martha, 1662; Sarah, 1664; Abigail, 1666; and Samuel, 22 Apr. 1670. In 1673 he m. sec. w. Phebe, d. of Thomas Gregson of New Haven, and had Thomas, b. 1674, d. soon; Mary, 1676, d. at 13 yrs.; Eliz. 1678; Joseph, 1680; Nathaniel, 1683, d. young; Thomas, again, 1686, d. young; and John, again, 1688, who was a merch. at Hartford, and d. unm. at 27 yrs. He had been appoint. chaplain, Aug. 1675, for the troops in Philip's war, and d. not as Trumbull says, in 1700, but as bef. said. His wid. m. 1692, Rev. John Russell of Hadley, but aft. his d. went to her s. Joseph, at New Haven; and d. 19 Sept. 1730. Sybil m. Alexander Bryan; Martha m. 25 Dec. 1683, Samuel Bryan; both of Milford; Sarah m. 19 Mar. 1685, Jonathan Bull of Hartford; and Abigail m. Rev. Samuel Russell of Deerfield, aft. of Branford.

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    John (Whiting), s. of William & Susanna, b c. 1635, d 8 Sep 1689 æ. 54 (Hartford); Rev.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Crawford, Hannah Louise MacNair. Maternal Ancestry of Charles Whiting MacNair. (Boston, Massachusetts: Privately printed, 1912)

    Rev. John Whiting, 1635-1689. Preached at Salem, MA, until 1659; Pastor First Church in Hartford, CT 1660; Chaplain in King Philip's War. First wife was Sybil Collins. 7 children.

  4. 4.0 4.1 Goodwin, Nathaniel. Genealogical notes, or, Contributions to the family history of some of the first settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts. (Baltimore, Maryland, United States: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1978)

    John Whiting, s/o William, b. 1635, graduated Harvard 1653, preached at Salem, removed to hartford and ordained over First Church 1660. Formed new church 1670 of which pastor until death 8 Sep 1689. First wife Sybil Collins, m. (2) 1673 to Phebe Gregson, d/o Thomas of New Haven.

  5.   Sibley, John Langdon. Biographical Sketches of Those who Attended Harvard College (1690-1774)
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    Class of 1653. Genealogical excerpts from his profile:
    Rev. John Whiting, M. A., of Hartford, second son of William Whiting, a wealthy merchant, who was Assistant and Treasurer of the Colony of Connecticut, was probably born in England, a short time before his father and mother, Susanna, came to America; though it may have been afterward, if Goodwin be correct in saying he was born in 1635. His connection with the College, during which some of his bills were paid by "m' hopkines," "bro vsher," and "m' lake," continued a year after he took the degree of Bachelor of Arts. About that time he married Sybil, born in England, sister of John Collins, H. U. 1649, ^^^ daughter of Deacon Edward Collins, of Cambridge, and soon afterward with his wife joined the church, probably continuing to reside at Cambridge, where two or three of his children were baptized.
    Whiting was twice married. By his first wife, already mentioned, he had seven children, of whom Abigail, born in 1666, married the Reverend Samuel Russell, of Deerfield, Massachusetts, and of Branford, Connecticut, H. U. 1 68 1. His second wife, whom he married in 1673, Phebe Gregson, born 15 October, 1643, daughter of Thomas Gregson, who was lost in the Phantom ship. She also had seven children. Subsequently she became the third wife of the Reverend John Russell, of Hadley, H. U. 1645, surviving whom she went to live with her son Joseph Whiting, at New Haven, where she died 19 September, 1730

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    "Probate Records, Vol. V, 1687 to 1695. Page 46-7.

    Whiting, Rev. John, Hartford. Invt. £622-10-06. Taken 5 November, 1689, by James Steele, Stephen Hosmore and John Willson. The children: Sibbell Bryan, age 34 years; William Whiting, 30; Martha Bryan, 28; Sarah Bull, 26; Abigail Russell, 24; Samuel Whiting, 19; Eliza: Whiting, 11 years; Joseph Whiting, 8 years; & John, one year old.

    Court Record, Page 8—20 November, 1689: Adms. to the Relict. Mr. Joseph Whiting and Stephen Hosmore are desired to take account of the debts and report.

    Page 36—3 December, 1691: Deacon Stephen Hosmore & Thomas Bunce are appointed to Dist. the Estate: To William Whiting, the house & lot bought of Richard Smith; to Samuel, £68-14-00; to Joseph Whiting, £68-14-00; to John Whiting, £68-14-00; to Sibbell Bryan besides what she hath, £44-16-00; to Martha Bryan, £37-13-04; to Sarah Bull, £45-12; to Abigail Russell, £31-01-00; to Elizabeth Whiting, £58,-14-00.

    Page 46-47—1 September, 1692: A Second Distribution: To William, £80-00-00; to the Relict, £136-19-08; to Samuel, £46-16-08; to Joseph, £46-16-08; to John, £46-16-08; to Sibbell, £27-18-08; to Martha, £20-16-00; to Sarah, £28-14-08; to Abigail, £14-03-06; to Elizabeth, £41-16-08. The 2nd Dist. a discount."