Person:John Washington (2)

Col. John Washington
m. Dec 1633
  1. Elizabeth WashingtonAbt 1627 - 1636
  2. Margaret WashingtonAbt 1627 -
  3. Martha WashingtonAbt 1627 -
  4. William WashingtonAbt 1627 - 1641
  5. Col. John WashingtonEst 1634 - 1677
  6. Lawrence WashingtonAbt 1635 - 1657/58
  • HCol. John WashingtonEst 1634 - 1677
  • WAnn Pope1640 - 1668
m. 1 Dec 1658
  1. Captain Lawrence Washington1659 - 1697/98
  2. Richard Washington1660 -
  3. Capt. John WashingtonAbt 1661 - 1697
  4. Anne Washington1662 - 1697
  5. Elizabeth Washington1665 -
Facts and Events
Name[2] Col. John Washington
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] Est 1634 Purleigh, Essex, England(probably)
Marriage 1 Dec 1658 Westmoreland, Virginia, United Statesto Ann Pope
Marriage to Anne Gerrard Broderick
Marriage to Frances Gerrard Speke Peyton Appleton
Occupation? Williamsburg, Virginia, United StatesHouse of Burgesses of Virginia
Death? 1677 Richmond County, Virginia
Ancestral File Number 1G3Z-HV
Reference Number? Q3182695?

Col. John Washington was one of the Early Settlers of Colonial Virginia

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Col. John Washington was the Great Grandfather of President George Washington.

Information on Col. John Washington

John Washington, born ca. 1633/4, died January 1677;sailed for Virginia in 1656 as mate and voyage partner of Edward Prescott, owner of the sea Horse of London, a ketch engaged in the tobacco trade;They arrived early in 1657. Having taken tobacco on board near Mattox Creek, they weighed anchor and set sail again, but the ketch sank; He bought land at Bridges Creek and settled there in 1664;Eventually he owned over 6,000 acres in Virginia, including the nucleus of the Wakefield and Mount Vernon estates;As a Colonel he led Virginian forces in the Indian War of 1675;Among civil offices, he was a member of the Virginian House of Burgesses for Westmoreland County;Married 2ndly December 1658 Anne Pope, widow of Walter Boadhurst and dr. of Lt.Col. Nathaniel Pope.

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    Paternal great-grandfather of George Washington. Descended from King Edward I of England through his father. John Washington, prob. Purleigh, Essex c. 1634-prob. Washington Parish, Westmoreland Co. c. 1677, Westmoreland Co. 1 Dec. 1658 [m] Anne Pope. Parents Lawrence Washington and Amphyllis Twigden.