Person:John Snodgrass (4)

John Snodgrass
  1. John Snodgrass1746 - 1796
  2. William Snodgrass1751 - 1808
  3. Benjamin Snodgrass
  4. Elizabeth Snodgrass1752 - 1822
  5. Sarah Snodgrass1756 - 1831
  6. Catherine Snodgrass1758 -
  7. James Snodgrass1762 -
m. Abt 1765
  1. Joseph "Blackhaired" Snodgrass1766 - Bef 1829
  2. William Snodgrass, Sr.1766 - Bef 1830
  3. David Snodgrass1772 -
  4. Eleanor SnodgrassAbt 1774 -
  5. Mary SnodgrassAbt 1774 -
  6. Matthew Snodgrass1776 -
  7. Elizabeth Snodgrass1778 -
  8. John SnodgrassAbt 1780 -
Facts and Events
Name John Snodgrass
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1746 Frederick County, Virginia[area became Berkeley County in 1772]
Marriage Abt 1765 Monongalia, VAto Mary Miller
Will? 8 Jun 1795 Washington County, Virginia[Will Written]
Death[1] 15 Mar 1796 Washington County, Virginia
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    Name John Snodgrass Jr
    Birth Date 1746
    Birth Place Jones Springs, [Frederick County, VA]* Berkeley County, West Virginia, United States of America
    Death Date 1796
    Death Place Washington County, Virginia, United States of America
    Cemetery Glade Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Old)
    Burial or Cremation Place Glade Spring, Washington County, Virginia, United States of America
    Has Bio? Y
    Father John Joseph Snodgrass
    Mother Elizabeth Snodgrass
    Spouse Mary Snodgrass
    Children David Snodgrass

    "Hunters visited the county as early as 1745, but no families came and settled permanently until about 1767 or 1768. In two years from that time many emigrated, so that in 1770 the county was dotted all over with improvements. The first great migration was from Augusta County, but the spirit was immediately caught, and large numbers of families, and, indeed, whole connections, came from Frederick County and the Valley - from the Augusta line to the Potomac - from the upper counties of Maryland and from Pennsylvania. Botetourt and the country on each side of it sent members."
    (Historical Sketches of the Campbell, Pilcher and Kindred Families" by Margaret C. Pilcher. Marshall & Bruce Co. Nashville 1911, page 96)

    14th Dec 1773: In present day Berkeley Co, WV, Patrick Vance, along with John Ewing and John Wright, is recorded as being a witness of a land transaction (2-1/2 acres for 3 pounds Pennsylvania currency) between Hugh Miller Jr. (seller) and (buyers) Hugh Vance, William Patterson, Hugh Lyle, Hugh Miller Jr, David Miller, John SNODGRASS Jr, John Park, Dugall Campbell, Samuel Park, Mathew Duncan, Joseph Mecai, and Thomas Kennedy.

    In 1776 Edmiston's Fort was located on the Snodgrass farm at Lodi, Washington Co, VA.

    He wrote his Will 8 Jun 1795.


    * Note: Berkeley County was formed from part of Frederick County, VA in 1772.