Person:John Sidgmore (3)

John William Sidgmore
b.9 Apr 1951 Spring Valley, NY
d.11 Dec 2003 Maryland
  1. John William Sidgmore1951 - 2003
Facts and Events
Name John William Sidgmore
Gender Male
Birth? 9 Apr 1951 Spring Valley, NY
Occupation? Telecommunications exec.
Death? 11 Dec 2003 Maryland

John W. Sidgmore John W. Sidgmore (46), Chief Executive Officer UUNET Technologies and Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer WorldCom, Inc.

John W. Sidgmore is Chief Executive Officer at UUNET Technologies and Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer of WorldCom, Inc. Mr. Sidgmore joined UUNET Technologies in June 1994 as President and Chief Executive Officer. By 1996, UUNET had increased its annualized revenues from approximately $7 million to over $300 million, and became the world's largest Internet Service Provider with over 1,200 employees worldwide.

In May of 1995, UUNET completed the third most successful public offering on NASDAQ. On August 12, 1996 UUNET Technologies, Inc. merged with MFS Communications Company, Inc., in a transaction valued at nearly $2 billion. Shortly following that merger, on December 31, 1996 MFS Communications, Inc. and UUNET Technologies, Inc. were acquired in the fourth largest merger in corporate history for $14 billion by WorldCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: WCOM).

Previously, Mr. Sidgmore was President and Chief Executive Officer of CSC Intelicom (formerly Intelicom Solutions). At that time, CSC Intelicom was the largest independent software company in the telecommunications industry with approximately $100 million in annual revenue and 600 employees worldwide. While at CSC Intelicom, he engineered a major turnaround in performance, and the company grew at a rate of approximately 60 percent-following four straight years of decline. Mr. Sidgmore successfully sold Intelicom Solutions Corporation to Computer Sciences Corporation in 1991 and remained as CEO of CSC Intelicom until June of 1994.

For fourteen years previous to his association with CSC Intelicom, Mr. Sidgmore was with General Electric Information Services (GEIS) of North America, a $240 million business segment. During his four year tenure as Vice President and General Manager of GEIS North America, Mr. Sidgmore engineered a turnaround in U.S. performance which led to a tripling of net income and a 20 percent growth in revenue after three straight years of decline. Mr. Sidgmore received his bachelor's of art in economics from the State University of New York in 1973.