Person:John Sanborn (13)

m. Abt 1619
  1. Stephen Sanborn
  2. John Sanborn, Jr.1620 - 1692
  3. William Sanborn, Sr.1622 - 1692
  • HJohn Sanborn, Jr.1620 - 1692
  • WMary Tuck - 1668
m. 15 MAY 1647
  1. John Sanborn, IIIABT 1649 - 1723
  2. Mary Sanborn1651 - 1654
  3. Abigail Sanborn1653 - 1743
  4. Dinah Sanborn
  5. Richard Sanborn1654/55 - 1716
  6. Mary Sanborn1657 - 1660
  7. Joseph Sanborn, Sr.1658/59 - Bef 1727
  8. Abial Sanborn
  9. Stephen Sanborn1661 - 1662
  10. Ann Sanborn1662 - 1745
  11. Nathaniel Sanborn1665/66 - 1723
  12. Benjamin Sanborn, Sr.1668 - 1740
  • HJohn Sanborn, Jr.1620 - 1692
  • WMargaret PageABT 1630 - 1699
m. 2 Aug 1671
  1. Capt. Jonathan Sanborn, Capt.1672 -
Facts and Events
Name John Sanborn, Jr.
Alt Name John Samborne
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1620 St. Mary-le-Strand, Middlesex, England
Alt Birth[2] abt 1620 Norfolk, England
Residence[2] 1643 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Marriage 15 MAY 1647 Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USAto Mary Tuck
Marriage 2 Aug 1671 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United Statesto Margaret Page
Will[3] 10 Oct 1692 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Death[1][3] 20 Oct 1692 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United States
Other[4] 2 Nov 1692 Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, United StatesInventory, Taken by Wm Maston, Nathll Bachiler Henr. Dow & Left John Smith
The William and Francis (1632)
The William and Francis was one of two ships sent as part of the "Plough Company" to settle a patent in Saco, Maine. They were never able to occupy the patent and soon failed.
Sailed: March 9, 1632 from London, England under Master Thomas
Arrived: June 5, 1632 in New England

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* Found on Gov. Winthrop's list, but some doubt as to actual presence on the William and Francis.

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Stephen Bachiler was the most prominent, and accounts of his life generally touch on the Plough Company and the William and Francis. See, e.g. Stephen Bachiler at Wikipedia - Material at Hampton, NH Library

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    "He was a prominent man, was many years a selectman, a representative to the general court Yc, a freeman Oct 11, 1685."

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    Lieutenant John Sanborne, SANBORN the immigrant ancestor of the Sanborn family of Somerville, Massachusetts, was born in England in 1620, and settled in Hampton, now in New Hampshire, as early as 1640, when he was granted a house, lot and tract of land there in that year. In 1643 he signed a petition with other Hampton men, and after that the records contain numerous references to him. His house in Hampton was next to that of Stephen Bachiler across the road from the meeting house green and nearly opposite the old meeting house. John Sanborne and his brothers William and Stephen were sons of an English Sanborne (probably William of Brimpton), Berkshire, and Anna, daughter of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Their father died about 1630. The three brothers are said to have come to America in 1632 with their grandfather Bachiler. In 1647 Bachiler deeded his property at Hampton to his four grandchildren, the three brothers named and Nathaniel Bachiler, "all now or lately of Hampton." They were the ancestors of Daniel Webster. • February 2, 1657, John Sanborne was chosen a selectman, but exempted; March 30, 1657, he was appointed on a committee to see to the building of a house for the minister, Rev. Mr. Cotton. His familiarity with the town records and boundaries led to his being chosen on all committees to examine old grants or establish boundary lines. Thus in 1651 and again in 1658 he was chosen a committee to join with the town clerk to examine all the grants and appointments of lands, highways, and the like; and to perfect the same in the town book. In 1661 Sanborne was again a selectman and also on the committee to hire the school teachers. In 1664 he was chosen ensign of the Hampton military company. He was a selectman also in 1665-68-71-74-75-78-79; commissioner to end small causes in 1666-67-69 for the town of Hampton ; foreman of the grand jury 1676. He was admitted a freeman May, 1666; commissioned lieutenant of Hampton forces October 15, 1669. In the contest with the Masonian proprietors he refused to yield to the demands of Mason and was imprisoned, October 21, 1684. He was elected to the general assembly, 1685.

    He married (first) Mary Tuck, daughter of Robert Tuck, DÍ Gorlston, Suffolk, England, and Hampton, New Hampshire. She died December 30, 1668.

    He married (second) Margaret (Page) Moulton, widow of William Moulton, and daughter of Robert Page, of Ormsby, Norfolk, England, and Hampton, New Hampshire. Children: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Mary, born 1651, died 1654. 3. Abigail, born February 23, 1653, married Ephraim Marston ; died January 3, 1743. 4. Richard, born January 4, 1655. 5. Mary, born 1657, died 1660. 6. Joseph, born March 13, 1659. 7. Stephen, born 1661, died 1662. 8. Ann, born November 20, 1662, married Stephen Palmer. 9. Dinah, married James Marston. 10. Nathaniel, born January 27, 1666. it. Benjamin, born December 20, 1668. 12. Captain Jonathan, born May 25, 1672. (II) John Sanborne, son of Lieutenant John Sanborne (1), was born in Hampton, about 1649; was admitted a freeman April 25, 1678. He married, November 19, 1674. Judith Coffin, daughter of Tristram Coffin, of Newbury. She was born December 4, 1653, and died May 17, 1724. John died September 23, 1727. Children: 1. Judith, born August 8, 1675, married Ebenezer Gove. 2. Mary, born July 2, 1677, married Ebenezer Stevens. 3. Sarah, born May 8, 1679. 4. Deborah, born 1681, married Samuel Fellows and (second) Benjamin Shaw. 5. John, born 1683. 6. Tristram, born 1684-85. 7. Enoch, born 1685, mentioned below. 8. Lydia, born February 24, 1687. 9. Peter, born 1689. to. Abner, born April 27, 1694. (III) Enoch Sanborn, son of John Sanborne (2], was born in Hampton, 1685, lived in Hampton Falls, where he owned a small farm, and a mill, in 1750. In 1707 he went with Captain Chesley's Expedition to Port Royal. He married, March. 1709. Elizabeth Dennett, daughter of Alexander Dennett, of Portsmouth; (second), April 1. 1736, Mehitable Blake Godfrey, daughter of John Blake, of Hampton, and widow of Jonathan Godfrey. Enoch was a saddler by trade. He deeded his land in Halestown to his son John in 1760. Children: i. Elizabeth, baptized

  7.   signed a Hampton petition in 1643