Person:John Rogers (7)

John Rogers
m. 16 Apr 1639
  1. Anna Rogers1640 - Aft 1704
  2. John RogersEst 1640 - 1732
  3. Abigail RogersAbt 1640 - 1727
  4. Elizabeth RogersBef 1652 - Aft 1703
m. Nov 1666
  1. Hannah Rogers1668 - 1754
  2. John Rogers1670 - 1696
  3. Elizabeth Rogers1673 - 1724
  4. Ruth Rogers1675 - 1725
  5. Sarah Rogers1677 - 1770
m. 21 Oct 1679
  • HJohn RogersEst 1640 - 1732
  • WMarah Cobham1652 - Bef 1739
m. Aft 22 Mar 1692/93
Facts and Events
Name[1][4] John Rogers
Alt Name John Rodgers
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1640 prob. Duxbury, Massachusetts
Alt Birth? Abt 1640 duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Alt Birth? 1 Mar 1641 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Alt Birth? 3 Apr 1642
Alt Marriage 2 Aug 1658 Salem, Essex, Massachusettsto Hannah Hobart
Marriage Nov 1666 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Pabodie
Marriage 21 Oct 1679 Hingham, Massachusettsto Hannah Hobart
Alt Marriage Abt 1679 Hingham, Bristol, Massachusettsto Hannah Hobart
Marriage Contract 22 Mar 1692/93 to Marah Cobham
Marriage Aft 22 Mar 1692/93 to Marah Cobham
Alt Death? 1715 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1] 28 Jun 1732 Barrington, Rhode Island
Will? 5 Sep 1732 Administration granted
Will? 12 Sep 1732 Inventory taken, amounting to about 978 pounds
Will? 21 Oct 1732 Inventory recorded
Residence? Duxbury, Boston, Taunton, and Swansea, Mass; Bristol & Barrington, both then in Mass, now RI
Other[5] Age at Death (Facts Pg)

From The Mayflower Descendant, Volume 19:

At various times John Rogers... was a resident of Duxbury, Boston, Taunton and Swansea, Mass., also of the towns of Briston, and Barrington, both then in Massachusetts, but now in Rhode Island.

His first wife, who was the mother of his children, was Elizabeth Pabodie... of Duxbury, who died in 1677, 1678, or 1679.

His second wife was Hannah (Hobart) Browne, widow of John Browne of Salem, Mass. and daughter of Rev. Peter Hobart of Hingham, Mass. She died in 1691...

The third wife of John Rogers has heretofore been known only as Marah, the widow of Joseph Bruing, a bookseller of Boston, Mass., who died about 1691; but the Editor is now able to announce that he has discovered her maiden name. She was Marah Cobham, daughter of Josiah Cobham, of Salisbury, Mass.

He was son of John and Ann (Churchman) Rogers, who was born about 1640, and grandson of Thomas of the Mayflower, who is also in this database.

"Family rows" may be very unpleasant to the participants at the time, but we cannot but be grateful that sometimes such disagreements are carried into court. From deeds on record, and the proceedings in the distribution of the estate of John Rogers and his several wives, we know that his son John died unmarried, the names of his 4 daughters and their husbands, and the relationship of various groups of grandchildren. Marah (Browning) Rogers seems to "have come under the influence" of John Pierce, the husband of one of her nieces. When John Rogers died, his grandsons-administrators charged his widow Marah, John Pierce, and Peleg Richmond (another of his grandsons who had married John Pierce's daughter) with having "concealed, Imbezelled and conveyed away" assets of his estate, including a "bead and Garlix" (bed and its garniture?). Within a few weeks after the death of her husband, Marah assigned to this same John Pierce the 800 pounds mentioned in her antenuptial agreement. Notwithstanding her covenant not to claim anything from the estate of John Rogers, Marah was evidently so insistent in her demands that the administrators were forced to pay her 500 pounds on February 17, 1732/3, to secure her quit claim. When Marah died, and 2 of her grand-nephews were appointed administrators of February 19, 1739, they immediately charged John Pierce and Peleg Richmond with "embezelment" of her estate. Many of the documents, printed in 20 M.D., make interesting and amusing reading.

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    3rd wife

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