Person:John Reese (20)

m. 13 Jul 1784
  1. Joseph Reese1785 - 1847
  2. Catherine Reese1788 - 1829
  3. Sarah Reese1790 - 1859
  4. Benjamin Reese1792 - 1853
  5. John Reese1797 - 1852
m. 15 Jun 1815
  1. Eliza Jane Reese1816 - 1828
  2. John Bourbon Reese1818 - 1900
  3. Malvina Reese1820 - 1821
  4. Livonia Ann Reese1824 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name John Reese
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 19 May 1797 Scott, Kentucky, United States
Marriage 15 Jun 1815 Clark, Indiana, United Statesto Jemina Russell
Other[4] 27 Oct 1826 Clark, Indiana, United Statesnamed in father's will
Marriage 10 Oct 1827 Jefferson, Indiana, United Statesto Elizabeth Symington
Property[6] 27 Dec 1832 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, United Statespurchased town lot
Religion[5][14] Abt 1832-33 Johnson, Indiana, United StatesMinister of First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
Property[8] 4 Nov 1834 Johnson, Indiana, United StatesReceived US land patent
Religion[7] 1835 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, United Statesleft the church
Property[6] 8 Sep 1835 Johnson, Indiana, United Statessold property
Property[9] 17 Jan 1838 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, United Statessold town lot, resident of Jefferson County
Census[10] 1840 South Hanover, Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Census[11] 1850 South Hanover, Jefferson, Indiana, United States
Death[1][12] 14 May 1852 Natchitoches, Louisiana, United Statesaboard packet boat “Caspian”, near Grand Encore
Cause of Death[12] 14 May 1852 Natchitoches, Louisiana, United StatesCholera
Probate[13] 23 Aug 1852 Jefferson, Indiana, United StatesLetters of Administration granted to son Alexander Reese
Probate[13] 27 Aug 1861 Jefferson, Indiana, United StatesFinal Settlement
Burial[12] Natchitoches, Louisiana, United Statesthree miles above Grand Encore
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    John Reese (brother of Benjamin) born May 19, 1797 - died May 14, 1852

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    died at Grand Encore LA on 14 - May - 1852
    The Said John Reese was the child of
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    And John Reese of Jefferson County, Indiana who paid $100 for
    Lot #66 in the town of Franklin
    Signed David Monfort, Ann W. Monfort
    Witness Wm G. Shelley, Abraham Stark, John Foster, J. P.
    p. 402
    Whereas the undersigned has granted sold, etc. to Burgess Waggener
    The NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of S24, T12N, R4E, containing 40 acres
    For Elizabeth the consort of John Reese relinquishes her Dower rights
    Signed 8 Sep 1835, John Reese, Elizabeth Reese
    Witness James Chenoweth, JP, 8 Sep 1835

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    On page 11 of Dr. Wallace’s History of the Franklin Baptist Church: “In 1835 John Reese, an Uncle of Rev. John Reese of Shelbyville, gave the church considerable trouble, the records reveal nothing of the exact nature of the trouble but they do reveal that he was a man of hasty temper; for becoming incensed at some remark, he stalks out of the meeting, remarking to the church members as he went out, ‘I’m no more of you’; and we know that he must have been in the wrong for such men as Prof. Warren Leverette, for the time located at Franklin and other stable brethren of the church assert that they have no fellowship for him. But we must believe that, like Peter he repented and the church restored him to membership”

  8. United States. Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records, Primary quality.

    Document Nr.: 15973
    Patentee: JOHN REESE of Jefferson County, Indiana
    Issue Date: 11/4/1834, Indianapolis, Indiana
    40 Acres, NE1/4SE1/4 Section 24, Township 12-N, Range 4-E, Johnson County, Indiana

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    Indenture 17 January 1838
    Between John Rees of Jefferson County, IN
    And James Chenoweth of Johnson County, IN who paid $600 for
    Lot 66 in the Town of Franklin
    Signed John Reese, Elizabeth Reese his wife
    Witness John B. Reese, J. C. Cheevers JP of Jefferson County, IN

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    Reese, John, 54, male, blacksmith, RE = $700, b. KY
    , Wm. A. 21, male, student, b. IN, at school
    , Sarah E., 20, female, b. IN
    , Elizabeth, 43, female, b. KY
    , Robert S., 18, male, student, b. IN, at school
    , Nancy, 16, female, b. IN, at school
    , Charlotte A., 14, female, b. IN, at school
    , Mary J., 12, female, b. IN, at school
    , Martha J., 8, female, b. IN, at school
    , Mira E., 4, female, b. IN

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    You ask me about Father! My dear cousin how shall I tell you? I have no father. It is too true! Little did I think when I grasped his hand at the river this spring and bid him farewell that I should never see that dear good old father again in this world. That I should never again meet him till that time when I hope by God’s grace to met him in the mansions of Eternal rest. The circumstances of his death are briefly these: Father reached New Orleans the 8th day of May. His health was very good and he took passage, as he informed in his last letter, on board the “Caspian”, a Red River packet bound for Shreveport. His design was to cross over into Texas with the intention of of hunting a place to locate if he liked the country. The last letter he wrote was dated New Orleans May 11th – The next day we suppose the boat left for Shreveport. Father said that he was threatened with diarrhoea but thought it was nothing serious. That was the last we heard of him till about two weeks ago when we received a letter from the clerk of the boat informing us that “Mr. John Reese had taken passage on board the Caspian, that on the night of the 13th he took unwell and died on the 14th at 3 o’clock P. M. He had cholera”. Such was the purport of the letter. The Clerk Mr. I. M. Thompson, also stated that he had received all the attention in their power. He stated that he died easy and was willing to meet his God. He was buried 3 miles above Grand Ecore. The clerk said he had written to us once before but we never got the letter. I wrote to him immediately instructing him where to ship his trunk and gun and desiring all the particulars of his death and his burial. I have as yet received no answer to my letter.

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  14. The history of Johnson County, and particularly of the First Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, implies that John Reese was there about about 1828-29. However, the deed of his purchase of a town lot in Franklin in 1832 states that he is resident at that time in Jefferson County, and Records of the New Washington Baptist Church of Clark County, Indiana place his wife as a member of that church in the summer of 1829.