Person:John Olmstead (24)

m. Bef 1646/47
  1. James OlmsteadBef 1649 - Bef 1731
  2. John Olmstead1649 - Bef 1704
  • HJohn Olmstead1649 - Bef 1704
  • WMary BenedictEst 1654 - Abt 1693
m. 17 Jul 1673
  1. Mary OlmsteadAbt 1675 - Bef 1752
  2. Jane OlmsteadAbt 1677 -
  3. Sarah Olmstead1679 -
  4. Elizabeth OlmsteadEst 1683 -
  5. Daniel OlmsteadAbt 1684/85 - Aft 1743
  6. Richard OlmsteadEst 1687 - 1776
  7. Rebecca OlmsteadAft 1688 - Aft 1752
  8. Eunice OlmsteadEst 1689 - Aft 1743
  9. Deborah OlmsteadAbt 1693 - Bef 1706/07
m. Abt 1695
  1. Abigail OlmsteadAbt 1696 -
  2. Anna OlmsteadAbt 1698 -
  3. John OlmsteadAbt 1700 -
Facts and Events
Name John Olmstead
Gender Male
Christening[1][2] 30 Dec 1649 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 17 Jul 1673 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Benedict
Marriage Abt 1695 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States[2nd wife she is the widow Gregory]
to Elizabeth Pardee
Military[1] Lieutenant
Other[6] 3 Oct 1695 Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesnamed in court record
Death[1][2][3] Bef 22 Dec 1704 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States[Inventory]
Probate[2][3][7] 22 Dec 1704 Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesInventory taken, mentions children
Probate[7] 17 Jan 1705 Fairfield, Connecticut, United Statesaccount filed
Probate[7] 9 Feb 1705 Fairfield, Connecticut, United Statesaccount filed
Probate[7] 14 Feb 1705 Fairfield, Connecticut, United Statesletters of administration granted to Andrew Messenger
Probate[2][3] 17 Apr 1705 Fairfield, Connecticut, United StatesDistribution
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    (3955) (Lieut.) JOHN OLMSTED, bap. at Hartford, Conn., Dec. 30, 1649; inventory dated Dec. 22, 1704-5; estate distributed Apr. 17, 1705; m. (1) prob. Nov. 11, 1670, Mary Benedict; dau. of Thomas and Mary (Bridgum) Benedict, of (prob.) Southold, Long Island, N. Y.; (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Pardie) Gregory; b. June 10, 1660; dau. of George Pardie and widow of Thomas Gregory. Mrs. Elizabeth Olmsted survived her husband. In 1673, in "the Estates of Lands and Accommodations of ye towne of Norwalk," John Olmsted is credited with £50. In 1699 he was chosen Selectman, and again in 1703. ...
    [cos1776 Note: Error. 17 Jul 1673, per Barbour VRs.]

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    'Olmstead, John, s. of Richard. …
    Bapt. at Hartford, 30 Dec. 1649, d. at Norwalk in 1704.
    Married (1) at Norwalk, 17 July 1673, Mary Benedict, dau. of Thomas.
    Married (2) Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Gregory, and dau. of George Pardee, b. at New Haven, 10 June 1660.
    Inv. 22 Dec. 1704/5 (sic). … Distribution 17 Apr. 1705: Widow; …'

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    ... Ensign John (brother of James), ... married July 17, 1673, Maryk, daughter of Thomas and Mary Benedict, by whom he had his children, Mary, Sarah (Mrs. Johathan Abbott), Rebecca 9Mrs. Samuel St. John), Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry Whitney), Daniel, Jane (Mrs. Benj. Wilson), Richard, Eunice, Deborah, Abigail, Anna and John. ...
    [cos1776 Note of Caution: Possible error. Selleck attributes all children to wife Mary.]

  6. .

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    [A Court of Assistants holden at Hartford, October 3d, 1695]
    James and John Olmstead heirs of Capt. Richard Olmstead, and Samuel Newell in the behalf of Rebeckah Newell Sister of Mr. John Olmstead, being dissatisfyed with the Settlement of the Estate of the Sd Mr. John Olmstead decd. made by the County Court at New London, made Application to this Court for relief. This Court haveing heard the Said Case, do find, that the Said John Olmstead decd. by his last Will & Testament left his whole estate to his wife for & dureing the term of her Nathurall Life, butt made no disposition of his real Estate (excepting only ten acres of Land to his Negro) to any person, and that therefore the Said real Estate excepting the ten acres of Land aforesaid (altho the Widdow, relict of the Sd Jno Olmstead hath made disposition thereof, by Will, which this Court do not allow nor approve) doth of right belong to the heirs of the Said Richard Olmstead, and Rebeckah Newell. Therefore this Court do Order that the Same be Setled upon them, accordingly. And this Court do direct the County Court at New London, to order a Settlement & division of the personall Estate of the Said John Olmstead decd according to Justice and Righteousness, and the Last Will of the Sd Widdow, and to take care that Samuel Lothrup be Satisfied & paid for his Assistance & helpfullnes to the Widdow, in her lifetime.

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    OLMSTED, John, Lieut, late of Norwalk, Feb. 14, 1704/5, letters of administration on his estate granted to Andrew Messenger, Samuel Marvin, and Joseph Plat, page 51a.

    Jan. 17, 1704/5, account filed, and the above administration discharged, and the court thereupon appointed Thomas Reed, Samuel Session, and Benjamin Wilson, sons in law of deceased, administrators, page 51a.

    Inventory taken Dec. 22, 1704, by John Benedick and Samuel Smith, mentioned his children, Daniel, about 19 yrs: Richard, ae. about 17 yrs: John, ae. about 4 yrs: Mary, ae. about 18 yrs: Jane,__: Sarah: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Unice, ae. about 15 yrs: Deborah, ae. about 10 yrs: Abegaile, ae. about 8 yrs; and Anna, ae. about 6 yrs: and filed Jan. 17, 1704/5, page 51.

    Feb. 9, 1704/5, account filed, and estate ordered distributed by Thomas Betts, John Steuard, and John Raimond to his widow and children as aforsaid, page 52.

    Feb. 14, 1704/5, the court ordered Andrew Messenger guardian of Deborah, a daughter of descendant; Daniel, a son of decedent, made choice of his brother in law Thomas Reed to be his guardian, page 11.

    Mch. 5, 1706/7, the court appointed Joseph Platt guardian of Abegaile; Samuel Betts guardian of John; and Samuel Keeler guardian of Anna, other children of decedent; Richard another son of decedent made choice of Samuel Session of Norwalk to be his guardian; Unice, another daughter of decedent, made choice of Samuel Marvin to be her guardian; and Rebecca Gregory another daughter of decedent, made choice of Ebeneazer Gregory of Norwalk, to be her guardian, page 52.

    April 17, 1705, estate distributed by Thomas Betts, John Steward, and John Raimond to his widow, who was formerly the widow of Thomas Gregory, deceased, and to Daniel Olmsted, Thomas Reed, Benjamin Wilson, Anna Olmsted, Jonathan Abut, Samuel St. John, Richard Olmsted, John Olmsted, Elizabeth Olmsted, Eunice Olmsted, Deborah Olmsted, and Abigaile Olmsted, page 134.