Person:John Major (3)

  1. John MajorAbt 1607 -
m. 1634
  1. Alice Major - Aft 1679
m. 1640
Facts and Events
Name John Major
Gender Male
Birth[2] abt 1607 Virginia, United Statesfrom court deposition
Emigration[1] 1628 VirginiaHeadright for Thomas Flint
Marriage 1634 Accomack, Virginia, United Statesto Mrs. Maudlin Major
Marriage 1640 Virginiato Jane Lorrymer
Death? Accomack, Virginia, United States
  1. Land Grant 20 September 1628.
  2. Northampton / Accomack Book 1, Walczyk, Frank V.

    John Major aged "27 or thereabouts" when he gave a deposition in April 1634

    Walczyk, Frank V. Northampton / Accomack Book 1. Coram NY: Peter's Row, 2003: 10.

    A court holden at Acchawmacke the [---] day of April 1634.

    In the first place the oath of John Major aged 27 or there abouts sworn and examined sayeth, That in February last there was a bargain made between Capt. Scarborough and Phillippe Taylor for half of an ox and one old bull for which Phillippe Taylor was to pay to Capt. Scarborough 200 lbs. of tobacco in comodities this ship and 200 lbs. of tobacco more at the next crop. Of the bargain (concerning the bull) about the 200 lbs. of tobacco last Capt. Scarborough desired to be released, but Phillippe Taylor would not, saying that he would hold him to the bargain, and if that Capt. Scarborough would cause the said bull to be sent into any boat with his chattles bound over the bay that then the said Phillippe Taylor would accept of him for his own and take him upon his own account so as the bull was shipped or put into any boat and this is all that this depondent can say.