Person:John Lathrop (1)

m. 29 Jul 1574
  1. Anne Lathrop1576 - 1653
  2. Mary Lathrop1578 - 1628
  3. Thomas Lathrop1582 -
  4. Rev. John Lathrop1584 - 1653
  5. William Lathrop1587 - 1628
  • HRev. John Lathrop1584 - 1653
  • WHannah HowseAbt 1594 - 1633/34
m. 10 Oct 1610
  1. Thomas Lathrop1612/13 - 1707
  2. Jane Lathrop1614 - bef 1683
  3. Anne Lathrop1616 - 1617
  4. John Lathrop1617 - aft 1653
  5. Barbara Lathrop1619 - aft 1653
  6. Samuel Lathropest 1621 - 1699
  7. Captain Joseph Lathrop1624 - bet 1700
  8. Benjamin Lathrop1626 - 1691
  • HRev. John Lathrop1584 - 1653
  • WAnn Unknownbef 1615 - 1687/88
m. bef 14 Jun 1635
  1. Judge Barnabas Lathrop1636 - 1715
  2. Unknown Lathrop1638 - 1638
  3. Abigail Lathrop1639 - 1722
  4. Bathsheba Lathrop1641 - 1721/2
  5. John Lathrop1643/44 - 1727
  6. Elizabeth LathropABT 1646 - 1690
  7. son Lathrop1647/48 - 1647/48
Facts and Events
Name Rev. John Lathrop
Alt Name[1] Rev. John Lothrop
Gender Male
Christening[2][3] 20 Dec 1584 Etton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Education[1] 15 Oct 1602 Oxford, Oxfordshire, EnglandMatriculated at Oxford from Christ Church.
Reference Number? Q6245304?
Degree[1] 1607 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, EnglandB.A. Queens' College, Cambridge
Degree[3] 1609 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, EnglandM.A. Queens' College, Cambridge
Marriage 10 Oct 1610 Eastwell, Kent, Englandto Hannah Howse
Other[4] From 22 Apr 1632 to 1634 Southwark, London, EnglandClink Prison
Residence[1] 1634 Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage bef 14 Jun 1635 to Ann Unknown
Immigration[7] 18 Sep 1634 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesOn the Griffin
Residence[1] 1639 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Death[2] 8 Nov 1653 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States

Baptismal Records

"The baptismal records from Etton, Yorkshire, and Egerton, Kent, were supplied by Horatio Gates Somerby and should be checked independently."[1]

For examples of Somerby's fabrications, see Source:Reed, Paul C. Two Somerby Frauds

Rev John Lothrop and many members of his church removed and founded the town of Barnstable, probably at that time the most easterly settlement on Cape Cod, whither Samuel Fuller and his young wife followed.

"Rev. Lathrop attended Queen's College, Cambridge, where he seems to have acquired the usual "dissenting" spirit of theat Univeresity. In 1611 he became Vicar of Egerton, Ken, England, but resigned in 1623 and went to London, where he became a pastor of the first independent Congregational church in London. It was broken up in 1632. He was tried by the Star Chamber, and imprisoned for two years in Newgate. He was released in 1634, and sentenced to "banishment". He sailed from England with his family in the ship "Griffin", and landed in Boston in 1634-5. He settled in Scituate and Barnstable, being the first minister who preached at either place. " From "History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters and First Comers to Ye Olde Colonie" by Leon Clark Hills, Pub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, 1977

The following is from: Persecuted in England: "The Rev John Lothrop renounced his orders and resigned from his cure at Egerton abt 1623 to succeed Henry Jacob as pastor of an independent colngregation was raided. [John] Lothrop and forty-one of his followers were seized and imprisoned, including Peninna and Samuel House, children of the Rev. John House (NEHGS 69 [1914] :284). In 1633, while [John] Lothrop was yet in prison, a dispute arose in his church. those who altogether rejected the established church and denied the ligitimacy of infant baptism were led away by John Spilsbury. John Lothrop's views were obviously less radical than Spilsbury's. Not only did infant baptism continue in his own churches in new England, but, as the above entries show, his sons Joseph and Benjamin were baptized at Eastwell in 1624 and 1626 respectively by their grandfather [Rev John] House, while John Lothrop was pastor of the independents at Southwark. John's eldest son Thomas was baptized at Eastwell on 21 Feb 1612/13, while he was curae at Egerton. (It was not unusual for the eldest child to be baptized in the wife's parish.)" The American Genealogist (TAG) Oct 1995 p251.

John Lathrop was born December 20, 1584 in Etton, Yorkshire, England. It is said the ancestral home of the Lathrop family is Lowthrope, England. Hannah House/Howse was from Eastwell, Kent, England. His English residences included: Etton 1584 > Egerton, Kent abt 1610 > 1623 London > See the Yorkshire, England <../geo/yorkshire.html> and Kent, England <../geo/kent.html> Home Pages for more details about the ancestral homes of John and Hannah.

See the Lathrop Genealogy page (active as of 27 December 2014) for comments about his parents and some of his descendants. His father was Thomas Lathrop of Cherry Burton. His mother is not certain, but is NOT Mary Salte. She could be one of three wives of Thomas Lathrop, probably the second one - whose identity is given variously as Mary Howell and Maud (___).


1584 … Christened at Etton, Yorkshire, England 1601 … Matriculation--Queen's College, Cambridge 1605 … Received B.A. from Queen's College, Cambridge 1607 … Ordained deacon by Bishop of Lincoln 1609 … Received M.A. from Queen's College, Cambridge Vicar of Egerton, Kent 1610 … Married Hannah Howse 1612 … Son, Thomas, born 1614 … Daughter, Jane born 1616 … Daughter, Anne, born 1617 … Son, John, born Daughter, Anne, died 1619 … Daughter, Barbara, born 1623 … Left Egerton and Church of England. Son, Samuel, born 1624 … Minister of Independent Church--Southwark. Son, Joseph, born 1626 … Son, Benjamin, born 1632 … Put in prison 1633 … Hannah Howse died 1634 … Released on bail. Arrives in Boston aboard the Griffin, Settles in Scituate 1635 … Chosen to be Minister of the Scituate Church. Married Ann before 14 June 1635 … Son, Barnabas, born 1638 … Daughter, (unnamed), born and died 1639 … Arrived Barnstable Daughter. Abigail, born 1642 … Daughter, Bathshua, born 1645 … Son,John, born 1650 … Son, (unnamed), born and died on same day 1653 … Died and buried in Barnstable, Massachusetts Age -- 68 years, 7 months

Buried first wife in England in 1634, came to Boston on the Griffin (arriving Sept. 18, 1634) and settled first at Scituate as the first pastor of that place and afterwards at Barnstable. in Oct 1639.

Griffin (1634)
The Griffin carried amongst its passengers eventual famous religious dissenter Anne Hutchinson
Sailed: 1 Aug 1634 from Unspecified Port, England
Arrived: 18 Sep 1634 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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