Person:John Hicks (23)

John Hicks
m. 1610
  1. Thomas Hicks1603/4 - 1604
  2. John Hicks1605 - Bef 1672
  3. Sarah Hicks1607 - 1617/8
  4. Richard Hicks1609 -
  5. Margaret Hicks1610 -
  6. Samuel Hicks1611 - Abt 1676
  7. Lydia HicksABT 1615 - 1634
  8. Phebe Hicks1614/15 - 1663
  9. Mary Hicks1617 - 1619
  10. Elizabeth HicksABT 1618 -
  11. Daniel HicksABT 1621 -
  12. Ephraim HicksAbt 1625 - 1649
  • HJohn Hicks1605 - Bef 1672
  • WHerodius Longabt 1623 - after 1671
m. abt 1637
  1. John Hicks1636 - 1728
  • HJohn Hicks1605 - Bef 1672
  • WRachel1618 - Aft 1666
m. after 22 Jan 1662
Facts and Events
Name[5] John Hicks
Gender Male
Christening[2][3][4] 12 Oct 1605 Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Marriage abt 1637 London, Englandto Herodius Long
Divorce abt 1645 Long Island, New York, United Statesfrom Herodius Long
Marriage after 22 Jan 1662 Hempstead, Nassau, New York, USAto Rachel
Death[1][6] Bef 14 Jun 1672 Jamaica, Queens, New York, United StatesWill proved

Caution: this page may represent two different people. The general consensus of the sources cited and evidence presented seems to be that the son of Robert Hicks named John died before Robert came over to New England (he is not counted in the family in the land or cattle division, nor he is not mentioned in either his mother's or father's will), and that the John Hicks who came to Weymouth about 1636 is not related to Robert. The baptism date belongs to the son of Robert, the remainder of the data belongs to the other John Hicks.

John Hicks was baptized in England on 12 October 1605, and died in Long Island, New York, in May 1672, son of Robert Hicks.

He emigrated to America about 1635. He was in Flushing, Long Island, as early as 1645. The first patent for Flushing was granted by Governor William Kieft on October 10/1645 to a company of English emigrants, including Thomas Farrington, John Lawrence, John Hicks, John Townsend, Thomas Stiles, Robert Field, Thomas Saul (Soule), John Marston, Thomas Applegate, Lawrence Dutch, William Lawrence, Henry Sawtell, William Thorne, Michael Willard, Robert Forman and William Widgeon. John Hicks was representative for Flushing to the conventions in New York in November and December 1653, called by Governor Stuyvesant. On March 6/1656, John Hicks was named a Justice of the Peace. On February 20/1666 Richard Nicholls, Governor General under His Royal Highness James, of York and Albany, &c, of all his territory in America, confirmed and ratified John Hicks' purchase of 500 acres of land at Madnan's Neck, Hempstead, L.I., to manure, plant and settle on. This tract was then divided into equal thirds, between himself, Richard Cornell and Elias Doughty. Twelve years later, William Haviland, in 1679-80, having bought from Elias Doughty his third part, complained to the Governor General that he was encroached upon by Richard Cornell and John Hicks, who settled their sons in law John Lawrence and John Doughty, on his land,

John Hicks married, 1st, at St. Faith's Church, England, about 1634, Horod (Horodia) Long, when she was between 13 and 14 years of age, of good family and considerable estate, with whom he lived in Weymouth, Mass., for two or three years. On March 20/1639 he moved to Newport, Rhode Island. There he had a disagreement with her and finally deserted her, and "the authority parted them". He then moved to Stanford, Conn., and it is alleged, took much of her estate with him. In 1642 he moved to Hempstead, L.I., where his children joined him later. Horod married, 2nd, as his first wife, George Gardener, of Newport, R.I,, who was Constable there in l638-l642, Ensign in 1644, and Commissioner in 1662. Horod divorced him in 1665, and George married, 2nd, Lydia Hallow, daughter of Robert Hallow: George died in 1677 and Lydia married, 2nd, in 1678, William Hawkins. George and Horod Gardener had Benoni, Henry, George, William, Nicholas, Dorcas, Rebecca, Samuel, and Joseph. George had by his second wife, Lydia, Mary and Peregrine. After John Hicks divorced Horod, she became a Quaker. On May 11/1658, Horod went from Newport to Weymouth "with a babe at her breast", to deliver her religious testimony, and as a result, was carried to Boston before Governor Endicott, who sentenced her to be whipped with a three fold knotted whip and kept in prison for 14 days. During her trial she kneeled down and prayed the Lord to forgive Governor Endicott.

John Hicks married, 2nd, in 1654, (according to the Hicks and Cornell genealogies), Florence Carman, who died in 1661, widow of John Carman, see subject 536, but had no children by her. In 1661 her children by John Carman, asked an accounting of her estate free John Hicks. John Hicks married, 3rd, (Bunker says 2nd), in 1662, Rachel ---, widow of Josias Starr, but had no children by her. The Haviland Genealogy says an agreement was made between John Hicks and Rachel Starr, the former of Hempstead and the latter of Oyster Bay, before marriage, to a settlement of their estates for the prevention of difficulties and differences between the children or each. Rachel's property was to be returned to her children and John's to his children. His property was valued at 13,360 Guilders.

John Hicks' will of April 29/1672, instructed his son Thomas to pay Rachel £100 in neat cattle, according to wheate at 5 shillings per bushel, and "the bed and bedding she usually lyeth upon", with all its furniture: also one brass kettle and ye lesser iron pot, beside her own wearing clothes, and what goods his said wife brought with her. To his daughter Hannah Haviland's children, a yearling colt or a 2 year heifer, to each of them. Also to Hannah, £100 to be paid two thirds in neat cattle, and one third in horse kind. To son Thomas' children, to each of them a yearling colt and a two year heifer. To son in law Josias Starr, one mare, come two year old, and one heifer, come three year old.

Issue (by his first wife Horod Long):

1. Thomas Hicks. Born probably at Weymouth, Mass., in 1640, died at Little Neck, L.I., in 1740, just over 100 years old. He married, 1st, after 1658, Mary Washburn. See subject 266 for two versions of her birth and parentage, and their issue and further particulars. He married, 2nd, on July 6/1676-7, Mary Doughty, born about 1658, daughter of Elias and Sarah (---) Doughty, see subject 536. See subject 266 for their issue and further particulars.

2. Hannah Hicks. Born about 1638, died March 1712. She married at Newport, L.I., William Haviland, baptized at St.Thomas Church, Salisbury, England, September 7/1626, died 1697, son of Matthew Haviland of Bristol, England, an elderman there.

3. Elizabeth Hicks. She married Josias Starr, the son of her step- mother Rachel Starr, of Danbury, Conn.

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    Will of Robert Hicks dated 28 May 1645 names son Ephraim, grandchild John Banges, eldest son Samuel, wife Margaret, John Watson.
    Will of Margaret Hicks dated 8 July 1665 names son Samuell, daughter-in-law Lydia, grandchild John Banges, son in law Gorg Watson, loving daughter that is deceased Phebe Watson.
    [I.e., note no mention of son John in either will. It is also noted that Robert had 3 children (Samuel, Lydia, and Phebe) in division of land 1623-4, four children in division of cattle in 1627 (add Ephraim).]

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