Person:John Goodrich (9)

m. 1568
  1. John GoodrichEst 1575 - 1632
  2. Robert Goodrich1577 - Bef 1631
  3. William Goodrich1580 -
  4. Henry Goodrich1584 - Bef 1631
  5. Susan Goodrich1591 -
  6. Elizabeth GoodrichEst 1595 - Aft 1631
m. Bef 1611
  1. John GoodrichAft 1611 - Bef 1680
m. 7 Aug 1615
  1. Rev. William Goodrich1617 - 1678
  2. Henry Goodrich1619 - 1619
  3. Ensign William Goodrich1621/22 - Bet 1675 & 1676
  4. Jeremy Goodrich1627 - Aft 1632
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Goodrich
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1575 Suffolk England (probably)
Marriage Bef 1611 to Unknown Unknown
Marriage 7 Aug 1615 Bury St. Edmunds-St. James, Suffolk, Englandto Margarie Howes
Will[1] 14 Apr 1632 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England
Occupation[1] Clothier
Burial[1] 21 Apr 1632 Bury St. Edmunds-St.Mary, Suffolk, England
Probate[1] 16 May 1632 Will proved.


Mrs. Holman writes, "John Goodrich … probably had a first wife, by whom his eldest son John was born, and married secondly, in St. James', Bury St. Edmunds, 7 Aug. 1615, Margery How, or Howes, who died between the 14 Apr. and the 16 May, 1632, and was sister of Jone (How) Coats.

John Goodrich was about forty when he married Margery How, that is, if he were his father's eldest son, and as he was undoubtedly his father's heir and the law of primogeniture was strong in England, there can be no doubt that he was the oldest of the sons. He was probably born in his mother's parish and if so, the law compelled his baptism there. The fact of John Sr.'s age coupled with the other fact that it is nearly impossible to have his son John, also undoubtedly the eldest son, born of the marriage to Margery, because of the birth of William-the-elder, in 1617, points to an earlier marriage. It is possible, but not probable, that he was Margery's son."[1]

Jacobus and Waterman, in Hale House[2], writing about a decade later, cite Mrs. Holman but do not address the possiblity of an unknown first wife for John Goodrich.


"John Goodrich's father died in October 1631. His mother died in March 1630-31. He himself died in April 1632, and his wife Margery between 14 Apr., and 16 May, 1632. His minor children were thus left without their parents and grandparents in about one year. Probably the arrangements had been made by John to have William-the-elder trained for the service of the church, before his death, and he may have arranged for his son, William-the-younger, to be apprenticed. This possibly was why he tied up the property at Bury and Horningsheath on Margery and then to go to his sons naming them in this order, William, William, John, and Jeremy. He may have had it in his mind that this would, placed in the hands of their mother, be of use to pay their fees, etc., and the son intended for the clergy would naturally be the one of whom he thought first. The rest of the long and carefully drawn will clearly indicates that his son John was his eldest son.

'In the name of God Amen. The fowerteenth daie of Aprill 1632 … I John Gooderich of Burie St Edmond in the Countie of Suffolke Clothier, beinge sicke in bodie but of good and perfect Remembrance praysed be to God for the same, doe make … this my last will and Testament in manner … followinge … First and principallie I contend my sowle into the hands of almightie God my Creator and to Jesus Christ his onlye sonne my lord and onlie saviour by the merits of whose death and passion I stedfastlie beleeve to have free pardon and forgyveness of all my synnes and to be made partaker wth him of the joyes of heaven My bodie I Commend to the earth whereof it was made As conrerninge my worldlie substance wch god of his goodnes hathe given me I give and bequeath as followeth, First I … bequeath unto Margerie my wyfe my howse or Tenemt wherein I nowe dwell scituate in Burie above written and my landes lying in Horningsherth feildes … during her naturall lyfe. And after her decease my will and meaninge is that the said howse and landes shall descend and come unto my fowre sonnes William Gooderiche the elder William Gooderiche the younger John Gooderiche and Jeremie Gooderich to be equallie divided amoungst them or soe manye of them as shalbe then lyvinge, Item I give unto my said sonne John Gooderich and his heires and assignes my howse or Tenemt and landes … in Hessett … wth their rightes members and appurtenances, my said wyfe to have the profits therof till my said sonne John Gooderiche shall attaine unto his full age of one and twentie yeares And yf it shall happen my said sonne John Gooderich to dye wthout yssue lawfully begotten of his bodie before he attaine unto his said age of one and twentie yeres, Then my will … is that the said howse or tenemt & landes before to him bequeathed shall descend and come unto the said William Gooderich the elder William Gooderich the younger and Jeremy Gooderich or to soe many of them as shall then be lyveinge to be equallie deuided amoungest them. Item I give and bequeath unto my said three sonnes William Gooderich the elder and William Gooderich the younger and Jeremy Gooderich the some of one hundred poundes apeece of lawfulle money of England to be paid unto them by my Executrix hereafter named at their severall ages of one and twentie yeares, And yf it fortune anye of my said sonnes to dye before they shall have accomplished ther said severall ages … and wthout yssue of their bodies lawfully begotten, then my will … is that the porcion … of him or them soe dyinge shall remayne … to the rest of my said sonnes survivinge … And my will … is that my said wyfe shall have the managinge & imployinge of my said sonnes severall portions and the porcions of him or them soe dyinge wthin age … duringe ther mynoritte and untill they attaine unto their severall ages before mencioned, And the encrease and benefyte arysinge from their said severall porcions to be for their education & Mayntenance and binding of anye of them forth Apprentices and ye Residue and remaynder of the profytes arysinge … yf any shalbe, to delyver unto my said sonnes at the tyme lymitted for the payment of the said porcions … But if anye of my said children prove rebellious stubborne and disobedient and refuseth to be maynteyned ordered and governed according to my said wives direction or the direction of such others as duringe ther mynoritie … shall have the managinge of their said porcions, in Case my said wyfe dye before they come to the yeares aforesaid, Then my will … is that the profits … of his or ther porcons that shall soe …. misbehave themselves shall goe to the others of them that are dutyfull and obedient, Provyded allwaies that she my said wyfe doe paie all such legacies conteyned in my fathers will, wch on my parte are yet to be paid … Item I … bequeath unto Margerie ye dawghter of my brother Henrie Gooderych five poundes … to be paid unto her by my Executrix … when she the said Margerie hathe accomplished the full age of fowre and Twentie yeres. Item I … bequeath unto William Gooderich sonne of my said brother Henrie Gooderich the sonne (sic) of Fyve poundes … to be paid unto him the said William when he shall have attained unto his age of fowre and twentie yeres, And yf either of them dye before their said age of Twentie fowre yeares, Then the porcion of him or her soe dying to remaine to him or her survivinge, Item I … Bequeath unto the three youngest children of my Sister Susan that she had by her first husband John Locke fortie shillinges apeece … at their severall ages of fowre and twentie yeres … Item I give unto the poore of the parishe of St Maries in Burie … fortie shillinges … to be distrybuted unto them wthin one moneth next after my decease according to the discretion of my Executrix and supervisors … Item I give unto my poore spinners of Drinckston … twentie shillinges to be distrybuted amongst them … All the rest of my goods chattels wares stocke plate howsholde stufe and moveables not before bequethed after my debts paid my funerall expenses performed and these my legacies … I give and bequeath unto the said Margerie my wyfe whom I doe hereby make my sole Executrix of this my last will and testamt. Item I do hereby … ordaine … Thomas Chaplyne mercer Clement Chaplyne grocer brother to the Said Thomas Jeremy Stafford mercer and my Cosen Robert Gooderich all of Burie St. Edmond aforesaid Supervisors of this my present last Will and Testament, & desyring and giveinge them full libertie & authorise to see the same fully executed … And for their paynes … I give to everie of them fortie shillinges … And my will … is that in case my said wyfe dye before this my said last Will and Testament be fullye performed … And have not nominated & put in trust anye person or persons for the performance thereof Then my said supervisors to have … the performance of this my last will and Testamt … as my said wyfe should have donne yf she had lyved. And shall alsoe have the managinge and ymployment of all suche porcions as shall come unto anye of my said children … after the decease of my said wyfe, And to imploye the same to and for the use and benefite to my said Children untill they shall attaine the said severall ages of one and twentie yeres and then be accomptable unto ray said Children for the same. Provided alwaies that all reasonable Costes and Charges paynes and troubles … be … alowed … unto them my said supervisors out of those porcions … And thus Revokinge … all former willes and testamentes … I publish and declare this to be my last will and testament conteined in fyve sheetes of paper fixed together at the Top wth a Labell, And in wittnes hereof I have setto my seale and have allsoe subscribed my hand to everie sheete hereof, Dated the daie and yeare first above wrytten, Signed sealed published and declared as his last will and Testamt. in the presence of us, signu Rici Cooper, sherman, signu Roberti Brightall, Phillip Crewe.' [The will is in English.]

Proved at Bury St. Edmund before Master John Jewell clerk M.A. Surrogate of the Venerable Thomas Eden LL D. Commissary throughout the whole Archdeaconry of Sudbury and town of Bury St. Edmund, 16 May 1632, to Thomas Chaplyn and Clement Chaplyn, two executors named in the said will, the Executrix named in the said will, having died before taking up the burden of the execution of the said will.

On the same 16th May 1632, in the house of John Jewell clerk, surrogate etc. in the presence of James Coppinge Notary Public there appeared in person Jeremy Stafford and Robert Gooderich the other executrix and of their own will renounced the charge of the execution of this will. [These acts are translated from the Latin.] (Arch. Sudbury, Book Colman-Book 52, fo. 127.)"[1]

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