Person:John Flanagan (525)

Rev. John Flanagan
m. 6 DEC 1813
  1. Rev. John Flanagan1810 - 1869
  2. Anna Pierce Flanagan1819 - Aft 1860
  3. Daniel Flanagan1820 - 1867
  4. Mason Flanagan1823 - 1907
  5. Elizabeth FlanaganAbt 1825 -
  6. Wesley Flanagan1828 - 1897
  7. Davis FlanaganAbt 1832 - Bef 1877
  8. Charles Bennett Flanagan1833 -
  9. Ira Grey Flanagan1835 - 1916
  • HRev. John Flanagan1810 - 1869
  • WRuth Triplett1817 - Aft 1880
m. 3 OCT 1833
  1. Bryant Flanagan1834 - 1862
  2. William Flanagan1836 - Bef 1926
  3. Amilia Flanagan1836 - 1915
  4. Nathan Flanagan1838 - 1909
  5. Lloyd Flanagan1840 - 1863
  6. Charles Flanagan1841 - Abt 1862
  7. Anthony Flanagan1841 - 1921
  8. Martha Flanagan1842 - Est 1843 to 1936
  9. John Flanagan1848 -
  10. Mary Elizabeth Flanagan1850 - 1925
  11. Benjamin FlanaganAbt 1851 - Est 1852 to 1941
  12. Nancy Flanagan1853 - Est 1867 to 1947
  13. Elizabeth Flanagan1856 - Est 1870 to 1950
  14. Daniel Flanagan1858 - 1932
  15. Phoebe Ann Flanagan1861 - 1919
Facts and Events
Name[2][3][4] Rev. John Flanagan
Gender Male
Birth? 1810 Adair, Kentucky, USA
Marriage 3 OCT 1833 Russell, Kentucky, United Statesto Ruth Triplett
Other? 1845 Putnam, Missouri, USAMoved to
Death? SEP 1869 Jasper, Crawford, Arkansas, USA
Other? Minister and Shoemaker Fact

John was born in Russell Co, KY, in 1810, and there learned the shoemaker's trade, which he followed about twenty years, part of the time in Jonestown, KY. He immigrated to Missouri about 1845, and in 1868 came to Crawford Co., Ark, where he died in September of the following year. Ruth was born in the same county as her husband and bore him 15 children, ten of whom are living: Elizabeth (wife of R.E. Spoon), William (of Montana), Millie (wife of Daniel Johns), Nathan, Anthony (of Sullivan Co), John, Mary (also married), Nancy (wife of John Reed), Benjamin, Phoebe A. (wife of Clements Morton). Bryant, Lloyd and Charles died in prison at Alton, Ill, and Martha and Sarah are deceased.

From: Crawford County, Biographical Appendix, by Goodspeed's.


Searching Census records for Adair Co., KY, we find no Flanagans of any spelling listed in the 1810 Census.

The Census for 1820 lists three Flanigan households: John Flanigan: One Male over 45 yrs., and one female 26-45 yrs. Briant Flanigan: One Male under 10 yrs., and 3 females: 1 - under 10, 1 - 10 to 16, and 1 - 16-26. Patsy Flanigan: One Male under 10 yrs., and 3 females: 1 - under 10, 1 - 10 to 16, and 1 - 16-26, also! Trying to make sense of this, I would expect that the John Flanagan born in 1811 is one of the males under 10 yrs. I tend to wonder if the identical entries for Briant and Patsy are some sort of an error. It is possible that the census taker spoke to the man of the house at one point and the woman of the house at another. But why is there NO adult male listed, even in the household of Briant?

Between 1820 and 1830, Russell County was taken from Adair County. The census of 1830 shows two Flanagan households in Russell County, and they are spelled right, this time: Bryan Flanagan and John Flanagan. I have only seen an index of the 1830 census. I will find a time to inspect the actual census, to see how our households have changed.

The 1840 census could show something of our John, b. 1811, also. John and Ruth Triplett were married in 1833 and had 8 children by 1841-2! They had 5 more in Putnam Co., MO!

LDS Family Group Record (afn1BSS-2T1), Flanagan family Bible and Relatives. 1850 Census Putnam Co. Mo 1860 Census, Putnam Co, Mo Richland twp 1870 Census, Crawford Co, Ar, Jasper twp 1880 Census, Crawford Co, Ar, Jasper twp Mike Flanagan - 1996

In Russell County, KY, near Russell Springs, KY, near Cumberland Parkway, there is a road called "Bubby Flanagan Rd." It appears to be a lane to a house on the map, a dead end road??

Hi, I just returned from a genealogy vacation in Arkansas. I went to the county courthouse in Van Buren, Ark. I went to see if I could find the graves of John FLANAGAN and Ruth TRIPLETT. They only have two dedicated cemeteries in Jasper Township. I went to both of those and there were no Flanagans or Tripletts in either.

I went back and went through land records. The earliest land records were 1879. There was land owned by John Flanagan and by Nathan Flanagan. I also went through the marriage records they had and found that John Flangan had married a lot of people. The dates show that it would have to be the son of John and Ruth. I went back out looking at the cemeteries again and found an elderly gentleman named Joe Samples. He asked who I was looking for and I told him. He told me there was an old cemetery that another old man was going to dedicate but died prior to doing so. He also said that old man Triplett (he thought his name was Kenneth) had taken flowers out to the graves there until he died. I went to the cemetery and saw old plastic flowers. There were no gravestones as such. There were slabs of flat rocks that had been placed at the head and foot of about eight graves. Mr. Samples said that old man Triplett had told him that his family had been there since old man Flanagan (Nathan?) had owned the land.

The deeds show that Nathan had owned this particular piece of property in 1879. This is in Sec 30 T10N R32W. John Flanagan owned land in both Sec 28 and Sec 33. I do have all the marriages that concerned either a Flanagan or Triplett from all their records until most of them moved to Oklahoma. Chuck Flanagan

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    Much information on John Flanagan (Flanagin) is from Broderbund, WFT vols. 1 (tree #2035} and 5 (tree #1545); the former data was imported on 11/22/98; as of 11/23/98, data still needs to be cleaned from former (I did change the spelling of his surname and add a birth year) and data from second tree still needs to be added manually. The relationship with Bryant Flanagan is one I suspected, but is based here on a genealogical chart I have in my possession which appears to be from Broderbund's WFT (I'm still trying to track it down as of 11/23/98). However, he is not listed Bryant's will.

  3. History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas. (Chicago, Goodspeed, 1889.).

    "John Flanagin was born December 4, 1848, in Putnam County, Mo., and is a son of John and Ruth (Triplett) Flanagin. The father was born in Russell County, Ky., in 1810, and there learned the shoemaker's trade, which he followed about twenty years, part of the time in Jonestown. Ky. He immigrated to Missouri about 1845, and in 1868 came to Crawford County. Ark., where he died in September, of the following year. The mother was born in the same county as her husband, and bore him fifteen children, ten of whom are living: Elizabeth (wife of R. E. Spoon), William (of Montana), Millie (wife of Daniel Johns), Nathan, Anthony (of Sullivan County), John, Mary (also married), Nancy (wife of John Reed), Benjamin, Phoebe A. (wife of Clements Morton). Bryant, Lloyd and Charles died in prison at Alton, Ill., and Martha and Sarah are deceased. The paternal grandparents were natives of Ireland, and after their marriage immigrated to the United States, settling in Russell County, Ky., where they died. The maternal grandparents moved from North Carolina to Kentucky after their marriage, and subsequently went to Putnam County, Mo., where the grandmother died. The grandfather came to this county in 1866, returned again to Missouri, and died in Arkansas in 1880, aged eighty. Our subject's mother is now making her home with her son, Daniel, aged seventy-two, and in good health. John Flanagin lived upon the home farm until his marriage,
    and received but a limited education during his youth. December 16, 1869, he married Martha E. Bogg. daughter of William T., a native of North Carolina, who went to Tennessee, from there to Texas, and then to Crawford County, Ark. Mrs. Bogg was born, married and died in Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Flanagin have had nine children, eight now living: Julia, Minnie, Emma. John, Robert, Katie D., Thomas Hendricks and Ruth. One child died unnamed. Mr. Flanagin continued to live with his mother one year after his marriage, and six years later bought his present place on Webber Creek. which contains eighty acres, sixty-five being cultivated. Mr. Flanagin is a Democrat, an admirer of Cleveland, and has served the community as justice of the peace, although he has never sought office. Himself and wife have been members of the Missionary Baptist Church for many years."

  4. .

    I don't believe that the above quote from the Goodspeed book is completely accurate. Looking at area tax records, I found the earliest reference to John Flanagan in Adair in 1803 and he is listed every year after that except for 1816. Bryant Flanagan is listed first in 1817 (Adair Co.). From the tax records it looks as if they had no land (at least that they were being taxed on -- they were taxed on one or two horses each year). They appear on the Russell Co. tax lists after it's formation in 1825 - in 1826 they are listed as having land on Lilly Creek and in 1831 Bryant is shown with property on Caney Fork Creek. In 1836 a second John Flanagan is listed following Bryant (assuming since they were newly listed that they were just 21, they would have been born about 1815. In 1836, Bryant also acquired a great deal of land from John Triplett, the father of Ruth Triplett and who had married a John Flanagan in 1833. Bryant died about 1837, but Milly Flanagan is listed in the tax lists for 1839 with two Johns - Sr. and Jr., which made me wonder if he might be Bryant's brother but as there is no evidence of the elder John having a spouse in Kentucky I tend to think not, and other sources such as Our Kentucky Kinfolk list Bryant as his father. However, Bryant and Milley were not from Ireland and were married in Wayne Co., KY in 1813. Although I have seen some statements that the elder John Flanagan was a full-blooded Irishman, I have found no documentation in court records, census data, etc. that supports that. According to Connolly and Coulters' History of Kentucky, he came from NC and the family came to the US during colonial times. The census data below lists the following Flanagan census households in Adair and Russell Counties from 1820-1840 (although the elder John is not listed in the 1810 census, tax rolls show him living in Adair Co. at that time):

    1820 (all in Adair Co.)


    1830 (all in Russell Co.)


    1840 (all in Russell Co.)


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