Person:John Edmonson (2)

m. Abt 1772
  1. Martha Edmiston1772 -
  2. John Edmonson1774 - Bef 1836
  3. Margaret Edmiston1778 -
m. 31 Oct 1799
  1. Capt. Andrew Edmondson1801 - 1862
  2. Elizabeth Steele EDMONDSON1803 - 1827
  3. Martha EDMONDSONAbt 1806 - Aft 1880
  4. William Moore EDMONDSON1809 - 1875
  5. Ann C. Edmondson1812 - 1884
Facts and Events
Name John Edmonson
Gender Male
Birth? 1774 Liberty Hall, Washington County, Virginia
Marriage 31 Oct 1799 Washington County, Virginia, United Statesto Martha Moore
Will? 29 Dec 1835 Washington County, Virginia, United States
Death? Bef 28 Mar 1836 Washington County, Virginia, United States
Probate? 23 May 1836 Washington County, Virginia


Marriage Record of John Edmiston

John Edmiston to Martha Moore 31 Oct 1799 in Washington Co. VA with Edward Crawford, Presbyterian Minister, presiding

Will of John Edmiston

Will of John Edmondson

dated 29 Dec. 1835; recorded 29 March 1836
I John Edmondson….
1. at my death executors to sell part of perishable property in order to pay just debts
2. to wife Martha Edmondson all my real and personal estate during her lifetime, except such parts as hereafter described
3. to son Andrew Edmondson lot of ground joining his old house, part of which is a meadow and joining the land I sold him including the spring. Also 5 acres of land to be laid off my entry on the river, including a lot under fence
4. to daughter Patsy Horn a negro girl Eliza now in her possession; also to her and her son John Horn jointly all my entry on the river except that portion given Andrew Edmondson; also the sawmill and lots of ground round it with the exception of half the sawmill to be enjoyed by my wife during her natural life
5. daughter Ann Snodgrass part of land I now live on to be laid off the NW corner beginning at a poplar corner to Joseph Snodgrass and to include 100 poles square
6. son William M. Edmondson land I now live on lying east of the lane, except my dwelling house and connected buildings, the orchard and a small field at the upper end of the lane to be enjoyed by him now – at the death of my wife I give William all the tract of land I now live on except that portion given to my daughter Ann Snodgrass
At the death of my wife I dispose of my slaves as follows:
7. son William M. Edmondson my negro man Jack, also Negro girl Patsy; William to pay my 2 granddaughters Eliza Ann Edmondson and Martha Edmondson, now living with me, each 1 horse and saddle worth $100 when they come of age
8. to daughter Ann Snodgrass negro boy Frederick and at Ann’s death to her son John Snodgrass.
9. to daughter Patsy Horn Negro boy Jac__ and her death to her son John Horn
Balance of estate that remains and not specifically devised is to be disposed of by my wife as she pleases
Executors: friends Andrew Patterson and Samuel Moore
(signed) John Edmondson (his mark)
Witnessed: Robert E. Lowry, Saml M. Snodgrass, Russel Buchanan
28 March 1836: will was exhibited at court and proved on oath of Samuel Snodgrass.
29 March 1836: further proved on oath of Robert Lowry and ordered recorded
23 May 1836: Samuel Moore and Andrew Patterson took oath of executor with bond of $6,000 with Samuel Snodgrass, Joseph Snodgrass and Andrew Edmondson their security
Jacob Lynch

[Source: Washington County, Virginia Will Book 7, pg. 96]

Information on John Edmiston

Is this the same John mentioned in this deed?

9 Aug 1778 William Edmundson of the County of Washington to Moses Edmondson of same... for and in consideration of the sum of Two shillings and six pence current money of Virginia in hand paid hath granted bargained and sold to the said Moses Edmundson a certain tract or parcel of Land containing 168 acres lying and being in Washington County on the Middle Fork of Holston River (and being one of one thousand acres granted the said William Edmundson's father bearing the date 5th July 1774) and bounded by corners to Jno. Edmundson and Andrew Edmundson's lands containing 168 acres. Signed Wm. Edmiston and Elizabeth Edmiston. Wits: Thomas Edmondson, William Kennedy and James Mason (?) [Washington Co. Virginia Deed Book 1 p. 14]

a few pages later:

19 Aug 1782 Robert Edmundson of the one part and William Edmundson Senr. of the other part both of the County of Washington and State of Virginia - for and in consideration of the sum of Five shillings in hand paid hath granted bargained and sold one certain Tract or parcel containing two hundred and fifteen acres be the same more or less being part of a tract granted to Col. William Edmundson by King George's Proclamation in the Year 1763... bordering white oaks on Andrew Buchanans land... Signed Robert Edmondson and Isabella Edmundson. Wits: Thos. Edmeston, Andrew Buchanan and Wm. Edmiston. Recorded 20 Aug 1789 [Washington Co. VA Deed Book 1 p. 19]