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Rev. John Clay
d.1781 Virginia
  1. William Clay1710 - 1774
  2. Henry Clay, Jr1711 - 1764
  3. Martha Clay1713 -
  4. Rev. Charles Clay1716 -
  5. Rev. John Clay1718 - 1781
  6. Amey Clay1720 -
  7. Mary Clay1722 -
  1. Henry Clay, of Ashland1777 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name[1] Rev. John Clay
Gender Male
Birth? 1718 Amelia County, VirginiaCitation needed
Death[2] 1781 Virginia
  1. Family Recorded, in Perrin, William Henry, ed. History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky. (Chicago, IL, USA: O. L. Baskin, 1882), 454, Secondary quality.

    ... According to an account carefully written by Green Clay, the father of the above, Sept. 12, 1784, is gleaned the following: ...

    ... In direct line comes Henry, who married Mary Mitchell; by her had four sons and several daughters; the sons were William, Henry, Charles and John, who was the grandfather of Henry Clay, of Ashland. ...

  2. Family Recorded, in Eaton, Clement. Henry Clay and the Art of the American Politics, 5, Secondary quality.

    [Henry was the seventh of nine children of the Reverend John Clay and Elizabeth (née Hudson) Clay. His father, a Baptist minister nicknamed "Sir John," died four years after the boy's birth (1781).]