Person:John Baily (3)

m. 11 Feb 1686/87
  1. Ann Baily1653/54 - 1662
  2. Mary Baily1688 - 1741
  3. Ann Short Baily1691 - 1774
  4. Daniel Baily, Sr1693 - 1783
  5. Isaac Baily1695 - 1732
  6. Joel Baily1697 - 1775
  7. John Baily1698 - 1793
  8. Thomas Baily1699 - 1764
  9. Josiah BailyAbt 1701 - 1791
Facts and Events
Name John Baily
Alt Name[1] John Bailey
Gender Male
Birth? 1698 Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Alt Birth? 29 Mar 1729 Marlboro, Chester, PA
Death? 1793 West Marlborough, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
   “The Friends’ records in London show that Caleb Pizey (as it was written), son of William Pizey of Lamborn in the county of Berks, and Ann Worley, widow, daughter of Henry Stone, were married 3d Mo. 27th 1681, at Devonshire House meeting.  Henry Worley, husband of Ann, had died of a fever, 12th Mo. 14, 1674, leaving sons, Francis and Henry, who came with their mother and stepfather to Pennsylvania.
   Francis Worley was married in 1693 to Mary Brassey, daughter of Thomas Brassey, deceased, who was a purchaser of 5,000 acres of land from William Penn, March 16, 1681-2.  His only other child, Rebecca Brassey, married Thomas Thompson, of New Jersey.
   On March 25 (New Year’s Day), 1701, three tracts of land were surveyed on the south side of the Street Road in Marlborough, --- 314 acres for John Sharpless in right of his father’s purchase of 1,000 acres April 5, 1682: for Francis Worley 555 acres in right of his wife, Mary Brassey: 555 acres for Caleb Pusey who had purchased the right from Thomas Thompson and Rebecca (Brassey) his wife.
   The Sharpless tract, contrary to the method elsewhere in the Marlborough lots, was a narrow strip immediately south of the Street, and covered the names of Robert Carter, William Swayne and Caleb Pusey, on the accompanying map (see:  Below this were the lots of Caleb Pusey, on the west, and Francis Worley on the east.  A patent was executed to John Sharpless, July 20, 1701, for 316 acres, 36 perches, who assigned the same by endorsement on the back of the patent, to Caleb Pusey, Aug. 15, 1701.  Another patent was executed July 23, 1701, to Francis Worley and Mary his wife, for 555 acres, and they conveyed the same to Caleb Pusey March 13, 1707.  To Caleb Pusey for his own tract of 555 acres a patent was granted July 20, 1701.
   Caleb Pusey, still residing at Chester, with wife Ann, by deed of March 12, 1712-13, conveyed to his nephew, Caleb Pusey, Jr., 400 acres at the west, next to Joseph Pennock, for L90 [90 pounds], and for the latter, on the following day, mortgaged the eastern half of his purchase to Robert Carter of Aston Township, for L69: 12 shillings.  He was married 9th Mo. 5th 1712, at Chester Meeting, to Prudence Carter, daughter of Robert and Lydia, and it may be that he was not required to pay the mortgage.
   On the north side of the Street a survey was made 2nd Mo. 8, 1701, for Randal Vernon in right of his purchase of 625 acres, made March 4, 1681-2.  This was patented to him Nov. 7, 1711, and on Nov. 19, 1713, he conveyed it to Caleb Pusey.
   By deed of Sept. 11, 1711, Caleb Pusey conveyed to Francis Swayne of Marlborough, yeoman, 425 acres of land, and the latter, by deed of 9th Mo. (Nov) 8th 1717, conveyed 195 acres thereof to his son William, as may be seen on the map.
   By deed of 1st Mo. (March, O.S.), 20, 1713-14, Caleb Pusey of the township of Chester, and wife Ann, conveyed to John Smith of Marlborough, yeoman, and Ann his wife, daughter of Caleb and Ann Pusey, two tracts of land in Marlborough, for L5.  The first of these is described as beginning at a hickory tree by the Street, in the line of Thomas Vernon; thence south by land of the Penningtons (in the name of Thomas Wickersham on the map), 146 perches and 14 feet to a stone on the side of a hill; thence west 217 ¼ perches to a stone in the line of Francis Swain; north 146 perches and 14 feet to a corner by the Street; east by the street 217 perches to the beginning, containing 200 acres.  The second tract was the Vernon lot north of the Street, containing 315 acres, with the reservation of 117 square perches to secure a water right.
   Deed of 6 May 1760: John Smith of East Marlborough, yeoman, and Dorothy his wife, to Joel Baily of Newlinton, Mason.  F2, 537.
   This recites the deed of Caleb Pusey and wife Ann to John and Ann Smith for two tracts of land in E. Marlborough, of 200 acres and 315 acres; also the death of Ann Smith, by which the whole estate became vested in John Smith.
   “And whereas the said John Smith having since erected and built a messuage or tenement and made a plantation on the said tract of 200 acres of land or on some part thereof,� now for L900 conveys the said messuage and tract of 200 acres to Joel Baily, together with 117 perches of land north of the Street, enclosing a water course.
   Joel Baily, by will dated 9th Mo. 19, 1803, devised this property to his son John Baily who married Sarah Taylor in 1785, and died in 1832, leaving several children.  John Baily, the last survivor of these, died in 1886, and devised the farm to William H. Scarlett, son of Abiah Scarlett and grandson of Lydia Baily Scarlett, the only child of John and Sarah (Taylor) Baily who married.�
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